Halftoys Dinosaurs! Dinosaur toys with a skeleton puzzle inside!

I could NOT wait to open these up! OH MY GOODNESS! Cute doesn’t even come close when trying to express how I feel about them! Ha!

Halftoys is a toy company that has launched some dinosaur toys, but these aren’t JUST toys.. they open up to reveal a skeleton.. but not JUST a skeleton, a puzzle skeleton!! How cool is that? It’s super simple, but just what young kids need to kick start learning and playing! These are also magnetic and click when you close them.


They sent us three to review, there are 6 all together. They have future plans for more and not just dinosaurs! Land animals, sea animals and more! I can’t wait to see what they come out with next! The packaging is soo cute!


They each come with a manual and a paper diorama! So when they aren’t in the midst of playing they can be displaying! Ha!

The dioramas are a bit hard to put together, I did them myself and had a little trouble at first, but by the third one, I had it down pat! The trees don’t really stand up well, but it’s just so darn cute and you could really tape everything in place too so it stays together!


Even though the dioramas were a but hard, they were really addicting to make! They stayed in place too for the most part!


I got the trees to stand up! Ha! Aren’t they soo cute! Love how bright and colorful the dinos are. I love how they simplified the design.


This is Ankylo…




..and Stego!


Aaron LOVED them! Such a great fidget toy for kids too.. and adults! Ha!

 Halftoys Dinosaurs are interactive puzzles crafted from quality-grade materials and are designed to keep little fingers busy and growing minds engaged. Safe smooth surface on the outside, fun fossils on the inside! 

Increase Problem Solving: This model was developed with children’s learning and development in mind. Improve children’s motor skills, cognitive thinking, and problem-solving skills with this minimalist and modern T-Rex puzzle. The magnetic outer layer of the model pieces together like a puzzle in order to build the full dinosaur fossil.

Expand the Imagination: Each model offers a diorama for children to explore. Plants, a platform, and other unique extras are included in every individual set.

Fun for Everyone: Children are drawn to the stylish look of the T-Rex model, and its durability makes it perfect for rougher play. Everyone from children to adults enjoys this model, as it can be anything from a learning tool in a child’s playroom to a paperweight on a desk.

Create Quality Time: Children, parents, and grandparents alike can experience the fun with this model. The diorama proves to be the perfect piece for all ages to bond over as it creates a play space for all ages of imagination.

Keep Playtime Safe: The T-Rex model is created using the safest non-toxic materials including ABS plastic or PP. The model is designed for children aged three and up.


Keep Playtime Safe: The Stego model is created using the safest non-toxic materials including ABS plastic or PP. The model is designed for children aged three and up.

Keep Playtime Safe: The Ankylo model is created using the safest non-toxic materials including ABS plastic or PP. The model is designed for children aged three and up.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: The T-Rex model comes with a 14-day return policy. If children or parents are not satisfied with the product, it may be returned hassle-free.

High quality toys are important to parents and children alike. As a new parent, our founder wanted only the best for his first child, so he embarked on a mission to create a premium quality toy that his child would both love and learn from. He dedicated years transforming and revising a simple concept into what it is now—a toy he is happy to hand to his own child and any others who can appreciate a high quality, stimulating toy.

Check out more about Halftoys (learnplay) on their web site. These retail for $19 each, or you can get all 6 on sale right now for $95 on their web site.

These are for sale on Amazon too! They are on sale for $17.99 now and well with you click on the coupon.

The price is great! Super cute, durable, non toxic, PLUS it comes with the paper diorama! What a fun gift this would make for a birthday or for Christmas!

– A putting it together, Mommy B


Diggin Dino Bones puzzle game for kids by Continuum Games!

I just love games, they bring families closer with no screen time involved. So when I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing this game, I couldn’t pass it up.. and to top it off.. this game is super simply, which is a must for kids games!


Love how cute and friendly the dinosaurs look! The box itself is super compelling!


You can play this game with 2, 3 or 4 players! Start by laying out all of the pieces on the board. The youngest player goes first. Pick a piece from the pile, if you get a dino piece, keep it and keep trying to get those pieces to build your whole dino (on your next turn)!

There are also other cards you might get, like another dino (the back ground will be in a different color). If you get these turn these over so no one can see! Another player is aloud to skip “digging for dinos” and instead can choose to try their luck at someone else’s turned over cards! First one to piece their entire dino together, wins!

There are so many learning aspects in this game like, learning colors, learning dinosaur names, learning how to solve and piece something together, as well as learning how to take turns!

This game is for ages 4+ and would make a great Christmas gift! You can purchase this awesome game here:


Continuum Games offers a wide verity of other games as well, you can check out more about them here.

We did the video review on our Thomas The Train Crazy Show:

This is definitely becoming a family favorite! Among us parents and the kiddos 😉

– A diggin it Mommy B