Frozen 2 Necklace Set

Such a cute set! Comes with 5 charms, 150 beads and 5 necklaces. You can create, wear and create again! You can store everything in this super cute storage container.

You can purchase this set for right around $10 at Walmart or on Amazon.

Disney Frozen 2 Surprise Mini-Plush in Capsule By Just Play

More Frozen 2 toys! These would be perfect as stocking stuffers!

  • Collect all the Disney Frozen 2 Surprise Mini-Plush (each sold separately).
  • These tiny, cute, and collectible plush stands approximately 4” tall.
  • Each plush comes hidden in a capsule embossed with Frozen 2 characters and icons

These retail for around $6 and can be found at Walmart!

Frozen 2 Snow Globe Surprise by Basic Fun

Here’s more!! I haven’t seen anything quite like these before! You add water 💦, shake and then pour out the snow to reveal your character! There are 6 characters to collect! Clean out all the snow, add more water and then add your glitter for a magical glittery experience!

These would make great stocking stuffers!

These are right around $5 and can be found at Walmart.


Frozen 2 Pop Adventures By Hasbro

Eek! We are Frozen crazy! I love seeing all the new toys coming out! There are so many!

Check out these new Pop Adventures singles from Hasbro. There are 12 to collect. I love how the confetti comes out of them!

You can purchase these on Amazon and at Walmart for right around $5!

Disney Jr.’s Gigantosaurus Toys By Jakks Pacific!

Disney Jr.’s Gigantosaurus Toys by Jakks Pacific! Got a Dino lover?? They HAVE to see this show and these toys!

Four curious young dinosaur friends explore the mystery of the largest, fiercest dinosaur of all!

You can purchase these online on Amazon!

Fancy Nancy Classique Doll, 10 Inches Tall by Jakks, Disney Juniors New Series

I remember reading Fancy Nancy as a little girl, so seeing all of this again is pretty cool.

There is an all new series on Disney Junior about Fancy Nancy and to top it off Jakks Pacific has launched a whole new Fancy Nancy toy collection.

We were lucky enough to snag a doll at the TTPM Holiday Showcase! She is super cute! She even comes with a blind bag full of fancy! She is poseable and dressable!

There are 3 others you can collect that are just like her, she is the classique doll!


Isn’t she adorbs? I LOVE her personality!

You can find her at Walmart or on Amazon for right around $14. Great price for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Here is our video review on her:


You can find out more about Jakks here!

– A very fancy Mommy B

Osmo’s all new Super Studios! Disney style!

Technology..  my kids are super addicted to technology. I mean, to be honest, aren’t we all? It has it’s good side though, especially when it comes to how much you can learn with it.

Osmo know’s exactly how to use technology for the good! They just launched a new system: Super Studios.  There are three sets, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses and The Incredibles!

We received the Mickey Mouse set and, of course, the boys loved it! They played with it after we filmed as well as this morning! Such a cool learning tool on how to sketch/draw. It has easy step by step illustrations as well, so that is a plus for kids who are just learning how to sketch and draw. It’s bright and animated, bringing your drawing to life. The smiles on my boys faces are amazing when they see their drawings being animated.. I just love it.

The Osmo base is sold separately, but you can use the same base for each system that you buy. It retails for $29 on the Osmo site, they even have a base to use with your iPhone, that retails for $19. Each Super Studios set retails for $19, which in my opinion, is a steal!

Now I believe they are working on creating bases that work for other tablets as well, which is awesome, but for now, they offer these for only the iPhone and iPad.


You can purchase these items directly on their website: Osmo.

Want to see just how fun it is?.. I know you do! Ha! So check out our video review:


This would make a great Birthday or Christmas gift considering the price! Come on.. put that technology to good use! 😉

– A Sketching Mommy B