Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Promo From Spin Master! New Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Toys & Movie!

Spin Master has been so good to us! I love getting things that you don’t expect. Especially something this special! It’s like a dream come true!

The all new Paw Patrol Mighty Pups movie is out along with a new line of awesome toys! The pups gain new powers to make them mighty!

We received a HUGE box with a screen at the bottom that plays the trailer to the new movie! OH EM GEE! Beyond cool!


There were all kinds of goodies inside! The new movie was inside, there was also Paw Patrol Popcorn, Paw Patrol fruit snacks, cups and capes and even some of the new toys!

We really enjoyed this box! We had a movie night and ate the popcorn and fruit snacks!

Our Skye loved this box too, she even became a mighty pup and wore a cape.. for like two seconds.. ha!


See! It’s jammed with goodies!


He LOVES dogs.. he is definitely getting into Paw Patrol since we have been getting more of it to review. He’s favorite is Rubble!


Aaron was showing our Skye the Paw Patrol Skye on the fruit snack box.. aww..

The new line of toys are really cool. They are super colorful too. We got a Rubble figurine and he glows, just like in the movie. There was also a cute Marshall plush! We also got the new Chase and his flying vehicle. It came with shooting discs and had other lunching features. From land to sky.. these pups are going to fly!!

You can find these new toys at Walmart, along with the new movie as well! Toys vary in price depending on which ones you want, the movie however, is about $15.

The movie kept my boys’ attention the whole time.. which is very rare for my boys! Ha!

– A Mighty Mommy B

Oddbods Buddies, Big Interactive Plush Toys!

These guys are so cute! Have you seen the show? So fun, love that each have a different bright color and attitude to match!

These are SOO huge! Just look at them!


We got Pogo, the blue one, and Fuse, the red one! Love those names! They totally match their personality.

When two meet… they interact with each other! How FUN! They each make their own iconic sounds as well. Throw them, huge them, squeeze them and they make all kinds of noises!

Baby A really loved wrestling with them, he would hardly let me play with them! Ha! They really are super soft. Once the other two boys got home from school they all were laying all over them and just chillin! Ha! (This was after they fought over them and wrestled once more! Boys!)

Oddbods have a super fun website and a YouTube channel, plus all kids of other toys! Check out Oddbods’ website!

These are super hard to find right now! Amazon has some but for an outrageous price! I see Pogo and Bubbles right now available on Target for $40 plus free shipping! GO.. RUN… GET THEM!


We had so much fun doing this video! BIG thanks to Oddbods for sending us these guys! I foresee many other videos with them! We just now need to get our hands on a few more!

– Mommy B


Yeti, Set, Go! Meatball kicking game for the whole family by Play Monster!

I love games and so do my boys! We are trying to start some sort of family night once a week. That being said, pizza and a movie is great and all.. but I like the idea of sitting down and having some wholesome family fun! The boys are starting to get to a point were we can all sit down and do that!

With THIS game it’s going to be even more easier! It’s super easy to set up, no batteries, and the kids will have to chase the meatballs as they go flying everywhere! LOL! So there will definitely be some energy burned! I’m so glad Play Monster sent us this to check out!

Product Overview

Hey, let’s kick some meatballs!™

Kick your meatballs onto the mountain!
You and your Yeti are a team…a mean, lean kickin’ team! It’s up to you to aim Yeti and then bop him on the head to make him start kickin’ meatballs, trying to get them onto the mountain ledges! The first to get all four on wins!
No batteries required; some assemble required. For 2 to 4 players.


LJ was super excited! Out of all my boys, he loves games the most!


He pretty much put the whole game together himself! He loves trying to figure things out.


It’s such a cute game! After a long stretch of pushing down the Yeti’s hard and the meatballs flying everywhere.. he decided we should try it a bit slower for awhile! Ha!

It’s super simple to play. Each player gets 6 meatballs to start out with. Everyone say’s Yeti, Set, Go.. and then everyone starts pushing down on their Yeti, the Yeti will then start kicking! You can move the Yeti from side to side as well so you can aim when your kicking. First player to get one meatball in each of their “mountain pockets” wins OR first one to get a meatball at the very top of the mountain automatically wins! So keep on kicking and picking up those meatballs quickly!

You can purchase this game directly on Play Monsters Site. You can also find this at other retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

It’s selling for around $15-$22. Amazon has the best price right now for $15!


– A Meatball Kickin’ Mommy B

JustBe charm bracelet kit, easy & mess free jewelry making kit!

I love crafting, even though I don’t get to do much of it! So this was a lot of fun to review. This kit is even extra awesome because its mess free! The snake chain ends twist off and then you just slip on the charms and beads! Ah! So cool! You can then even change them up and switch out the charms.

This set is a fairy tale type of them. It’s super cute.


Do you like my models? Ha! Look at all of those charms though! So many.. and it comes with three snake chains. So you can make three for yourself or have a jewelry making party with some friends! Love the little case it comes in, makes it even more fun.

 Product Description:

  • FAIRYTALE THEMED BEADS: This jewel set comes with 20 metal beads, 15 beads with dangle and 10 rainbow glass beads. You will find Cinderella’s glass sandals and castle, rabbit and clock in Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan’s fairy, Anchor and starfish in Mermaid and many more.
  • MAKES 3 COMPLETE BRACELETS: This kit includes 3 silver plated snake chain bracelets of adjustable length to fit most girls of age 6 or older. There are sufficient beads to make three full bracelets.
  • NO TOOL, NO GLUE, NO MESS: The beads can be interchanged easily without tools. Mix and match beads and dangles to personalize and create a fashion statement bracelet for different occasions and moods. The child can also create unique bracelets to give friends and loved ones.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR GIRLS: Beads and bracelets come packaged in a small colorful bamboo jewelry gift box, making it a great gift item for girls who like DIY accessories. Also, it can be an entertaining party craft for girls.

Check out JustBe here.

You can find this set on Amazon for right around $15. Great price, especially since you can redesign the bracelets again and again!

I’m looking forward to sharing these with my nieces!

You can also get 10% off right now until 11/8!

Click here for a 10% off Discount Code to use on Amazon

– A jewelry making Mommy B

Zoomer Playful Pup by Spin Master. A fun interactive robot puppy!

I have seen these Zoomer pets before, but have never got to play with one. These are beyond cool!

Spin Master has spoiled us rotten! Each package we receive from them is more than just the toy alone. It’s usually a whole party in a box!

They sent us not only the pup, but cookies, balloons, decorations, a bowl for the pup and more! These are always soo much fun to open up and film.


Look at those golden balloons that say “Woof”! To cute! Our dog Skye, had no clue what to think! ha!


Aaron was in love.. he loves anything “dog”! Ha!


She how cute he is! They have a pink one too!


I love this this quick start guide! English, French and Spanish? How awesome is that!

Who’s a good dog? Zoomer Playful Pup! Bring home a new best friend that moves and sounds just like a real dog!

Using sophisticated voice recognition technology, Playful Pup responds to sound and touch with cute barks and adorable tricks! Name your new friend and Playful Pup will come when you call! Full of life, this interactive dog walks, bounces, pounces and plays! Teach your puppy to perform over 25 tricks, like: play dead; shake a paw; take a bow; and roll over.

Full of affection, there’s nothing Playful Pup loves more than cuddles and snuggles! Pet your pup and you’ll hear happy doggy sounds. Rub Playful Pup’s belly and you’ll hear “I Ruv Roo!” Stop petting and this lovable pup will whimper – just like a real dog. As you get to know Playful Pup’s big personality, you’ll discover everything your dog can do! With fuzzy ears, a floppy tongue and wiggly tail Playful Pup is full of life and ready to scamper alongside you! Meet your new best friend: Zoomer Playful Pup!

How to play with your Zoomer Playful Pup:

  • Talk to me just like a real dog: I will react and perform tricks!
  • Pick a name for me, and I will respond to it. Make me your very own pup!
  • Love me and cuddle with me!


  • Train your Playful pup to perform over 20 different tricks with Voice Command
  • Name your pup and he will respond – make him your very own!
  • Touch sensors allow you to pet him, snuggle him, and give him belly rubs
  • USB charge included

These were retailing for around $100 which is a whole lot of mulah, but this pup really does alot.. BUT just seen these at Walmart the other day for $77! Really great price for a Zoomer! Just checked and Amazon has it to for the same price! Check it out here!

Check out more information here on the Zoomer website.

You can name your own pup! Isn’t that soo cool! You record his name, then when he is in voice command mode, you say his name and ask him to do a trick! Such a cute toy!

This Zoomer pup is definitely going to be on our Holiday Guide! Watch out for that soon!

– A puppy loving Mommy B

Magic Pad by Ontel! As seen on TV! Create art that glows! Halloween Three Marker Challenge.

My boys love art stuff and this Magic pad is really cool!

Kit includes 30 stencils, 3 dual sided neon pens, glow boost card, cleaning cloth and it has a built in stand. Press the color changing button and choose from 8 different light effects. It’s great for travel or at home. Let the kids create a customized night light!

I was surprised to see that it glows just as bright as in the picture!


LJ was excited about this, he LOVES to color..


So how awesome is this?? It hold the markers, has a stand that can be set at different angles AND it has suction cups! It requires 3 “AAA” batteries.


See! Easy!


See? Super bright!

This set is really affordable. Right around $20 and can be found at Walmart and other retailers.

We might just have to buy a few more sets for our family vacations! BIG thank you to Ontel for sending us one to try out!


– A colorful Mommy B

Roblox themed birthday party! Roblox, cake, cookies, toys and more!

My baby turned 6! Eek! I feel so old.. He wanted a Roblox theme.. so Roblox it was!

I found some awesome Roblox printables on Etsy on the cheap and balloons as well, oh and also ordered him a T-shirt for $6! Score! Ha!

My Sister has her own business and made the cake and cookies, which were amazing! Zieke took some of those cookies to school for his classmates and they were a hit! If they don’t know him, they sure do now!

Check out my Sisters business, she does some awesome work: Scratch Handcrafted Patisseries. She does Paleo and Gluten free items as well, just about anything really!

Zieke got tons of Roblox toys, per his request of course! We also held a little contest to see who could build the craziest roblox character.. of course.. they all had to win! lol

It was just a small family party, but we all had a lot of fun! Zieke thought the Roblox photo booth was pretty sweet 😉 I found the “6” balloon at the dollar tree.. I love the Dollar Tree..

These Roblox toys from Jazeware are so cool! Zieke asked for a few of the vehicles so we got him a few sets. All three boys have been playing with them all weekend.

We gave out a few Roblox blind boxes to the winners of the Roblox building contest 😉 So they now have a ton! My mom found a storage container made just for these roblox toys on Amazon, Zieke totally needed it!

All in all, party was great! They look forward to these little parties each year 😉


– Peace out – Mommy B