King Arthur’s Court Toy Store Toy Hunt

King Arthur’s Court Toy Store Toy Hunt! This store is a specialty store located in Ohio. My Sister and Mom stumbled upon this while visiting a local coffee shop. #ToyHunt

This place is AMAZING! The video actually doesn’t do justice. They have train tables, plasmacars you can try out, Magna Tiles to play with, marble tracks, all KINDS of game and sooo much more! If you are every in Ohio check this place out!

Check them out here!

The boys played with Thomas the train, Plasmacars, legos, dressed up with play clothes, tried out the marble tracks, stacking blocks & more! This store is actually more than just a toy store, they have tons of learning tool, which we are all about!

Check out our toy hunt video here


This store has to me my all time favorite! Super friendly staff (Looks like it would be an awesome job to have), clean and just super hands on fun!

A little more about us:

My boys LOVE to look at toys at any store we go to that has them. Most of the time we end up buying something, even if its a small item like a Shopkins or a Thomas mini lol. My parents and my sister gave them money to spend this time at this store and they knew it.. They kept putting things into the basket. They did, however, end up just getting one item lol.. Which was soo hard to do haha

Well Dreamers.. Keep on dreaming..

Mommy B


Miles From Tomorrow Land Duplo Lego Play Set

Hello Dreamers!

Miles from tomorrow land duplo lego play set! We bought this set at King Arthur’s Court Toys in Ohio. This was a super cute set, I was impressed at how thick the plastic was. LJ picked this set out, he LOVES Duplo Sets. He first has a Mickey Mouse set, then a Doc McStuffins, then finally this one.

You can order it here

This store was CRAZY AWESOME! We took a video of this store, so if you are ever in Ohio, YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT! My Sister watched my boys while Mommy B had a look around! TOO COOL!

Watch our Miles Duplo Lego video here


Above is a picture of Zieke playing with the train table at King Arthur’s Court Toys.

A little more about us:

As mentioned Zieke LOVES Thomas the train, Want to know what Mommy B loves? SHOPKINS! I have been taking trips to stores to buy these LOL.. They are too cute and I think I’m a little crazy over them!

Well until next time, Keep on dreaming..

Mommy B