People Toy Company – Baby Teethers + Toys!

We have reviewed some of their teethers and toys in the past and have come to LOVE their line!

Brain Builders People Times – Newspaper for Baby


Around 4 months of age, babies being grabbing and clutching objects.  Paper and tissues rank up there being the favorite of most.  As your little one’s curiosity grows, mom’s newspaper or dad’s magazine will grab their attention as they observe you staring at it in amusement. Once they get their hands on the paper, they can’t help but squeeze and tear the paper with excitement.  For those babies, we created the Brain Builders People TimesTM with the crinkle sound they love.  For mom and dad, you can have peace of mind knowing it’s safe to chew and easy to clean.

The Brain Builders People TimesTM  “newspaper for baby” has also been proven to have the ability to calm babies with its soothing crinkle sound.

First Words Baby Babble Training Trumpet


Help turn baby babbles into 1st words. The Baby Babble First Words Training Trumpet utilizes its two-way mouthpiece to help develop speech muscles through play to get baby ready for their first words.  It comes in the familiar shape of a sippy cup. This playful, two handle training trumpet encourages grasping skills while helping baby develop oral speech muscles as they make music by blowing in or out on the two-way mouthpiece. At first, babies can only control sucking in air. With curiosity and practice, they will be able to better control speech muscles and be one step closer to say mama and dada. Parents will love it for the easy cleaning ability as the top is removable to wash and sanitize before and after play.

  • Two-way whistle that plays music whether blowing out or sucking in
  • Stimulates developing oral motor skills to prepare baby for first words
  • Playful beads to stimulate baby and add sound depth while playing
  • Two handles for better grip and ability to attach to stroller (clip not included)
  • The Trumpet uses Nonspeech Oral Motor Exercises

Baby Clicker Remote Control Baby Teether


Does your baby love to chew on your phone and the remote control?  We have that problem too!  The Brain Builders Baby-Clicker Remote Control Baby Teether is straight forward and baby will love it more than the real thing.  Trade with them for the real thing and watch as they teeth away. Keep an extra in your bag and one right next to the remote control. Easy to clean and a sanitary alternative for baby.

  • Grey area is soft for tactile play and improving grip strength
  • Blue area is for teething.  Firm and ideal for sore gums


Check out more about them on their website!

Opening Christmas Presents 2018! What we got for Christmas!

6:30am.. yes… super early.. and it all was over within 20 mins flat! Haha!

I remember being so excited at that age and doing the exact same thing! I love seeing their faces light up when opening their presents, especially when it’s something that they have been asking for!

We didn’t over do it this year, mainly because we get so many things sent to us during the year to review, so we decided to low key it. They of course got things they asked for and then some things I know they would enjoy. The boys are into crafting and coloring and such.. so we aimed for more STEM sets this year.


My Sister made these adorbs stockings for the boys! So stinking cute!




Monster.. (Aaron loves to go Monster hunting in the house ha!)..


And.. Gummibar!! Haha.. She did such a great job on them!


I love this picture..


We tried to code the gifts by the wrapping paper design! Ha.. so much easier this way to tell which gift is for which kid..


They were soooo excited! Zieke, however, was upset that it was super early and tried to talk everyone into waiting.. but it didn’t last long! They all eventually were by the presents ready to dig in!


We had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! I was soo excited about that!


We had a great day! I was surprised they didnt open up everything that they got that day! Ha! I told them that they are out of school for the next two weeks, so they may want to open up a few things each day so that they had some things to look forward to doing 😉

I keep reminding the boys what Christmas is all about and how blessed we truly are.. that It’s Jesus’ birthday, but yet we get all the gifts.. How truly amazing..

Merry Christmas!!

Back to school with Osmo! Hot Wheels Mindracers!

Osmo-logo (1) (9) (2)

I LOVE Osmo.. and I am SUPER excited that we get to review their products.

They have a new set out now that the boys absolutely love! It’s Hot Wheels Mindracers! There is an app that you download on an iPad along with an actual set that you can get hands on with. This set comes with the track, 5 cars, tokens and a storage container for the cars. The track even has a place for the tokens to be stored in!


We had trouble with the game at first. It wouldn’t see that the cars were in place on the track.. so.. we tried again the next day and it worked just fine! We realized the red reflector on the top of the iPad just needed a good cleaning!

The game was super easy to use. For the tokens, you would toss them onto the track. It would then do something to you or your opponents car. Either spin them, or give you a boost, etc.

As you progress through the game you unlock other parts of the game. You can play against someone or use a robot!


The final lap of summer is here! Race back to school and bring Hot Wheels™ cars to life with Osmo Hot Wheels™ MindRacers. For a limited time, add to your Osmo play system and your back to school lists – 30% OFF Osmo Hot Wheels™ MindRacers! PLUS, there are more supercharged back to school offers to check out on all Osmo games and kits!

Check out Osmo on YouTube

Osmo Hot Wheels™ MindRacers is ​30% off ​now for a limited time. Also check out the other SUPER-CHARGED offers on all Osmo games and kits for our final lap of summer – check them out before they run out!

Race Back To School Sale is from 8/5-8/18

Check out our full review here:

These games are really the best. The boys have loved each and every one we have reviewed so far. These would make a great addition to any Hot Wheels loving kid!

– A racing Mommy B!

Family Visits and the Preble County Fair!

We had a super fun weekend.

I can tell when we over do things though, because the boys get super fussy. Despite all of that though, we did have a great time!

My husbands dad came up from Kentucky to visit and have a cookout. It was nice to see him, the boys have missed him too!


My Hubby is in the blue shirt, Zieke is in his lap. Next to him is my nephew with LJ in his lap. My Father-In-Law in sitting down with Baby A in his lap. Behind him is my Brother-In-Law and right next to Baby A is my other Nephew. The two kids beside my Nephew are my Nephews as well and then my other Brother-In-Law beside them! Sshheeww.. Lots of boys in the family! lol


My Niece snuck in for this picture!




Oh gee Baby A and his love for toy guns… (Covers face and shakes head)..


Some of played basketball.. others sat and drank pop! lol…me included! Ha!IMG_4435

My Nephew likes to tease my Hubby lol!


The kids were all playing this with farting Minions toy! Bahaha.. Boys!


My Hubby is pretty good at Basketball.. but he was an All Star at Soccer in his high school years 🙂


And then the next day we wen to the fair! We had went to church that morning so I just kept their church clothes on! Probably wasnt the best idea lol


Baby A was taken with all the animals.. they actually all were 🙂


Baby is quite taken with my Niece, she watches him a few times a week so we can film for YouTube. I’d say he acted way better than normal because she was with us.


There were SO MANY HORSES!


Ah.. and this .. poop… the boys’ favorite word… so yes.. we took a picture lol


Ah my lil man!


Baby A didn’t know quite what to think!


This was cool! A place to bathe the horses! I do not know anything about horses.. so maybe this isn’t anything special lol but I thought it was cool.


They were doing all kinds of showings at this fair!


Miniature horses! Just their size!


This reminded me of the Racing Stripes movie! The boys said Skye needed one like this! Ha.


Isn’t this super cute!


They had all kinds of chickens! Some I have never heard of or seen before!


My nephew is so sweet. He’s so good with the boys.



This one was sleeping and it had an egg laying right next to her!


Ah! Look at this one!! SCARY lol


Aww this booth was cool. They had someone telling the kids about salvation.


They gave out free balloons..


AND did free face painting!


Ok.. so the rides… so looked quite scary!..


and others.. not so much! ha!


Aww my Niece is so good with them too. even when the boys are not so good! (we are working on that with the boys…#momlife)

See.. nice and slow 😉


I think they were looking at another ride here.. looks like it was high in the sky according to their faces!


So all rides required tickets, except this one, for some reason they didn’t take them? Which was WONDERFUL because tickets were $18 for 20 and most rides were 3-4 each per person. That’s outrageous to me, BUT the boys got in for free so I guess it’s a win win!

I think he liked it! I’m so glad my Niece went down with him. Anymore, I get a super sick feeling just from swinging.. I know.. I know.. I’m getting old!


My nephew was to tall for this, so he coached the my older two boys through it 😉


See, they are looking down for guidance lol


The games were fun, but also super expensive! Gee when did fair cost and arm and a leg to go! ha! They all ended up winning something though! That was so good, because there would have been meltdowns!


My Nephew did a game by himself. He such a sweet little guy!



IMG_4529 that horse cart racing?? What is this called??


Then there was food.. and some melt downs! Ugh.. my boys are the worse. They fuss so much! Maybe it’s because they are so close in age?


Aaron wasn’t too happy here.. he wanted a cheeseburger too!


LJ smiled right after this! Ha, I think he was focused on something here.


We ended the trip (and the end of our cash) with these awesome snow cones!


You put on your own flavors! Zieke got watermelon on accident so we had to scrap it off and put on cherry.. then LJ cried because he wanted to do the same. (He does everything Zieke does, almost everything lol)


Ah.. peace.. for a few brief moments! We took my Niece and Nephew to church and then drove back home. They boys rested for just a little bit, enough to become wild once we got back home! Ha!

Anyways, we had a super fun weekend with family then the fair. Today we are taking it easy as we have another busy week/weekend ahead of us!

– A resting Mommy B

Sweet Suite Swag Box full of toys! It has arrived!


Ahh! We decided to open it up with All.. Three.. Boys….!! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. We had some small fights and fits.

(We are trying to teach them about sharing, which btw, isn’t going so well!)


We had to open it outside because our house still isn’t all put together from being away so long! (In case you WERE wondering, I DID get all the laundry done, well cleaned at least, huge pile in our utility room, Ha!)


Look at this squishy! Ah! We haven’t had one this big before and it’s SUPER squishy and slow rising!


We looked through everything but a lot I put back for future videos! I know, I know.. but that trip costed a pretty penny, so I need these for individual videos!

This Mic Guy looks so fun! It’s a 2 in 1 wireless microphone and bluetooth speaker! How fun is this going to be!


This! Ah! This is by Moose Toys and it looks so fun! You have to dig out your surprise collector toys!


I LOVE Squishies! This one was SUPER cute! Check out our video to see it!


Oh and SLIME! I’m not a fan of slime, because it’s super messy and the boys got it all over Skye when we first got her.. and yea.. I’ll stop there.. BUT they do love it. So we keep it in one area of the house now! This is Frozen Treats Slime and they have scents too! Ok, so this DOES have me intrigued!


I couldn’t get pictures fast enough! 3 sets of hand were everywhere!


DIY Bath bombs! Ah! Something boyish! I Love it! Can’t wait to try these.


Score! Water bottle! Love these freebies!


This game looks super cute. I love seeing all these creative games!


Aw! A fingerling plushy that talks! Super cute and pink!


Now this was cool, it was like a squishy with in a plush!


Beaker Creatures! I think its like a bath ball and you submerge into the water to reveal a collectors creature. Super fun!


LOOK as all of this! There was so much stuff! Love that float, we got some nail decals, oh and look at the Five Nights at Freddys set!


This movie and plush doggy! Too cute! Zieke ended up sleeping with him that night.


It all unfolding!!


Cupcake dolls! We had those when I was a little girl!!


A cup holder float.. and then if you mention Bestway you get a full size one! Ah! How fun!


Aw their faces.. I think they were fighting over something here.. My boys 🙂


I have never seen Harry Potter, so not sure, but I think this is a wand, super cute!


Look at this little cute science kit!


Molecules floam! Super moldable!


So this is what I ended up putting back for later! (even though the boys did go back to grab more out!) We have at least a months full of videos in this box!


It was so generous of all these companies to send out these samples! I can’t wait to start filming again! BIG thank you to all of them and for Sweet Suite inviting us to attend! I can’t wait for next year!

– Mommy B

Sweet Suite Toy Swag Box!

It’s here!! I’m super excited to get this opened!

I only had the boomerang clip of the box from Facebook! I could have went into my room to get a picture of it, but the boys follow me everywhere and didn’t want to start something now! Ha!

Did I mention we are actually Home “HOME” now! Ha! Long story, but our electric was out and it took over a week to get it back on.

I didn’t realize how much work was involved once the electric goes out! My fridge was covered in mold so I had to clean and then clean some more. I did some major speed cleaning last night when we got into our house around 6pm. But at least I was able to get my laundry (mostly) caught up. (I still think little elves leave dirty laundry when we are sleeping!).

SO everything is FINALLY getting sorted out to a more “Norm” life. We just now have to go get Skye (Our dog) from my Sister In Laws and then we will be all set… well until we find a house to buy.. then that’s another adventure waiting to unfold ha!

– A very HAPPY Mommy B



Sweet Suite Follow ups and Grandpa Joe’s Candy Buffet for $1!

It’s done! I was so afraid I wouldn’t follow up with this but I did! I have tons of contacts from the Sweet Suite and I followed up with everyone! YAY!


Look at all of these flyers!!


..and of of these BUSINESS CARDS! EEK! I handed out over 50 business cards! So strange to have business cards for YouTube channels, but my friend over at Tubey Toys said to get some made (which I got for free on Vista Print!) and I did!

I am already getting an overwhelming amount of responses, (just a few really, but still overwhelming as I don’t get many as it is) even a few that reached out before I did! I already have a few companies sending out products to review. So I am SUPER excited.

We also have our SWEET SUITE SWAG BOX that is supposed to be arriving TODAY! EEK! It’s 17 POUNDS! Now THAT will be a video to film! May not have all three boys open it though, it would end up like a pack of wolfs fighting for food!

It took about 30 mins to reach out to everyone, which wasnt bad at all. I was really stressing over nothing ha, but I am one that likes to get things done by a certain time.

During this time, I told the boys if they were good we would go to Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. They had they $5 candy buffet boxes for only $1 today!


My nephew went with us, so the trip was even more special! It took about 30 mins to drive there, but it was still worth it! Even Mommy B took a break from her diet to grab a box!

Alright, got to go. We still haven’t been back to our house yet due to unfornuate event, but hopefully later today we will! Which means.. more work.. but hey, at least we will be home! Ha!

– Sugar overloaded Mommy B