Doc McStuffins Farting Hulk Eats 6 Cupcakes, Doc McStuffins Farting & Burping Check Up Smashing Cake

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Doc McStuffins Farting Hulk Eats 6 Cupcakes, Doc McStuffins Farting & Burping Check Up Smashing Cake

Doc McStuffins Farting Hulk Eats 6 cupcakes and Doc McStuffins at Farting Hulk Tummy Ache Check-Up. Today Zieke dressed up as Doc McStuffins and Doc McStuffins gave Farting Hulk a tummy ache Check Up after farting Hulk ate 6 cupcakes. Farting Hulk had a tummy ache because he ate too many cupcakes. Farting Hulk got a Doc McStuffins check-up and injection in his tummy during his tummy ache checkup as she could not stop farting and burping. Hulk was hungry and went to the kitchen to get 6 cupcakes.

Farting Hulk ate the cupcakes and got a huge tummy ache and started burping and farting. It’s a prank with Doc McStuffins, the Hulk & cupcakes! Hulk’s tummy hurts because Hulk ate six cupcakes and farting Hulk has been farting and burping and had to lie down waiting for the Doc McStuffins checkup. When you’ve got a tummy ache, Doc McStuffins gives Hulk a check-up for his farts and burps. Doc McStuffins visits Hulk farting at home for a Hulk tummy ache check-up. In this kids video Doc McStuffins gives Hulk a needle in the arm and a shot in the tummy and checkup at home after farting Hulk could not stop farting.

After a check up and two needles farting Hulk felt much better and stopped farting, even though his tummy was full with 6 cupcakes. Doc McStuffins gives burping Hulk a check-up, and Hulk ends up needing a shot in his tummy to feel better and stop burping and farting. Doc McStuffins is an awesome, sweet Doctor! It’s so funny watching the cute kids play dress up and Hulk gets a check-up and he needs a shot in his tummy for his stomach ache. Keep watching to see if burping and farting Hulk feels better! If you love seeing Doc McStuffins giving Spiderman surgery and Bad Baby Dr., then you’ll love this.

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This was a fun video! I LOVE making these kinds with the boys (Well not the farting as much haha). They love them too!

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