Yeti, Set, Go! Meatball kicking game for the whole family by Play Monster!

I love games and so do my boys! We are trying to start some sort of family night once a week. That being said, pizza and a movie is great and all.. but I like the idea of sitting down and having some wholesome family fun! The boys are starting to get to a point were we can all sit down and do that!

With THIS game it’s going to be even more easier! It’s super easy to set up, no batteries, and the kids will have to chase the meatballs as they go flying everywhere! LOL! So there will definitely be some energy burned! I’m so glad Play Monster sent us this to check out!

Product Overview

Hey, let’s kick some meatballs!™

Kick your meatballs onto the mountain!
You and your Yeti are a team…a mean, lean kickin’ team! It’s up to you to aim Yeti and then bop him on the head to make him start kickin’ meatballs, trying to get them onto the mountain ledges! The first to get all four on wins!
No batteries required; some assemble required. For 2 to 4 players.


LJ was super excited! Out of all my boys, he loves games the most!


He pretty much put the whole game together himself! He loves trying to figure things out.


It’s such a cute game! After a long stretch of pushing down the Yeti’s hard and the meatballs flying everywhere.. he decided we should try it a bit slower for awhile! Ha!

It’s super simple to play. Each player gets 6 meatballs to start out with. Everyone say’s Yeti, Set, Go.. and then everyone starts pushing down on their Yeti, the Yeti will then start kicking! You can move the Yeti from side to side as well so you can aim when your kicking. First player to get one meatball in each of their “mountain pockets” wins OR first one to get a meatball at the very top of the mountain automatically wins! So keep on kicking and picking up those meatballs quickly!

You can purchase this game directly on Play Monsters Site. You can also find this at other retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

It’s selling for around $15-$22. Amazon has the best price right now for $15!


– A Meatball Kickin’ Mommy B