The Abandoned Astronaut – At Home Adventure By Adventurous Co.

We just received a transmission from Interdimensional Agent A003, her portal exploded and is stranded in a collapsing dimension: it’s our job to help!

What a fun time we had helping the abandoned astronaut escape an alternate dimension from our home! The Boys and I loved going through this puzzle solving adventure from Adventurous Co. It is a great way to keep them entertained and engaged during our time at home!

Take on your own adventure! Get yours here: Use coupon code: DREAMTEAM for 10% off! You are sure to have a blast!

Osmo Detective Agency! Fun learning iPad game for kids!

These games are so much fun! Their newest one is all about observing and searching! So simple yet, super fun!


Run your own detective agency! Travel to six famous cities, inspect hundreds of clues with your magnifying glass, and learn about geography and cultures around the world!

An innovative pretend play experience that combines a classic search-and-find game with digital fun! Learn about geography, landmarks, and culture while searching for clues. Bring observation skills and critical thinking into play, as you connect the dots and unravel the mystery!

Kids will learn:

Geography, culture, and history
Facts about landmarks across the world
Critical thinking
Observation skills

Check out Osmo’s site to order this and other cool sets!

It’s so cute! The maps in the game come in a box that looks like a little traveling suit case! This set sells for $39 on their website. They also have these sets that are compatible with Fire tablets as well as iPhones! There are special bases you can purchase. You will need a base to use for the sets, but you only need one! It will work with each game.

You can also purchase this and their other sets on Amazon!


– Detective, Mommy B

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Family Fun Classic Game for kids | The Dream Team

Hello Dreamers!

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Family Fun Classic Game for kids with Zieke and his cousin Uriah! The Classic Game From 1966 with Red Rocker And Blue Bomber Battle It Out In The Arena! Great Kids Video who loves to play with toys and it’s a fun toy for the whole family!

Watch it here!

This game was super fun! A little tricky to put together but once we did it was super awesome! Entertained the boys for at least a whole hour.

Buy this awesome game here:

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Game

Zieke received this game as a Birthday gift. This would make a great Christmas gift as well! Even though it may  be a loud game haha its super cool!

Thanks Dreamers!

Mommy B

🎃Toms Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch | Halloween & Autumn Fall Fun!

Good Morning Dreamers!

Tom’s Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch | Halloween & Autumn Fall Fun! The Dream Team visit Tom’s Maze for a day of family fun! Halloween is near and there are lots of fun fall festivals. See how much fun kids have at this corn mazes and hay rides and lots of games and yummy food!

This place is so cool! I remember coming when I was a teen and now this has way more! This is a must if you are ever in Ohio during fall time!

Check this awesome corn maze out in Ohio

We got here and has so much for that we forgot to get pumpkins! lol I guess we will just have to go again! We have family coming up next week and we may just go back. I think it took us about an hour to go through the maze. We brought our stroller and some snacks. The boys totally loved it! It was a warmer day, so the snack and stroller came in handy! I’m so glad we brought it!

This place has snacks and food you can buy, it had a “turn left” only maze that was really cute. Places to take pictures, a tracker/train pumpkin ride, animals to see and I pumpkin launching cannon! We heard the cannon go off a few times but never actually got to see it up close going off. Super cool! ( Totally a guy attraction lol, my husband was all for this).

Tickets were $8.00 per person, but 5 and under were free! (We also found a $1.00 off coupon on there site, Hint..Hint). The tractor/train ride was an extra $2.00 per person (2 and under free), but I think it was totally wort it! The ride was about 10 mins long.

So this was an AWESOME family outing! Baby A missed out though, but I’m sure we will be back next year too!

Keep on Dreaming Dreamers!

Mommy B

PLAY DOH THOMAS & FRIENDS GUESSING GAME! Guess The Engine Surprise Thomas The Engine Learning Game

Good Morning Dreamers!

Well, I must say, I am so excited! All of a sudden our views have doubled and I hope it keeps doubling! Even if it does, it was a pretty good feeling! We at one point had 68 views at once! Maybe you tube was promoting us? I sure hope so lol I know that doesnt seem like a lot lol, but for a VERY small channel like us it is! We have been averaging about 190-240 views over a 48 hour period, after yesterday its been 400-440! YAY!

Amyways, excited mom moment over lol..

Play doh Thomas & Friends Guess Who! Guess the Engine Thomas the Train that is covered in play doh in egg shapes. Learning game for kids while playing the Thomas and Friends the Tank Engine.  Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and COMMENT! =) THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is THOMAS MINI EDITION!!!! Can you guess Thomas the train and his friends covered in play doh before it’s uncovered? How many Thomas & Friends trains can you guess right? Guess the Engine game with the Dream Team!

Ryan ToysReview did this so we had to try since we LOVE Thomas so much here at the Stearman household! I actually thought that Ryan did it with Trackmasters, so I thought we would do minis, but came to find out it was minis and not the trackmasters!


We were going to make our own play-doh, but thought we would keep that for another video!

Watch this fun video here!

See you all tomorrow! We are going to a pumpkin patch today, and yes, that video to come soon!

Keep on Dreamin’!

Mommy B


🎣LET’S GO FISHING GAME Family Fun Activity For Kids Learn Colors

Morning Dreamers!

LET’S GO FISHING GAME Family Fun Activity for Kids learn colors. We found this game at King Arthurs Court Toy Store in Ohio. Check out this video too: King Arthur’s Court Toy Store Toy Hunt – #ToyHunt This game was so much fun. Super simple and easy for kids to play. You can learn your colors too!

This game was super fun! Super simple and only took one “C” battery. Some other YouTube channels have been doing this game so Zieke wanted to do the same.

You can purchase this awesome game here!

And watch us play this awesome game here!

This game teaching motor skills and colors. Zieke played this game at least 5 times that day, LJ just took out the fish and played with them lol (He even slept with them that night). This game is totally worth the $16.00.

Heading out for coffee.

Until tomorrow Dreamers!

Mommy B