Toy Fair 2020 – Just Play

What a fun booth this was! Hairdorables, Ryan’s World, Totally Tiny and more!

Hairdorable Pets! Pets for Hairdorable Dolls!

Ok, so the Hairdorable Dolls are ADORBS! The pets are just as cute!


They open up and have a background for displaying or for playing! They come with accessories too! We got two cats: Lemon and Tango. Ha! Oh they belong to certain Hairdorable dolls. So so cute! There are 24 to collect.

Meet the newest members of our #Squad! The Hairdorables pets are just about the cutest fur-friends you’ve ever seen! Lovable, loyal, and with lots of big hair don’t care style, our pets express their unique personalities just like us! Each pet comes with their own brush, so girls can style their Hairdorables pet’s hair, just like their Hairdorables dolls! Each pet includes 2 accessories, 2 stickers, One brush, one Adoption card, and one collector list.
24 amazingly adorable pets to collect across series 1 (including 1 ultra-rare)
Pull, peel, and reveal 8 surprises inside! Each package includes Hairdorables pet, 2 accessories, 2 stickers, One brush, one Adoption card, and one collector list. Each package is a surprise – which Hairdorables pet will you unwrap?


You can find these at Walmart or on Amazon for around $10.

– Pet loving, Mommy B

Lil Fairy Land Cuties, 7 layers of surprises!

Surprises! I love all the surprise toys that are out there. This one though, is a bit different… FAIRIES!

YES! Finally some fairy toys! These are brand new and are made by Blue Whale Toys. I love the colorful foil wrapping, oh and the blind bags are SUPER easy to open.. they literally tear open! No more scissors.. or teeth/mouth opening like my boys do.. Ha!


We were SOO lucky to receive two of these. Aren’t they so appealing? I couldn’t wait to open them up!

Fairyland Cuties Surprise Dolls Adorable dolls packaged in multiple layers of shiny foil. Peel each layer of foil to reveal a new accessory! Use the accessories to decorate your doll. 6 surprises inside. 14 dolls to collect, each about 3” tall, 12 reugular and 2 rare dolls. Hidden accessories include gemstone stickers, hair accessory, wand, and collector’s sheet with sticker.

I was surprised at how big the fairies were! I was expecting them to be a lot smaller, but LOVE the size they are. The fairies themselves come in a plastic egg looking container, so cute!

Check out more about these sweet fairies on their web site.


There are so colorful! I love the little sticky jewels they come with. You can decorate the egg that they come in or even decorate the fairy!

There are over 12 to collect and you can purchase these on Amazon.

They have these in a 2 pack on Amazon for $10 which is a GREAT price, they also have a 4 Pack on Amazon for $20 ! Perfect for stocking stuffers or a kids gift exchange! I really am super shocked at the price, for $5 each.. this is a steal!

Better hurry and order some now for the stockings before they sell out! These are going to be HOT, especially at that price!

Check out our cute video review! Boxy Girl Brooklyn and Hairdorables Rayne Showers helped us out 😉


– A fairy loving, Mommy B



JustBe charm bracelet kit, easy & mess free jewelry making kit!

I love crafting, even though I don’t get to do much of it! So this was a lot of fun to review. This kit is even extra awesome because its mess free! The snake chain ends twist off and then you just slip on the charms and beads! Ah! So cool! You can then even change them up and switch out the charms.

This set is a fairy tale type of them. It’s super cute.


Do you like my models? Ha! Look at all of those charms though! So many.. and it comes with three snake chains. So you can make three for yourself or have a jewelry making party with some friends! Love the little case it comes in, makes it even more fun.

 Product Description:

  • FAIRYTALE THEMED BEADS: This jewel set comes with 20 metal beads, 15 beads with dangle and 10 rainbow glass beads. You will find Cinderella’s glass sandals and castle, rabbit and clock in Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan’s fairy, Anchor and starfish in Mermaid and many more.
  • MAKES 3 COMPLETE BRACELETS: This kit includes 3 silver plated snake chain bracelets of adjustable length to fit most girls of age 6 or older. There are sufficient beads to make three full bracelets.
  • NO TOOL, NO GLUE, NO MESS: The beads can be interchanged easily without tools. Mix and match beads and dangles to personalize and create a fashion statement bracelet for different occasions and moods. The child can also create unique bracelets to give friends and loved ones.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR GIRLS: Beads and bracelets come packaged in a small colorful bamboo jewelry gift box, making it a great gift item for girls who like DIY accessories. Also, it can be an entertaining party craft for girls.

Check out JustBe here.

You can find this set on Amazon for right around $15. Great price, especially since you can redesign the bracelets again and again!

I’m looking forward to sharing these with my nieces!

You can also get 10% off right now until 11/8!

Click here for a 10% off Discount Code to use on Amazon

– A jewelry making Mommy B

LOL Bigger Surprise with 60+ Surprises! Eye Spy Series!

So the long wait has finally come to an end! For just a mere $90 your little LOL Surprise fanatic can have one too! Ha! .. or a mom who is also a fanatic! HA!

There are 4 levels of surprises in this huge set. You get 2 of the LOL dolls, a pet and a little sister, accessories, hair wigs & glittery jelly wigs.

The First layer has the accessories, second layer has the hair wigs, third the dolls and lastly the glittery jelly like wigs.. OH and little face stickers! This set is SUPER cute, but for $90 the price seems a little steep.. BUT LOL Surprises are HOT right now, so this will definitely be a hit for Christmas.


So this was the after math! Ton’s of surprises! Took me literally 30 mins to open it all and that was in fast mode because I was filming with a toddler!

I DO love how HUGE the case is, you can store everything in it. I even kept the liner levels and sorted everything back, which is super great, since I have 3 crazy boys! Ha!


Everything in the above picture is from the LOL Bigger Surprise .. well except, Brooklyn, Rayne and the Unicorn! lol

Check out our video review here:

These are selling out fast! So if you want to order for Christmas do so now on amazon!


– A very LOL Mommy B 😉

Ryan’s World Toys & Hairdorables Collab Giveaway! Huge Toy Giveaway!


Have you heard of Tubey Toys? If not, you are totally missing out on some fun videos! I actually got to meet Tubey Toys when we were at Sweet Suite in NYC! Love this channel!

I am SO excited to say that us YouTube Mom’s are teaming up to bring you this AWESOME giveaway!

You can win some Hairdorables as well as some Ryan’s world toys!

Check it out!


Look at how fun this all looks! This giveaway just luanched today and will last a whole month.. until the 21st of September! All you have to do is click the gleam link and enter! Make sure you enter every day to increase your chances of winning! There are so many ways to enter! Many will enter but only one person will win! Check out our give away videos for closer looks at the prizes.

Enter here:

 Ryan’s World & Hairdorables Toys by Dream Team Tubey Toys Collab Give Away!

Here’s our videos of the prizes:






This is such a fun collab giveaway and we are super excited about it! Watch this space for more reviews on the toys that you can win 😉

– A very giving Mommy B