Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Star Command Center by Jakks Pacific!

We are soo in love with the new movie! So receiving this for free to review from Jakks Pacific was literally OUT OF THIS WORLD!



  • Two ways to play: “Launch Mode” (upright) or “Flight Mode” (horizontal)
  • Working microphone with intercom
  • Moveable targets, blaster buttons and joystick with trigger action
  • Switches and knobs with multiple sound & light effects
  • Console panel converts into a desk
  • Suggested for Ages 6+

When a new toy named “Forky” joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends shows how big the world can be for a toy.

Buzz Light year Star Command Center is ideal for active kids. The Buzz Light year Star Command Center has two different modes. Launch mode (upright) and Flight mode (horizontal). The console panel converts into a desk for study time.

It was actually pretty simple to put together. Took me maybe 20 mins..
All in all its a super awesome playset. It retails for around $120-$150 depending on where you purchase. It’s definitely on the pricey side, BUT since it’s a 3 in 1 and has quite a few interactions, I think the price is worth it. Would make a GREAT Christmas present this year!
You can find this set online on Amazon, Target and other larger retailers.

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Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Star Command Center! 3 in 1! Jakks Pacific Toys! Buzz In Real Life! HUGE Thank you to Jakks Pacific for sending us the Command Center and The Buzz Lightyear costume for free to review! Buzz Light year Star Command Center is ideal for active kids. The Buzz Light year Star Command Center has two different modes. Launch mode (upright) and Flight mode (horizontal). The console panel converts into a desk for study time. #ToyStory4 #ToyStory #Toys #NewToys #TopToys #IGTV #IGTVToys #IGTVSkit #IGTVKids #Toycommunity #IGTVChannel #FreeProduct #Influencer #ToyReview #YouTube #Toysofinstagram #BuzzLightyear #ToyStoryToys #StarCommandCenter #Jakks #JakksToys #JakksPacific #unboxing #ToyUnboxing @jakkstoys

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New York Toy Fair 2019! Part 4! Orb, Imperial Toys, Savvi, Jakks, American Plastics and more!

Last and final day of Toy Fair 2019 was so much fun .. and sad at the same time! I was torn a bit.. didn’t want it to end, but was so ready to get back home to my Hubby and Boys!

The last day was definitely more laid back and we were able to drop by a few booths.


American Plastics!


This cart looks soo cute!


Far Out Toys!


This racing track is like no other! These cars can go around 50 times on this track on just a 10 second charge! GAME CHANGER! haha!


I have never seen anything like this!


Drone Slayer!


This game is super simple but looks so fun! Try to keep the square floating!


Ryan is everywhere! lol


Oh My Gosh.. this game bahaa so funny!


Hog Wild! This line is brand new! Tony Hawk Box Boarders! I SO want this! The set up is amazing! You can place your phone inside this skating park and record skating views, just like real skate boarders! Ha!


Playmobil! My son would freak if he seen these in person! I recently just bought a few of these Ghostbuster sets for his birthday.

They are so detailed! This is the first time they have the packaging were the inside is visible!




How To Train Your Dragon 2 toys!


THE MOVIE! We seen the preview while at the Toy Fair and it looks oh so cute!


This Mar Space Station set looks beyond fun! So many details and so bright and inviting.


Stay Puft!!


Zing!! Stikbots.. and now Klikbots!


Jakks!! This Morfboard looks like a real trip! Bahah


30 Years of The Little Mermaid!!





Make your own pinatas! These look soo fun!


Ok, we have to get this.. I mean.. boys.. poop.. chocolate… MUST! haha


THEY HAVE PLUSH!! Must have them all.. am I right??


And new mini ones!


These are seriously the cutest things ever! We reviewed these a few months ago and I can’t wait to get more!




Orb! This booth was so much fun! Sensory overload for sure! Ha! These Odditeez are so stinky and fun to throw!


Stranger Things Squishes! What could be more.. strange?? haha!


The Orb Slimi Cafe! Make your own creations! Smash them together.. and peel back and play again! They don’t stick! This is truly amazing!!


Ryan toys!! Haha!

Orb has some AMAZING slimes! Like over.. i dunno.. a thousand?? I wanted it all!




This!! OMG!


These fun stickers!! My boys would LOVE the puzzle ones!


Skin decals!


Ok, this right here! I HAVE to get! You can glitterize like everything! With Glitterific you get clear precut stickers and even sheets of these stickers so you can customize just about anything! Once you pour the glitter on, you suck it up! No waste!!


These kits! This whole booth was amazing! We grew up in a very crafty family so seeing all of this was amazing!


These would make great Easter Basket Stuffers!


Super Hero Sticker Playsets!


I did not know they made so many face painting sets!


I know what I am going to be next Halloween!! Ha! UNICORN!


I so want these DIY Sensory Jars!


Ugly Sweater kits! EEK!!!


Imperial Toys! 


BUBBLES!! My boys love bubbles! When I see bubbles I think Summer!


These bubble wands! You should see them in action!


We seen these at Walmart the other day and they are hilarious!


D-Lectables! Disney themed ice cream toys! These look so cute! I really want some!


Haha This prank box! I SOO thought of my boys!


I did not know they made these play balls!


Don’t you just want to dive in??


Our fav!! Lick-A-Bubble! You can add your favorite drink, blow and then.. lick!!


LEGO! I was SOO excited and surprised that we got into this booth! It was such an honor!


The Lego Movie 2! My boys just love Legos! We just made a Lego table because they play with them so much.


This Toy Fair was so amazing and I feel so lucky and blessed to even go! I can’t wait until next year. I will definitely have to take the boys with me!

Mommy B

Fancy Nancy Classique Doll, 10 Inches Tall by Jakks, Disney Juniors New Series

I remember reading Fancy Nancy as a little girl, so seeing all of this again is pretty cool.

There is an all new series on Disney Junior about Fancy Nancy and to top it off Jakks Pacific has launched a whole new Fancy Nancy toy collection.

We were lucky enough to snag a doll at the TTPM Holiday Showcase! She is super cute! She even comes with a blind bag full of fancy! She is poseable and dressable!

There are 3 others you can collect that are just like her, she is the classique doll!


Isn’t she adorbs? I LOVE her personality!

You can find her at Walmart or on Amazon for right around $14. Great price for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Here is our video review on her:


You can find out more about Jakks here!

– A very fancy Mommy B