Kinetic Sand With The Dream Team | Blue Sparkle Kinetic Sand


This stuff is so much fun!! We bought this last year for Christmas and still works! We learn shapes and talk about the color blue!

I have a recipe were you can actually make your own, so we may be doing that here soon. Have any of you made moon doh or sand like this? Please let me know!

We just used what ever tools we had on hand. Cookie cutters work wonders as well as play containers for stacking!

Well, cutting it short dreamers!

Mommy B

💗Growing Crystal Experiment | Fail | Dream Team

Hello Dreamers!

Growing Crystal Experiment | Fail | Dream Team. We found this at the dollar tree! Super cool for a buck, but, Uh-no! It didn’t work! Leave us a comment if you have tried this, maybe we did something wrong!

Watch it here!

We were so excited about this and we will have to try it out again!


I guess we didn’t spend to much on this! Even though I think I was more disappointed then worried about the buck we spent! haha

Leave us some love Dreamers!

Mommy B



100 Videos Mashup | Dream Team | Toys Mashup

Good Morning Dreamers!

We did it! We have made it to 100 videos! We started exactly three months ago! We have learned so much! Our first video was of LJ walking and now look at it! Haha.. It has def been a learning process, but so much fun! Even if we don’t make it far, I love it! I think I have found something I really enjoy doing.

Thank you for all of your support! Now on to 200 videos!! LOL

Love you all Dreamers!

Mommy B

🚂Thomas The Train Attacks Little Boy! Accidents Will Happen! Dream Team

Hello Dreamers!

This was so much fun! With the spider pranks being popular we thought we would try it with Thomas The Train instead!

Zieke LOVES Thomas more than anything so this was super fun to do. We may just do one with a spider 😉


Watch it here!

Zieke has,I think, like 3 large Thomas the Trains.. I think we might have used all three in this video lol

Let us know how you like this video!

Til next time Dreamers!

Mommy B

🍽 Kitchen Toys for Children – Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink and Stove

Hello Dreamers!

This sink & stove is so much fun! Zieke always wants to help out so this encourages that but with less mess and you don’t have to worry about watching over them (to much at least ;)).

Kitchen Toys for Children – Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink and Stove. Review of the Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink and Stove! Kitchen toys for children are fun, and they encourage kids to use their imagination! Kids Kitchen Videos are fun!

Watch it here


You can purchase this for fairly cheap, around $15.00. So this is a MUST. It kept my boys entertained for a long time. They didn’t want to shoot any other videos the day we did this one!

You add water to the bottom and place the top part back on top. It came with a plug as well to stop the water from draining. Has a place for a sponge/cleaning utensils. We played with this outside, but we have used it inside a few times as well. It’s really not to messy so this is even nice for a rainy day/snowy day inside. This really promotes creative play, which we are all about!

We just added water, but you can add soap to for more “real” effect 🙂 I love little tikes products because they are made soo very well.

Well Dreamers.. on with the rest of the day!

Mommy B

👧Egg Surprise With Shopkins, Twozies & Num Noms

Hello again Dreamers!

My oh My.. I LOVE it when I get to do a video lol.. I can’t do these small items with the boys too much because they tend to fight over them.. So I decided to do them myself until they get a little older!

Egg Surprise With Shopkins, Twozies & Num Noms! Join me, Mommy B, as I open an egg surprise filled with Shopkins, Twozies and Num Noms!

Watch it here (I know you want too ;))

I have totally fallen in love with shopkins.. Num Noms are a close second, but the Twozies.. I really didn’t care to much about.. They were cute, but I don’t really think they come close to shopkins..

A little more about us:

So since we don’t have any girls.. I was kinda worried about girls straying away from our channel.. so I thought, “Hey! I’m a girl”! I can do these! So, ya, it’s been fun! We all get to do reviews together as well as sometime some on our own. (Sometimes its more peaceful doing reviews separate lol)

Well Dreamers.. I need coffee now so I can think some more. Please comment, I would LOVE to hear from you all.. some big peeps lol

Mommy B


🎺Multi-Sense Trumpet From People Toy Company

Hey Dreamer Teamers!

This toy was super cute!

Multi-Sense Trumpet From People Toy Company. As your baby’s development begins to ramp up, it’s important to stimulate their senses as much as possible. That’s why The Five Senses Trumpet was designed to help stimulate your baby’s eyes, ears, mouth, fingertips and hands. Whistles, pictures, fans, beads and teething ring allow your child to awaken their senses through play.

* Two-way whistle stimulates developing oral motor skills
* Beads rattle for added sound depth
* Cute, visually intriguing pictures rotate as the whistle is blown

More info here

Follow this awesome company and support them:


This little trumpet is made of sturdy plastic. Simple, but bright and colorful! Love the fast that its a whistle! Baby A isn’t quite there yet to blow on it, but I’m sure when he does he will love it! My 4 year old was loving it though lol!


I have loved doing reviews for this company. So far I have found their products to be made very well, bright colored and Baby A seems to be attracted to each one. We are hoping to review more in the future. So be sure to check them out, all of the social platforms are listed above.

A little more about us:

So, with having  two other boys, I really didn’t buy any new toys for Baby A.. We actually wasn’t expecting another one so soon.. with that said I was in the process of getting rid of all of my baby items, so reviewing these baby toys have been a real treat for Baby A, seeing that he mostly plays with the other two boys’ toys (Which are limited to mostly Thomas the train lol)


Well thanks again Dreamers for all the support.. Until tomorrow!

Mommy B


Good (Chilly) Morning Dreamers!

Wow, all three boys slept through the night so I am feeling like an actual human today lol

100 LAYERS of CLOTHES CHALLENGE by a KID! So, Zieke wanted to do a challenge and we choose this one! We plan to do more challenges soon! Will he make it to 100 layers???? Watch to find out!!

We pulled out 100 layers of clothing and laid them all in a pile! Spiderman, Thomas the train, Superman, Scooby Doo, Batman, Mickey Mouse and more!! Watch this super fun challenge and let us know what challenge you would like to see next!



The picture above cracks me up! lol Like mentioned, this is super simple and fun! If LJ was older we could have even had a race to see who could do it faster!

A little more about us:

Zieke had so much fun with these! He has been watching other channels do challenges and he is starting to want to do our own. So, I think this will be the first of many challenges!

Thanks for all of the support, hopefully these posts will get better in time!

Peace Dreamers!

Mommy B


Straw Shapes with Thomas and the Dream Team

Hello Dreamers!

Todays video was super fun and super easy!

Zieke wanted to buy a pack of straws (they we a buck so I was all for it!) and thought we would get creative, especially since that’s what we are all about!

You could get even more creative and do 3D shapes!


img_2637     Click here to check out the video!

Zieke was super excited about using sissors lol ,LJ… not so much!

A little more about us:

Zieke LOVES to creative things, When we did all of our Alex Brands/Toys videos (Click here to view the playlist) He was just beside himself! Alex Toys promote creative play and we LOVE that! They even have charator themed items, which of course is a major plus!

Click here to visit Alex Brands

Well Dreamers, keep on dreaming.. til next time!

Mommy B