Creative Cafe Frappe Maker By Rose Art!

Need something entertaining for the kids.. that they can EAT too?? Check this out!

It’s a kids Frappe Maker by Rose Art! Super simple to use! Freeze the cup overnight/ for 12 hours, fill the cup with milk up to the fill line, add two scoops of one of the flavors and mix! You keep mixing and scraping the inside for about 5 mins and… TA DA! A frappe!

I was skeptical at first, but this thing REALLY works! It’s quite tasty too!


You can make quite a bit of these! Comes with three flavor packs, enough to make 2-3 frappes from each pack. You can combine/ layer the flavors too for a super magical frappe!

Dazzle your friends and family with delicious, colorful drinks you make all by yourself, with the Creative Cafe Frappe Maker! Simply choose a flavor, mix the powder with milk (or a milk substitute) in the frozen Frappe Maker, and serve in the included, authentic Frappe Cup! Choose from Apple, Mango, or Strawberry Cream flavors, layer to make a Frozen Rainbow Frappuccino, or mix the flavors to create your own, custom concoctions. Set includes the Frappe Maker Cup, a reusable Frappe Cup with lid, a reusable straw with removable spoon, three Food Packets, and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions with photos. For ages 6 and up.
Make a Rainbow Frozen Frappuccino in 3 easy steps!
Choose from apple, mango, or strawberry cream – or make a Frozen Rainbow Frappuccino!
Layer flavors for or make them individually!
Includes authentic, reusable frappe cup, lid, and spoon straw
For ages 6 and up.

This set can be purchase at Target or online at for right around $15.


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Monster & Nerf Toddler Birthday Party!

So my son just turned 3 and he is in love with Monsters and Nerf! So we came up with a little fun theme.. Monsters.. and Nerf! lol

I found some cute monster images online and printed them out. I then hung them all over the house so he could go “monster” hunting. It was so cute. He absolutely loved it!


We had Nerf guns and a bowl full of Nerf bullets so everyone could join in on the fun 😉


My Sister made this cake of course! It was soo adrobs! My son was amazed lol! Check out my sisters facebook page to see all of her amazing creations!


Some of his presents! I LOVE these! They are so cute!


My Sister made some cupcakes for the boys to decorate. They made them into monsters! So so cute!


My Sis made homemade sprinkles for the inside… yes.. she is amazing! haha!

We kept things really cheap! We found the decorations and party plates and such at either at the Dollar Tree or Walmart. Also, there are ALL kinds of clearanced toys at Walmart now, so we spent maybe a total of $30 on all his gifts!

Can’t believe my baby is 3!


Sneak in those veggies with Sneakz Organic! Protein powder for kids!

Working from home and being able to do YouTube have been a dream come true and a complete blessing.. but.. sometimes I get so busy that other things get pushed aside. Like some healthier eating habits..

When asked to review this, I was super excited! Not only I, but the boys need those extra nutrients and probiotics, especially during the colder seasons.


This Sneakz Organic protein powder is chocolate flavored. We tried it in some milk, but it wasn’t favored by the boys that way. So then we tried whipping it up in some milk & ice, it was better but not something the boys enjoyed. SO.. I tried it in some pancakes.. oh my goodness.. I was SO surprised! It actually enhanced the pancake flavor! My middle son, LJ, ate 2 whole pancakes and asked for more… with out the syrup might I add..!!

I can’t wait to try this in some more foods, maybe some muffin next? I still want to try this in a yogurt smoothie, I think it would be great with some greek yogurt, milk and maybe a banana!

Sneakz Vegan Protein Mix provides 14 grams of protein, probiotics, 10 essential amino acids and ½ serving of daily vegetables. Simple and clean ingredients means nothing is artificial – no GMOs, no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones or artificial colors. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.

To find out more information you can check them out on their website. They have easy recipes ideas and you can also purchase it directly from their site. It retails for $21.00.

Here’s more on the chocolate powder:


Organic veggie blend (Pea protein, Carrot, Cauliflower, Beet, Sweet potato, Spinach), Organic cane sugar, Organic flavors, Organic alkalized cocoa, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086, Sea salt.

Hypoallergenic Pea Protein with Half Serving of Veggies


Sneakz Organic Vegan Protein Powder and Drink Mix is mindfully formulated with today’s active child in mind. It’s a great source of whole food nutrition from vegetables and non-dairy pea protein for children or anyone who feels the need to add that extra boost to their diet. Using the latest research, we’ve created the perfect blend of phytonutrient dense whole foods to support a healthy on-the-go lifestyle.

By adding beets, spinach, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots, we are able to fit in a full ½ serving of vegetables per scoop and 14 grams of protein. Each scoop contains all 10 essential amino acids, fiber, and at least 500 million CFUs of probiotics.

We had fun with this and did a little fun video! Even dolls need some protein 😉

– A protein packed, Mommy B

Creative Cafe Barista Bar by Rose Art! Kids can be a real Barista!

Pretend play is all the rave! This though, is no pretending! Kids can actually whip up a frothy drink! (decaffeinated of course!)

Super simple to use and just so darn cute!


It comes with some flavored powder and you add a few little spoon fulls into some milk, turn on the machine, put the pitcher in and pull down the lever! Whip for 30 seconds and Val-ah! FUN DRINKS FOR KIDS! We did this cold, but you could warm up the milk a bit for a warmer drink experience, adults will have to help with this though 😉 It does froth better cold..

The stencil art is fun too! You have two flavors of powder to choose from to use with the stencil. There are also refill packs, oh and the set comes with recipe cards! So stinking cute! This would TOTALLY be fun during this month, Christmas movies and fun drinks!

Creative Café Barista Bar

With the Creative Café Barista Bar you can be a future barista! Create endless latte looks with just milk. Make yummy chocolate or strawberry drinks with real foamy froth on top. It’s super easy with this professional style machine – just put in the powder, mix with milk, turn on the frother and you’re making drinks like a professional barista! It’s like a real milk steamer without the heat – kid safe! Top it off with your own latte art. Choose from the stencils and create lots of patterns. You can even expand your menu with tips and tricks from the recipe cards. Includes Frothing Unit, Frothing Pitcher, 3 stencils, 2 shaker bottles, 2 spoons, 4 paper cups, chocolate and strawberry flavor mixes and 4 recipe and tip cards.

Key Features:
Be your own barista with the Creative Café Barista Bar
Kids safe – no heat!
Froth and flavor real milk and dress-it-up with a dazzling design!
Comes with strawberry and chocolate flavor packets
Includes flavor recipe cards to get you started
For ages 6+

For more info you can visit their site.


You can purchase this set for $25 on WalmartAmazon. Great price! I’m sure this will be a hot toy for Christmas, so get it while you can!

We took this set over to my parents house for Thanksgiving, it was a TOTAL hit with the kiddos!


I really want to get a refill pack to try out! They offer other flavors as well! Eck! Such a fun toy!

– A non latte loving, Mommy B


Slime and Splash Water Slide, not your ordinary summer water slide!

Slime.. it’s all the rage.. but mix slime with a summer favorite.. and you have an instant party!

Bestway is known for all of their fun summer products like, floats and water slides, but they sure took it a whole new level with this Slime and Splash Water Slide!

Super easy set up. Comes with 4 kid safe packets of slime. We used two at once for more slimier experience! The slide itself is 23ft! It’s a super long slide! Ages recommended for this side is 5-12. Watch out, you will zoom down this slide super fast after being in the slime! Ha! My 2 year old played in it just fine, just have to really watch them!


They just love playing in water.. but the slime added a lot more fun!


Such a fun product for summer. It’s super easy to put away as well. Super durable too!

This retails for around $20-$30. You can find it on Amazon.

You can view our video review here:

We were only able to use this once this year.. the boys keep asking to bring it out.. even though its 50 degrees out now! ha! Well .. something to look forward to next summer!

– A slimed Mommy B

My Fabulous Storyteller by Lunii!

So I have never been the best at reading to my boys.. I did when they were younger, but now since I work from home part time, YouTube, Blog and parenting 3 crazy boys.. it’s hard to find time..

I have been on the search for something that will assist with this.. so when we seen this at Sweet Suite.. the boys AND I were hooked!

The boys stood at this booth for a super long time. They listened to a whole story! It was about 7 mins long.


Ahh.. this is my favorite photo of them from Sweet Suite, not to mention the ladies that ran this booth/run Lunii were the most sweetest and friendliest group I have met!

They seen that the boys were really intrigued and gave us one to take home! It’s super awesome! Not only does it charge, but you can pick a character, theme and object. It’s screenless and the buttons are not overwhelming to figure out, the whole feel of the storyteller is really nice. Super simple for kids to use on their own.

There are 48 stories that come downloaded on the storyteller and you can even download more on their website! We JUST downloaded the bedtime stories and THAT is what the boys have been listening to at night! They have really enjoyed it.

I honestly can’t wait for more downloads to be available! 

There is also a head phone jack so you can use the Storyteller with or without head phones. This would also be great for car rides or waiting for a doctor appointment. The My Fabulous Storyteller retails on their site for around $70.00.

Check out Lunii here!

For our full review (and skit) check out our video:


The boy’s (and I) had fun filming this video. Their giggles towards the end of the skit were so perfect that I didn’t have to edit anything in! They were actually listening to the stories when I “looked inside the room”! We didn’t have to act any of that out!

– A story telling Mommy B (Ok, not really, My Fabulous Storyteller does that ;))


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Sweet Suite Toy Swag Box!

It’s here!! I’m super excited to get this opened!

I only had the boomerang clip of the box from Facebook! I could have went into my room to get a picture of it, but the boys follow me everywhere and didn’t want to start something now! Ha!

Did I mention we are actually Home “HOME” now! Ha! Long story, but our electric was out and it took over a week to get it back on.

I didn’t realize how much work was involved once the electric goes out! My fridge was covered in mold so I had to clean and then clean some more. I did some major speed cleaning last night when we got into our house around 6pm. But at least I was able to get my laundry (mostly) caught up. (I still think little elves leave dirty laundry when we are sleeping!).

SO everything is FINALLY getting sorted out to a more “Norm” life. We just now have to go get Skye (Our dog) from my Sister In Laws and then we will be all set… well until we find a house to buy.. then that’s another adventure waiting to unfold ha!

– A very HAPPY Mommy B