Fabulous Fashions #SNAPSTAR New VITA Doll with Clothing Rack & Accessories By Yulu

Snapstar is introducing a new doll to the line: Vita!

Now there are seven Snapstar dolls to collect. Each doll comes with their own accessories, hair, unique style, and personalities.

Vita’s Package:

  • 1 Vita Doll in Exclusive Fashion
  • 1 Clothing Rack with 5 Clothing Hangers
  • 1 Extra Outfit with 2 pairs of shoes and 2 Purses
  • 1 magic Photo Wall and 1 Green Posing Stand
  • Use the FREE Snapstar Photo App and Watch Your Background Choice Appear!

This set would make a great gift for Christmas this year! This set retails for around $30 and can be purchased at Walmart.


L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. Fashion Dolls by MGA Entertainment.

We finally were able to snag a few!

Our Walmart had these out, but we weren’t able to purchase them as they had a release date of 7.7.2019! I was soo disappointed.. BUT we went to Target a few days ago and they had some that we WERE able to purchase!

These dolls are SOO cute. I was skeptical at first… but boy.. has MGA done it again!

Price for each doll is around $27 and they each some with 20 surprises.


We just snagged two for right now. Royal Bee and Swag!


There are 4 to collect in series 1.


We opened up Royal Bee first. She is so super cute, so much more in person. Price point seems to be a fair price to me.

You can find these on Amazon right now. Walmart and Target has them as well, but they seem to be going fast, so I would call ahead to be safe, or just order on Amazon, if you have Prime.

The 4 dolls are: Royal Bee, Swag, Neonlicious & Lady Diva.