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Hey Dreamers!

This is our second nursery rhyme song video and I love doing these! The boys have been singing this song since we did this video! We seen this done on KiddieToysReview (Check them out here) and had to do it since kids LOVE songs!

Watch it here!

Super simple to do! I just video them play, speed it down and add the music! Let me know how you think of it!

Short one today!

Mommy B

🛏Thomas Minis Nursery Rhymes | Silly Songs

Hello Dreamers!

We are doing another silly song video!

Thomas Minis Nursery Rhymes | Silly Songs. Thomas And Friends Minis jumping on the bed song & more. Join us as we sing some nursery rhyme songs!

I have actually really enjoyed these lol, LJ LOVES the Monkey song, so we had to do it with Minis!

Watch it here!

We may have to do another battle here soon too and maybe a skit 😉

Thanks Dreamers,

Mommy B