Tukens Orchard and Farm Market! Pumpkin Picking Fall Family Time!

Fall! Personally my favorite season.. and picking pumpkins with the fam.. my favorite thing to do during my favorite season!

We have been wanting to do more as a family, and we happened to find a farm… with a pumpkin patch.. and it was local!

Tuken’s Orchard and Farm Market..such a fun place! They have an animal petting area. You can purchase a large cup of food for $1 and feed the animals. They had Goats, pigs, sheep and a Llama. Boys loved it.

They had tons of pumpkins! Some pre-picked and also ones in the patch were you could go and pick them yourselves. You don’t see to many like that, where you can pick them on your own! The boys thought this was the coolest thing!

It was a fun day! The pumpkins were priced by the pound. We got 5 pumpkins for around $28, which really isn’t so bad considering that the boys picked out some of the largest ones! ha! They had really small pumpkins and gourds for just a few bucks. So this could make out to be a really cheap family day!

They had a cute shop with homemade goodies, decor and candy. Definitely a place we will revisit next year!

Check out Tuken’s for yourself!

– A pumpkin picking Mommy B



Home Sweet Home!

We made it home! (Well sorta, but that’s another story!)

We decided to split the trip home in half, which is what we SHOULD have done going to NYC, but we know now for future trips!

We stopped by a park on the way back, which was fun. The boys were to tired and antsy so I told them after each couple of hours, IF they were good they would get some surprises along the way.

….Needless to say, they only got one, ha!


These Cutie Fruities are super cute! They entertained them for at least 20 mins!


We even found some fun ice creams along the way! Sponge Bob was a hit!


We had about 30 mins until we got back to Eaton, Ohio, so we decided to stop by Dorthy Lane Market for a pick me up! We LOVE this place! My sister, (who is Paleo), was able to find some food here too, which was great, it’s hard to find Paleo foods while traveling and she was famished!


Baby A was sooo happy to see us and his super soaker was a hit! He looked like a little ghost buster!

So ya.. I’m so ready for life to get back to the “Norm”. I loved being able to take a break from normal life, but I SOO missed home, family, my hubby and my baby!

I have a ton of emails to send for follow ups from the fair, my work for the resume company to get caught up on and TONS of laundry to do.

If only I could get a laundry fairy.. HA!

Til next time!

– A coffee needing Mommy B


🎃Pumpkin Farm | Sizemores Farm Miamisburg, Ohio 2016 | Fun Fall Family Time!

Hello Dreamers!

Well this is a late post!

Pumpkin Farm | Sizemores Farm Miamisburg, Ohio 2016. We have been to this farm before, I must say, I LOVE it! Not just a farm, but a small store, rides and a place for the kids to play!

Check out this fun video here!

More about them: Sizemore Farm is all about family fun! Come and pick your pumpkin in our pumpkin patch…pack your own bag of fresh apples with several varieties to choose from…. let the kiddos take a Dragon Wagon Ride around the yard…sample our freshly made Kettle Corn…take a ride on the best Hay-Ride in the State of Ohio… warm or cold we sell award winning Apple Cider… take a few minutes and look around our antique barn… you never know what you will find! We are located at 7603 Upper Miamisburg Road, Miamisburg, OH 45342. We are open from September 17th to Halloween this year.

Check them out here!


Have you all been to a pumpkin patch this year? Let us know! I want to hear all about it!

Good Night Dreamers!

Mommy B