Foam Alive by Play Visions

It Flows! It Goes! It magically comes to life! Foam Alive is squishy, fluffy foam that mysteriously moves in “Flow Motion”. Place Foam Alive in your hands and let it flow through your fingers! It looks like it is actually melting! Foam Alive is “Mess Free” and easy to clean up. Once you start playing with Foam Alive, you won’t be able to put it down!

Make your kiddos happy with this awesome sensory toy in their stockings this year! There are also other sets as well! Check it out on Amazon!
Age: 5+ MSRP: $4.99 Availability: Specialty Stores and Amazon.

Splashings Princesses by Play Vision

Splashlings is a Splashlastic world of collectible characters filled with tiny mermaids and ocean friends who love to discover new underwater realms! The newest Princesses Collection offers all-new realms and royal Princesses along with new sea creatures and friends to collect.

Age: 5+ Approximate Retail Price: $13.99 Availability: Specialty Stores and Amazon.

Another fun stocking stuffer! So many to collect and you can even play with these in the water! How fun!

This is a 6 pack, there are also larger packs and sets.