Poopise Glitter Unicorn

These are amazing! I have all four of the first ones and now there are glitter ones! There are two to collect with 20 surprises! Feed your unicorn to make them poop out slime! Don’t forget to give her a good clean so you can make more!

  • Unbox Poopsie glitter unicorn with over 20 glitter surprises, stunning sparkly details and beautiful, brushable hair.
  • Includes one Poopsie glitter unicorn (Stardust sparkle or bling beauty)
  • Feed her unicorn food, and she poops magical unicorn slime!
  • Add unicorn magic and unicorn sparkle to transform your slime again and again!
  • Includes bottle, spoon, collectible glitter Keychain, t-shirt, diaper, potty, 4 slime packets, 4 Unicorn magic, 4 Unicorn shimmer, 1 Unicorn sparkle, 1 hair brush, and 1 measuring cup.

You can purchase this awesome glitter unicorn on Amazon for right around $50!