Poopise Glitter Unicorn

These are amazing! I have all four of the first ones and now there are glitter ones! There are two to collect with 20 surprises! Feed your unicorn to make them poop out slime! Don’t forget to give her a good clean so you can make more!

  • Unbox Poopsie glitter unicorn with over 20 glitter surprises, stunning sparkly details and beautiful, brushable hair.
  • Includes one Poopsie glitter unicorn (Stardust sparkle or bling beauty)
  • Feed her unicorn food, and she poops magical unicorn slime!
  • Add unicorn magic and unicorn sparkle to transform your slime again and again!
  • Includes bottle, spoon, collectible glitter Keychain, t-shirt, diaper, potty, 4 slime packets, 4 Unicorn magic, 4 Unicorn shimmer, 1 Unicorn sparkle, 1 hair brush, and 1 measuring cup.

You can purchase this awesome glitter unicorn on Amazon for right around $50!

Poopsie Pooey Puitton, Poopsie Unicorn & Poopsie Slime Surprise

Oh my goodness… these are probably one of the hottest toys this year!


What is it with poop though?? I still don’t get it lol.. buy hey they are HOT and going FAST! I preordered the Pooey Puitton on Amazon a while ago and was lucky enough to run across the unicorn at Walmart. These both are super hard to find anywhere now!

The unicorn retails for around $50 (normally!!.. now they are closer to $100), the Puitton retails for around $70, you can order these on Amazon here: Poopsie Pooey Puitton Collectable, Multicolor.

The Puitton has over 35 surprises! Foam beads, containers for the slime, Scents, a 2019 Poopsie slime character to hold the slime and sooo much more. It really is a super fun kit for any slime lover 🙂

Now the Unicorn, OH EM GEE! She is ADROBS! I want them all.. but my husband probably wouldn’t be to happy about that..plus ya know.. need to have food for ourselves ha! She comes with food, so you feed her and she poops out magical unicorn poop! I have heard that they don’t work well.. I got her JUST because she is so darn cute..LOL. You can check her out on Amazon: Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn-Rainbow Bright Star or Oopsie Starlight.

I haven’t tried them out yet, but the smaller kits we have and are super fun, a but messy, but fun!

Check out our video review to see just how cool these are!

I can just imagine kids waking up on Christmas morning to find.. a BIG poop under the tree.. bahaha.. I crack myself up!

– A pooped out Mommy B ( bahaha see.. I cracked myself up again!)

LOL Bigger Surprise with 60+ Surprises! Eye Spy Series!

So the long wait has finally come to an end! For just a mere $90 your little LOL Surprise fanatic can have one too! Ha! .. or a mom who is also a fanatic! HA!

There are 4 levels of surprises in this huge set. You get 2 of the LOL dolls, a pet and a little sister, accessories, hair wigs & glittery jelly wigs.

The First layer has the accessories, second layer has the hair wigs, third the dolls and lastly the glittery jelly like wigs.. OH and little face stickers! This set is SUPER cute, but for $90 the price seems a little steep.. BUT LOL Surprises are HOT right now, so this will definitely be a hit for Christmas.


So this was the after math! Ton’s of surprises! Took me literally 30 mins to open it all and that was in fast mode because I was filming with a toddler!

I DO love how HUGE the case is, you can store everything in it. I even kept the liner levels and sorted everything back, which is super great, since I have 3 crazy boys! Ha!


Everything in the above picture is from the LOL Bigger Surprise .. well except, Brooklyn, Rayne and the Unicorn! lol

Check out our video review here:

These are selling out fast! So if you want to order for Christmas do so now on amazon!


– A very LOL Mommy B 😉