Toy Fair 2020 – Just Play

What a fun booth this was! Hairdorables, Ryan’s World, Totally Tiny and more!

NEW Ryan’s World Mega Mystery Treasure Chest!

This is definitely MEGA!

Oh my goodness.. at first I thought $80 was soo much for this, but really.. with everything you get, it’s a steal!


Look at everything! It was SOO much fun to unbox! What an experience!



  • The biggest Ryan’s World unboxing experience to date!
  • Filled with tons of pirate surprises and reveals
  • Chest serves as a sturdy storage case
  • Exclusively available at Target starting June 23
Kids will have the biggest Ryan’s World unboxing experience to date when they dive into Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest. The pirate themed chest itself doubles as a sturdy storage case which is always a bonus for moms. Upon opening the chest, kids will find 8 secret compartments, each containing mystery figures, Build-a-Ryan figures, gold coins, gem putty and of course, skeleton keys to unlock the surprises. Find the right key to unlock the top of the chest and reveal fun pirate gear. Underneath the first batch of surprises, kids will find even more fun with a dig and discover toy with an ultra-rare surprise, and the hero item, the ultimate mystery vehicle that even includes its own micro surprise. 3 different versions including an ultra-rare chase version!
Dimensions (Overall): 13 inches (H) x 18 inches (W) x 9 inches (D)
Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up
You can purchase this awesome set at Target for $80.00.

Ryan’s World Green Sleepover Mystery Egg!

What a fun egg! There are still surprises, but these are for your room! Kids can use the surprises inside to redecorate their rooms!



  • Packed with goodies!
  • Element of surprise
  • 6 item pack
This Ryan’s World Mystery Sleepover egg is filled with many fun items including: Super Blanky & mask, pillowcase, decals, figurine and hanger plush. The mystery is inside!
We LOVED the super blanket! It fits through your arms so you can wear the blanket around. It’s so cozy and soft.
I think it’s a great price for $40! You can find this online at

Ryan’s World Target Exclusive Giant Egg Surprise!

Ryan is EVERYWHERE and we just LOVE it! My youngest is in love with his toys, so of course, we had to get this all new white one exclusively at Target!


So many surprises! They put a small pull back toy in this one.


  • Based on Ryan Toys Review, the most popular kids YouTube channel on the planet
  • Giant egg is filled with surprises including an exclusive lights and sounds vehicle, ultra-rare figures, special slime and putty, a limited edition squishy, plush and more.
  • No two eggs are the same

Available only at Target. Now kids can be just like Ryan when they unbox their Target Exclusive Giant Mystery Egg. No two are the same! Featuring an exclusive lights and sounds vehicle, ultra-rare figures, special slime and putty, a limited edition squishy, plush and more. What will kids find inside their epic egg? 

Ryan Toys Review is the most popular kids and family YouTube channel on the planet with 20+ Billion video views and 15+ million subscribers and counting.

My son’s favorite was probably the “goo” (slime). He just loves this stuff! Such fun surprises! We can’t wait to open up the new green slumber party edition egg!
You can purchase these for around $40 at Target.
Watch our full review here:
– An Egg Surprise loving, Mommy B

NYTF New York Toy Fair 2019! Part 3, Ryan’s World, FGTeev, Spin Master, Mattel Just Play, Moose Toys, Wicked Cool Toys & More!

Day 3! Packed full with so much fun! We seen some of the coolest booths. New Ryan’s World Toys, FGTeeV’s new line of toys! We were even invited to a special Mattel event! So much fun!


We started the day off at Mattel! Food and toys! What more could you want??


BB-8 Hotwheels! These were HUGE!


This one looks like an Iron Man one!!


I got to see My Froggy Stuff!


Boo Peep! OMG these toys are going to be HOT this year!


Pika Pika!


These Breakout Beasts look so fun! We have never opened up one before but was lucky enough to get a sample to take home! Aaron will be in love with these, I am sure!


These little critters looks so so cute!


Now.. THIS is a toy! Haha Batman is 80 years young!


Frozen! Frozen 2 will be out soon and I am sure this will be a hit! It’s such a cute set, lights and sounds, it has it all!


We loved Barbies as little girls.. I would be so overwhelmed if we had all of this when I was young!


Eek! The mermaid and merman!


Haha I laughed so hard when I seen this! LOVE it! Barbies doing Yoga.. if they can do it.. i should.. but won’t lol!


Bahahha.. Ken doing laundry! Love it!



Thomas! My first son’s first toy love!


This set is so so cool! It works with all the Thomas trains, even the wooden ones.


Polly Pocket! We had these when I was younger too! Love seeing all of these toys making a come back.


DC Super Hero Girls! I so want these! Girl Power!


Ran into our friends! 5 Kidz Toys Review! It was SO fun seeing other YouTuber!


Nick Jr. Butterbean’s Cafe! These look so cute. They are fairies that like to bake! Toys are coming out later this year!


More Barbies!


OMG this hair style! I LOVE IT!!


Mikey Likes It!!


Marshall and Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Hatchimals Pixies from Spin Master!


You can download an app and build you world! You can add each new pixie you get into your game!


All new Hatchtopia Life! Collectible plush!


Juno! She is sooo cute! So is so interactive! She will retail for about $100 later this year.


Candylocks! Their hair smells and feels like cotton candy!


I have over 10 Twisty Petz and I CAN NOT wait for the plush versions to come out!


There is going to be this awesome tree stand available soon so you can display and store all of your Twisty Petz!


Accessories! Soon you can accessorize your Twisty Petz!! SOO CUTE!


Off The Hook! These dolls look so cute! You can mix and match them. The have these hanger like hooks so you can hook different pieces together.


Paw Patrol!!!! We LOVE Paw Patrol, Especially since we have our very own Skye in real life.. at home!


Kinetic Sand!! Can’t go wrong with this stuff! All new sets coming out!




Dragamonz!! Like Hatchimals.. but geared towards boys! They gave us a few to sample, we will have to post that review soon!


Monster Jam!


Awww!! DRAGONS! All new toys for the all new How To Train Your Dragon movie!


New Fuggler figs!


And little clip on pouches!


Owleez!! So cute, you love her and teach her how to fly!



Moose Toys!.. They make Fortnite toys now!


Foam Alive.. their new compound! This stuff is so much fun! We love all of this sensory play!


Eek!! A Shoppie BOY!


OMG this Llama!!


Love all the new “boyish” stuff these companies are releasing! Of course girls will like this stuff too! These are just like Wrapples, but they are reptiles!


All new Wrapple designs!


THIS UNICORN! You help take care of her and make her well again!


These are what we are MOST excited for from Moose! These all new Treasure X guys! They come in this sticky rock compound.




They are launching BIG ones too!


Aliens!! Another new series for Treasure X!!


These new Alien ones will be coming in SLIME!


Playfoam Pals from Educational Insights! My boys love this stuff!


They have glow in the dark Playfoam too!


Lady Bug garden! Lj’s Birthday is coming up soon.. he would love this!


Some super fun games!


This ant farm! The Ants live for about 2-4 weeks. They eat and tunnel through this gel like substance.


These Coding Critters! So super cute and soo cool that kids can start to learn how to code at such a young age.. WHILE they are playing!


Beaker Creatures! Science at it’s finest! These are so fun. They learn with science while playing!


They now have these sets so you can make your own! Never ending fun and Science!


These guys performed an awesome demo!


Wicked Cool Toys!! When I hear them.. I automatically think of Pokemon!


This is going to be so cute! My Partner Pikachu! My boys love Pikachu, even my 3 year old knows who he is! Haha




Swarm Squad! All new toy bugs you can play with and prank with! 12 to collect!




The Blinger!! OMG.. watch the video down towards the very bottom of this post to see it in action. The gems have surgical tape on them so they can safely stick to your hair, clothes and anything else you want to bling! It so simple to use!


Hank! This is his fun game invention! Twisted challenge! Such a fun and wacky game! Twist every which way you can to get the bead off!


Lunch Pets! Makes me want one to take to work.. even though I work from home.. Haha!


OMG! Cabbage Patch!! #1 Best Selling Nurturing Doll 2 years in a row! The craze was sooo insane when I was younger! My Mom said she wouldn’t dare try to fight for one in the store.. so she ordered from a catalog.


Gender reveal!!!


Hape! They have some super awesome wooden products! This marble racer was so mesmerizing!


I’m surprised at how much my boys LOVE puzzles.. this solar system one .. they would be in awe!


This Kitchen Set!!


These dolls look so cute and magical!


I couldn’t stop looking at this set! I had so many video ideas running through my head! Haha!




I am totally getting these this summer! My boys would freak!


These TMNT’s have spinning action!


With these TMNT’s you can store their weapons right inside their shells!


You can earn pizza points and “cash” them in for these fun toys!


Nano Clixs! Small TMNT figs that click together. There will be small packs and a huge set that turns into a large TMNT!


I just want to dive in!!


VTECH! They make some of the BEST learning toys for youngsters.


I should have filmed this dino! It’s so cute.. I just cant deal! lol




These sets are so cute and so interactive for little ones.


So many Leap Builder Blocks!! How amazing is this!



Skyrocket! This little Blume dolls are so cute! They come in these little pots and you add some water on top and they “bloom” out!





These NEW Series 3 giant mystery eggs!!


Series 2 mini mystery eggs!!


OMG.. I NEED these for Easter!! lol Build-a-Ryan! One pack will make 2 figs!


I spy ..with my little eye.. some new stuff!! That puzzle!! Eek!


FGTeeV’s new toy line! My Oldest is soo excited about this!


There will be small blind boxes and larger ones. As well as individual bling bags!


Alpha Group Toys! They carry the ever so popular Super Wing line!



Haha These WWE Air Normous Sets! So much fun!


Bahah Sponge Bob!


Sponge Bob Meme Figs!


These just looks like pure happiness!


Actual Nickelodeon SLIME! It’s about time!


This Grrrumball!! RC awesomeness!



Last.. but not least.. JUST PLAY!


These look so fun!


My Husband is a Driver and he delivers propane.. so Propane Dwayne.. may just have a special place in my heart! lol!


Hairdorables!!! I LOVE these dolls! The new series will have color, crimp and curl features!


The new pets series will also have some new stuff!


Hairdorable Shorcuts! Sisters! Aren’t they so cute? You can change their pingtails! 24 to collect and 8 surprises in each!


AHHH!! WHAT WE ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! The BOYS!!! 3 Different dudes, with 2 styles each!


Some fun all new PJ Masks toys!


The dudes up close!!


RYAN”S WORLD FROM JUST PLAY! OMG I can’t wait to get some of these toys! Just look at it all!


That pizza pinata is calling my name!


We seen so many different kinds of toys! Day 3 was amazing!

  • A STILL toy loving, Mommy B

Ryan’s World: Combo Panda Airlines Set by Jada!

Ryan’s World toys are EVERY WHERE! So many companies are carrying a line of his toys.

We happened to stubble upon this set at Walmart. It’s so super cute! It comes with 6 characters as well as small accessories. Each character fits into the seats and 4 of the chairs have little tables that fold down, JUST like a real plane. So adorbs. You can open and close the plane as well.



  • Get ready to take flight with the Ryan’s World Combo Panda Airlines from Jada Toys.
  • Inspired by the hit YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview, join Ryan and his cast of characters with this Airlines playset.
  • Combo Panda’s Airplane opens up to reveal Ryan and all of his friends with all of the accessories needed for a fun flight – including friends, food and more!
  • When playtime is over, simply pack up and close the plane that doubles as a storage case.
  • The set includes six figures and 17 accessories.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $29.99
  • Available: Spring 2019


My youngest is 3 and he loved it, my other boys are 4 & 6 and enjoyed it just the same! We found ours instore at Walmart, but I can’t seem to locate them online as of yet.

– A flight loving, Mommy B


Ryan’s World Series 2 Giant Mystery Egg & New Ryan’s World Toys from the New York Toy Fair!

We found one! OMG! This time you can possible get a build-a-Ryan figurine and you get a SKY DIVING RYAN! Oh my, the skydiving Ryan was our favorite!


Aaron was super excited as you can tell!


Look at all of the fun toys! You still get putty, and a vehicle.. but now you get a different squishy, a sky diving Ryan and a Red Titan mask! How fun is this!!?


This is his thumbnail face Ha!

We JUST got back from the New York Toy Fair and seen ALL OF THE NEW RYAN TOYS coming out this year from Bonkers Toys!

Take a gander:



This set looks too cute! Looks like an egg playset! haha


A mystery figurine pack!


Mini mystery eggs series 2!! I SO CAN”T WAIT FOR THESE! I LOVE the small ones. Great price point for $10.  These all should be releasing this spring.






These eggs!! This are packs of build a ryan eggs! A piece in each egg, so you will get to build a total of 2 figures!


… and last BUT no least.. series 3 Giant Mystery Eggs! I so can’t wait to see what will be in these! I LOVE that they are all different colors.

You can now purchase the series 2 Ryan’s World Giant Blue Mystery Eggs at Walmart and Amazon for $40! I just love this line of Ryan’s World toys from Bonkers Toys.

– A toy loving, Mommy B

Giveaway Time! Huge Top Toys 2019 Giveaway! *CLOSED*

So my YouTube bestie, Tubey Toys, thought we should do a HUGE top toy giveaway! So we got together some of the top toys of this year!

unnamed (2)

JUST LOOK! Oh my goodness! This prize pack is valued at over $150!

This is what is included:

Tubey Toys Review prize pack

1️⃣ LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS Series 5

1️⃣ Lollipets Zoomer Pet by Spin Master

1️⃣ Jigglydoos Series 1 Squishy 2-pack by JAKKS Pacific

1️⃣ Smashers Series 2 8-pack by ZURU

1️⃣ Aspen #SNAPSTAR Poseable Doll by YULU Toys

1️⃣ Smooshy Mushy Series 5 Sugar Fix Gumball Surprise by Redwood Ventures

1️⃣ Hatchimals Series 5 Mermal 2-pack by Spin Master

1️⃣ Pikmi Pops Bubble Drops Surprise Plush Squishy by Moose Toys

1️⃣ Party Pop-teenies Heart by Spin Master

1️⃣ Fortnite Mighty Beanz def by Moose Toys

1️⃣ Shopkins Happy Places Mermaid Tales Surprise by Moose Toys

1️⃣ Ryan’s World Surprise Slime by Bonkers Toys

1️⃣ LEGO Movie 2 Mini Master Building Metal Bear by LEGO

2️⃣ Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 2 by Breyer

Toy Crazy Show Prize Pack

1️⃣ Sparkly Critter Surprise by MGA Entertainment

1️⃣ Treasure X Dragon Single Pack by Moose Toys

1️⃣ Ryan’s World Blue Mini Egg by Bonkers Toys

1️⃣ Smooshy Mushy Baby Bestie by Redwood Ventures

1️⃣ Boxy Girls and Pet by Jay at Play

1️⃣ Cutie Mark Crew Wedding Confetti by Hasbro

Let’s kick off 2019 with an epic give away by Tubey Toys Review and The Toy Crazy Show! One winner will win one prize pack with all of the toys below—at a $150+ value!! To enter click on the link below. The more times you enter, the more it will increase your chances of winning! Enter every day! Bonus entries include sharing our post on social media, tagging friends, commenting on our videos, and more! Always use #ToyCrazyMamas Entering via gleam will automate all of your entries! 

We are both super excited about hosting this! Ends Feb 28th! Watch this space as we will be also reviewing some of the prizes listed in this giveaway!

Follow The Toy Crazy Show on Instagram & YouTube! Follow Tubey Toys on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube!

Toys 2019 Kickoff Give Away by Toy Crazy Show & Tubey Toys Review

Ryan’s World Mini Mystery Eggs! Layers of surprises!

Yes! I am so stoked for these!

I love the large ones, but these are just as fun and cost a lot less! Bonkers Toys just keeps on creating more and more fun Ryan’s World toys!


As you can tell, Aaron was stoked too! Our Walmart literally gets new stuff WAY after everyone else does! So I was surprised to see them so soon!


Look at everything inside! So genius with the layers too! I think this set for $10 is an awesome price! The figures alone are $6.

This egg is so fun! There are layers of surprises! You get either a mystery Ryan figurine, a build it Ryan figurine or a squishy Ryan! You also get tattoos, stickers, a bouncy ball and putty! Such a fun mini surprise egg from Ryan ToysReview!

These are available on Amazon and at Walmart.

We are definitely going to have to go get some more!

– A surprised, Mommy B

Tag With Ryan! Ryan ToysReview iPad game! Dream Team Gamers!

Ryan has launched a game for Apple devices.. and we had to try it out.. oh and it’s free!!

My boys love to play games on hand held devices. This is similar to other games out there, like the Tom Run and Minion Run games.

Ryan, is of course, in the game and so is Combo Panda and Gus the Gummy Gator! It’s so colorful and animated so cute! You can purchase things for the game if you really want to. Ha!

Super simple to play, my 4 and 6 year old had no trouble playing.. me on the other hand.. haha.. well..

Swipe left, right, up and down! That’s pretty much the gist of it.

I couldn’t find this game available for download on the Google Play store, so I think right now it’s only available for Apple devices.

Check out our video review:

I’m sure every kid that watches Ryan’s channel is playing this game!

– A Tagging, Mommy B