Dire Wolf And Sabre Tooth Fingerlings by Wowwee! A whole new friendly ferocious experience! Sneak Peak!

Well…Fingerslings did it again!!



We received a “frosty” fun box! They really do put so much work into these! So I can just imagine how much work goes into the actual products!


They sent “snow”.. candy, candy, more candy, shiny snow flakes, and even some ice-cycle ornaments! It was so much fun!


… and even some cool ice berg looking slime! Ekk! Baby A LOVED this slime!

Ok, so more about these awesome Untamed Fingerslings by Wowwee!

I seen the Direwolf at the TTPM Holiday Showcase and FEEL IN LOVE! Oh my! He is way to cool! I love the Sabretooth too! I didn’t even know they had these until we opened this box.




I was taming him! lol

There are two Sabre Tooths: Silvertooth & Bonesaw and two Dire Wolves: Midnight and Blizzard. They make over 40 sounds, they move, open their eyes and chomp their mouths! There is a tamed mode and an untamed mode!

For untamed mode, shake them or tap their noses. For tamed mode, pet them on the top of their heads and give them some love! There are so many interactive things to do with these, they are so much fun!

The Sabre Tooths can be found at Target for about $15, the Dire Wolf line won’t be released until the first of next year, so watch out for those!

– Having a roaring good time, Mommy B