Totally Tiny! Mini Foods With Surprise Slime Toppings From Just Play

We found these at Walmart a few weeks ago and had to get one!

This is a small pack, they have larger packs too. Look at the mini foods! These are just to adorable! You can use these for Barbies, OMG LOL dolls and other dolls. Love the surprise slime topping, a super fun element.

These would make a great stocking stuffer this year! Prices range from $5-$10 depending on the pack.


Unicorn Slime Kit!

Unicorn + Slime = MAGIC!

Well, it wasn’t quite all that as I started making this slime.. BUT after discarding the instructions and just winging it, it actually turned out great! Haha!

This kit comes with so much stuff! You just need to add more than a few drops of activator (just keep adding a little at a time until it forms) and about half the bottle of coloring.. and then add in some of the marshmallow slime mix in that it comes with.. THEN it will all turn out! haha

This slime kit retails for around $20 on Amazon.

Watch our full review here:

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What a fun kit! We had trouble with making the slime at first, but worked with it and had to mix in some of the marshmallow slime mix in to make it work! Definitely ignore the instructions! Haha just add some glue and add in the activator a little at a time a time until it forms and isn’t sticky. Add some marshmallow slime mix in and you’re good! Love how many mix ins it comes with! Use more than a few drops of color, almost half of the bottle to get a brighter color. You can make so many! Once we got the hang of it, it was really cool! . . #slime #slimemixing #slimes #asmr #slimeasmr #tween #teen #amazon #unicorn #unicornslime #brightslime #crunchy #crunchyslime #californiabasics #christmas #slimekit #mixingslime #igtv #igtvtoys #igtvaslime #igtvchannel #influencer #toptoys #topslimes #newslimes #slimeofinstagram #toysofinstagram

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Neon Slime by Compound Kings

Now these would be perfect as stocking stuffers!

I found these at Walmart for $1, looks like these are only available in store.

Love the bright colors!

Mix & Mash Slime by Compound Kings!

I have been wanting this for some time now and finally decided to get it, and I’m so glad I did! This was so satisfying! Mix Fluffy Ocean 🌊 and Magic Sand for an unbelievable slime experience! Beach Mash!

It really was a lot of fun, Compound King’s sure has some seriously awesome compounds!

This retails for around $5. You can purchase it at Walmart or on Amazon!

Goo Goo Galaxy By Moose Toys

We have been wanting to review one for some now! These are so super cute, I love how they come in a “space pod”!

HUGE Thank you to Moose Toys for sending her to us for free to review!


Squeeze Luna Laguna’s Squishy Belly and see her shimmery ocean of stars move about inside her! She’s filled with swirling starry speckles from Splashus, her home star. Make your very own, out of this world ‘Goo-to-Go’!

The Goo Drops have brought a Surprise Intergalactic Slime Activity with them from outer space – all you need to do is mix, make and display! Enjoy an out-of-this world unboxing experience! Open the Space Pod and discover what Luna Laguna has crash landed with!

There are 4 to collect and they are available on Amazon, Walmart and other retailers. They retail for around $15.




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From far away Goo Goo Galaxy come the Goo Drops. They have crash landed on Earth and are looking for a new home. The Goo Drops' squishy, jiggly bellies are filled with some of the galaxy that they have traveled from – just give them a squeeze to see their sparkling, glittery galaxy move about inside them! There are 4 super cute Goo Drops to discover, all with different glittery, squishy bellies and personalities – and a DIY galactic slime activity! Huge thank you to @moose_toys for sending us her for free to review! #googoogalaxy #moosetoys #slime #slimetoys #squishy #diyslime #asmr #igtv #igtvtoys #igtv #igtvchannel #igtvslime #cute #jiggly #googoobabies #kidschannel #toychannel #toysofinstagram #newtoys #toptoys #christmas #toptoysforchristmas #slimetoy #makingslime #slimetoys @googoogalaxy . . Video made with Splice

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Rainbow Surprise Dolls by Poopsie! Slime Fashion Dolls! MGA Entertainment!

As soon as I seen these, I KNEW I had to at least get one!

MGA was so super awesome and sent us one to review. They are super cute dolls, 14″ tall, there are 4 to collect.

I LOVE the fact that you make the slime to put into their clothes. Such a fun and creative product.


They are such pretty dolls! They come with over 20 surprises.


All fashioned with Slime! You can make about 4 things of slime. They all seem to be different colors.


Isn’t she beautiful!?


You can put the slime in her skirt, jacket..


..and shoes!

I just love everything about these dolls! They are avail now at larger retailers and on You can expect to pay around $50.

I can’t wait to collect the rest!

Pop Pop Pets & Pop Pop Snotz! The newest slime toy craze!

This new product has the most AWESOME combo.. Slime and popping! It’s kinda like slime filled bubble wrap! Not only with slime inside, but some also have either Pets or Snotz figs you can collect!


The packaging it came in is so so fun!

You can get the Pop Pops in different packs: 3, 6 and 12. I love how they have the Pets and Snotz. Something for everyone!


Pop Pops Pets offers a combination of several of the best things in the world: fluffy slime, bubble popping, and the hunt for cute collectables. Pop the slime filled bubbles and see if you can find one of the 60 collectable ‘Pet’ characters!

  • 3, 6, or 12 Pop Pops bubbles full of fluffy slime
  • 1 surprise pet inside for every 3 bubbles – look out for super rare glitter pets!
  • 60 pets to collect


Just Pop, Can’t Stop! Pop Pops Snotz combines the bubble wrap, slime, and collectible craze in one! Pop the satisfying, gooey slime filled bubbles and see which of the 60 Snotz characters you will collect!

  1. 3,6, or 12 pack of poppable slime bubbles
  2. 1 collectable per every 3 bubbles- look out for the super rare sticky dark green Snotz!
  3. 60 total collectables


They are SUPER addicting! So much fun! I love the popping sound it makes when you pop them opening.. something so satisfying about it.


The boys enjoyed opening them.. as you can see haha..


We ended up mixing all of the slime together at the end. The boys love all this sensory type play.

These will be available for purchase soon! To find out more about these awesome Pop Pops, you can visit Yulu’s website.

Slime Popping, Mommy B



Thames & Kosmos, Banana Toys, Wild Republic Easter basket ideas!

Need some more Easter basket ideas?? Here are some great ones!

Thames and Kosmos have some great STEM products, they now have these small surprise blind boxes that are shaped like magic hats with magic tricks inside. So so cute. Never seen anything like this before.


Rabbits Hat Magic Tricks

A magician is nothing without her hat, and with these hats you too can become a master magician. Aspiring magicians ages six and up can take their show on the road with these portable mini magic kits. Each small top hat contains the props and instructions to perform two or three simple, unique magic tricks with different themes — from shape-shifting to mind-reading to x-ray vision, and more! The Rabbit’s Hat Magic Tricks display holds 18 assorted hats. In each of these simple, affordable, collectible mini magic hat kits you get props and instructions for two or three tricks. AGES 6+. MSRP: $4.95 EACH. By Thames and Kosmos. These will be available for purchase soon!

Banana Toys! Such a cute toy! They are Banana Toys that have surprises inside. This is “Bunch 2”!

Smell-able, Peel-able Bananas™ from Cepia, LLC are an exciting new collectible line of six brightly colored and scented Bananas that look, smell and peel like a real banana! Peel the Bananas™ to reveal tons of mini surprises inside, including: a cute Crushie character, two mini squeezable friends, gemstone stickers to decorate the Crushie or Banana, a collector sheet with character stickers, and a hanging vine to display your Crushie friends. Keep on the look-out for the Rare and Ultra Rare Crushies to add to your collection! Display Bananas by hanging them on your backpack, or re-seal them to take on the go and trade with friends. MSRP $9.99 for bunch of 3, or $3.99 for single Banana; ages 4+

Slime! These awesome little kits are just the right size for baskets!

Each Ooze Lab tube contains a fun and simple science experiment in a big plastic test tube that allows kids to create a safe material for fun play and chemistry learning. Ooze Labs 1: Magnetic Slime, Oozes Lab 2: Hot Ice Crystals, Ooze Labs 3: Magic Sand, Ooze Labs 4: Hypercolor Slime, Ooze Labs 5: Glow-in-the-Dark Slime, Ooze Labs 6 – Sunshine Slime, Ooze Labs 7 – Glitter Slime. Available now on Amazon, at Nordstrom and at your local toy store. MSRP $4.95 each Ages 7 and up. These are also by By Thames and Kosmos.

Wild Republic makes some super fun plushies! Check out the Plush slap bracelet animals, knows as Huggers! The Lamb and Bunny make it perfect for Easter!


Check out our full video review here:

A non-candy Easter, Mommy B

New York Toy Fair 2019! Part 4! Orb, Imperial Toys, Savvi, Jakks, American Plastics and more!

Last and final day of Toy Fair 2019 was so much fun .. and sad at the same time! I was torn a bit.. didn’t want it to end, but was so ready to get back home to my Hubby and Boys!

The last day was definitely more laid back and we were able to drop by a few booths.


American Plastics!


This cart looks soo cute!


Far Out Toys!


This racing track is like no other! These cars can go around 50 times on this track on just a 10 second charge! GAME CHANGER! haha!


I have never seen anything like this!


Drone Slayer!


This game is super simple but looks so fun! Try to keep the square floating!


Ryan is everywhere! lol


Oh My Gosh.. this game bahaa so funny!


Hog Wild! This line is brand new! Tony Hawk Box Boarders! I SO want this! The set up is amazing! You can place your phone inside this skating park and record skating views, just like real skate boarders! Ha!


Playmobil! My son would freak if he seen these in person! I recently just bought a few of these Ghostbuster sets for his birthday.

They are so detailed! This is the first time they have the packaging were the inside is visible!




How To Train Your Dragon 2 toys!


THE MOVIE! We seen the preview while at the Toy Fair and it looks oh so cute!


This Mar Space Station set looks beyond fun! So many details and so bright and inviting.


Stay Puft!!


Zing!! Stikbots.. and now Klikbots!


Jakks!! This Morfboard looks like a real trip! Bahah


30 Years of The Little Mermaid!!





Make your own pinatas! These look soo fun!


Ok, we have to get this.. I mean.. boys.. poop.. chocolate… MUST! haha


THEY HAVE PLUSH!! Must have them all.. am I right??


And new mini ones!


These are seriously the cutest things ever! We reviewed these a few months ago and I can’t wait to get more!




Orb! This booth was so much fun! Sensory overload for sure! Ha! These Odditeez are so stinky and fun to throw!


Stranger Things Squishes! What could be more.. strange?? haha!


The Orb Slimi Cafe! Make your own creations! Smash them together.. and peel back and play again! They don’t stick! This is truly amazing!!


Ryan toys!! Haha!

Orb has some AMAZING slimes! Like over.. i dunno.. a thousand?? I wanted it all!




This!! OMG!


These fun stickers!! My boys would LOVE the puzzle ones!


Skin decals!


Ok, this right here! I HAVE to get! You can glitterize like everything! With Glitterific you get clear precut stickers and even sheets of these stickers so you can customize just about anything! Once you pour the glitter on, you suck it up! No waste!!


These kits! This whole booth was amazing! We grew up in a very crafty family so seeing all of this was amazing!


These would make great Easter Basket Stuffers!


Super Hero Sticker Playsets!


I did not know they made so many face painting sets!


I know what I am going to be next Halloween!! Ha! UNICORN!


I so want these DIY Sensory Jars!


Ugly Sweater kits! EEK!!!


Imperial Toys! 


BUBBLES!! My boys love bubbles! When I see bubbles I think Summer!


These bubble wands! You should see them in action!


We seen these at Walmart the other day and they are hilarious!


D-Lectables! Disney themed ice cream toys! These look so cute! I really want some!


Haha This prank box! I SOO thought of my boys!


I did not know they made these play balls!


Don’t you just want to dive in??


Our fav!! Lick-A-Bubble! You can add your favorite drink, blow and then.. lick!!


LEGO! I was SOO excited and surprised that we got into this booth! It was such an honor!


The Lego Movie 2! My boys just love Legos! We just made a Lego table because they play with them so much.


This Toy Fair was so amazing and I feel so lucky and blessed to even go! I can’t wait until next year. I will definitely have to take the boys with me!

Mommy B

The Original Super Cool Slime & more by Kangaroo Manufacturing!

Need a super fun stocking stuffer for your kids? Look no further! Check out these slimes by Kangaroo Manufacturing! There is a slime type for everyone! There are glow in the dark slimes, Jurassic World slimes, unicorn poop slimes and more!


These slimes are great, not only are they super colorful, but they are super easy to clean up! Which is VERY important when it comes to slime! I was SUPER happy with this slime, if only all slimes were like these!

I loved the unicorn poop, Aaron really seemed fascinated with the glow in the dark slime!

Now the kit, oh em gee..super easy AND it comes with storage containers for the slime. The boys and I had a great time making it. I loved the simplicity.


Kids and teens go crazy over the tactile goo that’s not quite a solid but definitely not a liquid. Original Super Cool Slime® by parent company Kangaroo Manufacturing has expanded its collection with the hottest trends in the toy world – unicorns, emojis and (ahem) poop.

Emoji Poop Slime and Glow In The Dark Slime, $4.95 each, make terrific stocking stuffers, dreidel game or classroom Secret Santa gifts. Likewise, Unicorn Poop Slime appeals to the daintiest kids on your list. Jurassic World Slime in Indoraptor black or T. Rex Cryptogenic green guarantee a dino-good time of hands-on fun.

Each themed glop comes in an appealing container that resembles a chemistry beaker. Tilt it, pour it and let the squishing begin. Surprise each recipient on your list with a little science lesson. Tell them to enjoy their non-Newtonian fluid! Then watch them “Google” the chemistry lesson. Kids already familiar with the slow drip of ketchup or honey will recognize the same properties in gooey slime. 

If there’s a budding scientist in the house, consider The Original Super Cool Slime Lab. The boxed kit boasts 18 pieces, including measuring cups, mixing sticks and a slime activator that results in a jar of glitter slime, glow in the dark and multi-color slime. Now that’s super cool!

Each slime retails for around $6 and the kit for about $13. They can be found online (like Amazon) and at craft, party and specialty stores like TJ Max, Party City, Hobby Lobby & more.

Check out our video review above to see each slime!

– A slime loving, Mommy B