Uni-verse – Surprise Unicorns with Mystery Toys Inside by Spin Master

Calling all Unicorn lovers!

  • Magic reveal experience: dunk the clouds in warm water and they’ll dissolve, revealing bags filled with your collectible unicorns, matching friends, 4 accessories, 2 Bio cards and 2 collector posters!
  • So many themes and styles: there’s over 40 Uni-verse unicorns to collect! Find unicorns with scents, fun hair and glow in the dark finishes in themes like donuts, makeup, popstars and more!
  • Mix and match accessories: Each figure includes 2 accessories they can wear! Discover lipstick and donuts for horns, purses and a mustache for mouths and more. Mix and match for sillier combinations!
  • Scratch-off bio card: learn about your unicorns on their bio cards! Using their hooves, scratch the spaces on each card to find its likes, dislikes, favorite food and Rarity!
  • Includes: 2 figures, 2 pet friends, 4 accessories, 2 scratch-off unicorn bio cards, 2 collector posters, 1 instruction sheet

You can find these on Amazon and at Walmart for right around $10! They even have 2 packs, which are on sale on Amazon right now for $14! Ruunnnn!!

Dragamonz by Spin Master! Hatching, Collectible Dragons!

My boys LOVE Hatchimals.. and now there is a Dragon line that Spin Master is launching later this year!

There are over 70 to collect. You can hatch them just like Hatchimals.. or you can throw them and smash them.. which ever you like haha!


Now this isn’t the final product. The final product will come with collectible cards. There will also be a game you can download to play!


It really looks like a dragon type egg!


Good size too! Same size as the Hatchimal eggs. This one looks like a skeleton egg.. hmm..


Ah! I see why… There are skeleton dragon’s like this one!

I can’t wait for the launch of these! They will retail for around $4-5 for single packs and will be available at most retailers.

An Dragon egg cracking, Mommy B


NYTF New York Toy Fair 2019! Part 3, Ryan’s World, FGTeev, Spin Master, Mattel Just Play, Moose Toys, Wicked Cool Toys & More!

Day 3! Packed full with so much fun! We seen some of the coolest booths. New Ryan’s World Toys, FGTeeV’s new line of toys! We were even invited to a special Mattel event! So much fun!


We started the day off at Mattel! Food and toys! What more could you want??


BB-8 Hotwheels! These were HUGE!


This one looks like an Iron Man one!!


I got to see My Froggy Stuff!


Boo Peep! OMG these toys are going to be HOT this year!


Pika Pika!


These Breakout Beasts look so fun! We have never opened up one before but was lucky enough to get a sample to take home! Aaron will be in love with these, I am sure!


These little critters looks so so cute!


Now.. THIS is a toy! Haha Batman is 80 years young!


Frozen! Frozen 2 will be out soon and I am sure this will be a hit! It’s such a cute set, lights and sounds, it has it all!


We loved Barbies as little girls.. I would be so overwhelmed if we had all of this when I was young!


Eek! The mermaid and merman!


Haha I laughed so hard when I seen this! LOVE it! Barbies doing Yoga.. if they can do it.. i should.. but won’t lol!


Bahahha.. Ken doing laundry! Love it!



Thomas! My first son’s first toy love!


This set is so so cool! It works with all the Thomas trains, even the wooden ones.


Polly Pocket! We had these when I was younger too! Love seeing all of these toys making a come back.


DC Super Hero Girls! I so want these! Girl Power!


Ran into our friends! 5 Kidz Toys Review! It was SO fun seeing other YouTuber!


Nick Jr. Butterbean’s Cafe! These look so cute. They are fairies that like to bake! Toys are coming out later this year!


More Barbies!


OMG this hair style! I LOVE IT!!


Mikey Likes It!!


Marshall and Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Hatchimals Pixies from Spin Master!


You can download an app and build you world! You can add each new pixie you get into your game!


All new Hatchtopia Life! Collectible plush!


Juno! She is sooo cute! So is so interactive! She will retail for about $100 later this year.


Candylocks! Their hair smells and feels like cotton candy!


I have over 10 Twisty Petz and I CAN NOT wait for the plush versions to come out!


There is going to be this awesome tree stand available soon so you can display and store all of your Twisty Petz!


Accessories! Soon you can accessorize your Twisty Petz!! SOO CUTE!


Off The Hook! These dolls look so cute! You can mix and match them. The have these hanger like hooks so you can hook different pieces together.


Paw Patrol!!!! We LOVE Paw Patrol, Especially since we have our very own Skye in real life.. at home!


Kinetic Sand!! Can’t go wrong with this stuff! All new sets coming out!




Dragamonz!! Like Hatchimals.. but geared towards boys! They gave us a few to sample, we will have to post that review soon!


Monster Jam!


Awww!! DRAGONS! All new toys for the all new How To Train Your Dragon movie!


New Fuggler figs!


And little clip on pouches!


Owleez!! So cute, you love her and teach her how to fly!



Moose Toys!.. They make Fortnite toys now!


Foam Alive.. their new compound! This stuff is so much fun! We love all of this sensory play!


Eek!! A Shoppie BOY!


OMG this Llama!!


Love all the new “boyish” stuff these companies are releasing! Of course girls will like this stuff too! These are just like Wrapples, but they are reptiles!


All new Wrapple designs!


THIS UNICORN! You help take care of her and make her well again!


These are what we are MOST excited for from Moose! These all new Treasure X guys! They come in this sticky rock compound.




They are launching BIG ones too!


Aliens!! Another new series for Treasure X!!


These new Alien ones will be coming in SLIME!


Playfoam Pals from Educational Insights! My boys love this stuff!


They have glow in the dark Playfoam too!


Lady Bug garden! Lj’s Birthday is coming up soon.. he would love this!


Some super fun games!


This ant farm! The Ants live for about 2-4 weeks. They eat and tunnel through this gel like substance.


These Coding Critters! So super cute and soo cool that kids can start to learn how to code at such a young age.. WHILE they are playing!


Beaker Creatures! Science at it’s finest! These are so fun. They learn with science while playing!


They now have these sets so you can make your own! Never ending fun and Science!


These guys performed an awesome demo!


Wicked Cool Toys!! When I hear them.. I automatically think of Pokemon!


This is going to be so cute! My Partner Pikachu! My boys love Pikachu, even my 3 year old knows who he is! Haha




Swarm Squad! All new toy bugs you can play with and prank with! 12 to collect!




The Blinger!! OMG.. watch the video down towards the very bottom of this post to see it in action. The gems have surgical tape on them so they can safely stick to your hair, clothes and anything else you want to bling! It so simple to use!


Hank! This is his fun game invention! Twisted challenge! Such a fun and wacky game! Twist every which way you can to get the bead off!


Lunch Pets! Makes me want one to take to work.. even though I work from home.. Haha!


OMG! Cabbage Patch!! #1 Best Selling Nurturing Doll 2 years in a row! The craze was sooo insane when I was younger! My Mom said she wouldn’t dare try to fight for one in the store.. so she ordered from a catalog.


Gender reveal!!!


Hape! They have some super awesome wooden products! This marble racer was so mesmerizing!


I’m surprised at how much my boys LOVE puzzles.. this solar system one .. they would be in awe!


This Kitchen Set!!


These dolls look so cute and magical!


I couldn’t stop looking at this set! I had so many video ideas running through my head! Haha!




I am totally getting these this summer! My boys would freak!


These TMNT’s have spinning action!


With these TMNT’s you can store their weapons right inside their shells!


You can earn pizza points and “cash” them in for these fun toys!


Nano Clixs! Small TMNT figs that click together. There will be small packs and a huge set that turns into a large TMNT!


I just want to dive in!!


VTECH! They make some of the BEST learning toys for youngsters.


I should have filmed this dino! It’s so cute.. I just cant deal! lol




These sets are so cute and so interactive for little ones.


So many Leap Builder Blocks!! How amazing is this!



Skyrocket! This little Blume dolls are so cute! They come in these little pots and you add some water on top and they “bloom” out!





These NEW Series 3 giant mystery eggs!!


Series 2 mini mystery eggs!!


OMG.. I NEED these for Easter!! lol Build-a-Ryan! One pack will make 2 figs!


I spy ..with my little eye.. some new stuff!! That puzzle!! Eek!


FGTeeV’s new toy line! My Oldest is soo excited about this!


There will be small blind boxes and larger ones. As well as individual bling bags!


Alpha Group Toys! They carry the ever so popular Super Wing line!



Haha These WWE Air Normous Sets! So much fun!


Bahah Sponge Bob!


Sponge Bob Meme Figs!


These just looks like pure happiness!


Actual Nickelodeon SLIME! It’s about time!


This Grrrumball!! RC awesomeness!



Last.. but not least.. JUST PLAY!


These look so fun!


My Husband is a Driver and he delivers propane.. so Propane Dwayne.. may just have a special place in my heart! lol!


Hairdorables!!! I LOVE these dolls! The new series will have color, crimp and curl features!


The new pets series will also have some new stuff!


Hairdorable Shorcuts! Sisters! Aren’t they so cute? You can change their pingtails! 24 to collect and 8 surprises in each!


AHHH!! WHAT WE ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! The BOYS!!! 3 Different dudes, with 2 styles each!


Some fun all new PJ Masks toys!


The dudes up close!!


RYAN”S WORLD FROM JUST PLAY! OMG I can’t wait to get some of these toys! Just look at it all!


That pizza pinata is calling my name!


We seen so many different kinds of toys! Day 3 was amazing!

  • A STILL toy loving, Mommy B

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Promo From Spin Master! New Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Toys & Movie!

Spin Master has been so good to us! I love getting things that you don’t expect. Especially something this special! It’s like a dream come true!

The all new Paw Patrol Mighty Pups movie is out along with a new line of awesome toys! The pups gain new powers to make them mighty!

We received a HUGE box with a screen at the bottom that plays the trailer to the new movie! OH EM GEE! Beyond cool!


There were all kinds of goodies inside! The new movie was inside, there was also Paw Patrol Popcorn, Paw Patrol fruit snacks, cups and capes and even some of the new toys!

We really enjoyed this box! We had a movie night and ate the popcorn and fruit snacks!

Our Skye loved this box too, she even became a mighty pup and wore a cape.. for like two seconds.. ha!


See! It’s jammed with goodies!


He LOVES dogs.. he is definitely getting into Paw Patrol since we have been getting more of it to review. He’s favorite is Rubble!


Aaron was showing our Skye the Paw Patrol Skye on the fruit snack box.. aww..

The new line of toys are really cool. They are super colorful too. We got a Rubble figurine and he glows, just like in the movie. There was also a cute Marshall plush! We also got the new Chase and his flying vehicle. It came with shooting discs and had other lunching features. From land to sky.. these pups are going to fly!!

You can find these new toys at Walmart, along with the new movie as well! Toys vary in price depending on which ones you want, the movie however, is about $15.

The movie kept my boys’ attention the whole time.. which is very rare for my boys! Ha!

– A Mighty Mommy B

Zoomer Playful Pup by Spin Master. A fun interactive robot puppy!

I have seen these Zoomer pets before, but have never got to play with one. These are beyond cool!

Spin Master has spoiled us rotten! Each package we receive from them is more than just the toy alone. It’s usually a whole party in a box!

They sent us not only the pup, but cookies, balloons, decorations, a bowl for the pup and more! These are always soo much fun to open up and film.


Look at those golden balloons that say “Woof”! To cute! Our dog Skye, had no clue what to think! ha!


Aaron was in love.. he loves anything “dog”! Ha!


She how cute he is! They have a pink one too!


I love this this quick start guide! English, French and Spanish? How awesome is that!

Who’s a good dog? Zoomer Playful Pup! Bring home a new best friend that moves and sounds just like a real dog!

Using sophisticated voice recognition technology, Playful Pup responds to sound and touch with cute barks and adorable tricks! Name your new friend and Playful Pup will come when you call! Full of life, this interactive dog walks, bounces, pounces and plays! Teach your puppy to perform over 25 tricks, like: play dead; shake a paw; take a bow; and roll over.

Full of affection, there’s nothing Playful Pup loves more than cuddles and snuggles! Pet your pup and you’ll hear happy doggy sounds. Rub Playful Pup’s belly and you’ll hear “I Ruv Roo!” Stop petting and this lovable pup will whimper – just like a real dog. As you get to know Playful Pup’s big personality, you’ll discover everything your dog can do! With fuzzy ears, a floppy tongue and wiggly tail Playful Pup is full of life and ready to scamper alongside you! Meet your new best friend: Zoomer Playful Pup!

How to play with your Zoomer Playful Pup:

  • Talk to me just like a real dog: I will react and perform tricks!
  • Pick a name for me, and I will respond to it. Make me your very own pup!
  • Love me and cuddle with me!


  • Train your Playful pup to perform over 20 different tricks with Voice Command
  • Name your pup and he will respond – make him your very own!
  • Touch sensors allow you to pet him, snuggle him, and give him belly rubs
  • USB charge included

These were retailing for around $100 which is a whole lot of mulah, but this pup really does alot.. BUT just seen these at Walmart the other day for $77! Really great price for a Zoomer! Just checked and Amazon has it to for the same price! Check it out here!

Check out more information here on the Zoomer website.

You can name your own pup! Isn’t that soo cool! You record his name, then when he is in voice command mode, you say his name and ask him to do a trick! Such a cute toy!

This Zoomer pup is definitely going to be on our Holiday Guide! Watch out for that soon!

– A puppy loving Mommy B

New Hatchimals Hatchibabies! Will you hatch a boy or a girl?

We finally got our hands on one! These things were so hot last year and I bet these new ones will be again this year as well!

These all new ones have 5 surprises and you will either hatch a boy or girl. We have never opened one before, so this was super exciting!

The whole process takes about 30 mins. Kids will have to nurture the egg in order for it to hatch. You have to rock it, tap it, rub it.. etc. and there will be colors you see coming from the egg that will let you know how the hatchibaby is feeling. It comes with a sheet that lists what the colors mean and what to do.. either rocking it, rubbing it, etc.

Once hatched, the hatchibaby has other features and interactions. Like: you can hold its feet and say something and it will repeat! (We had trouble with this feature for some reason)


We hatched a boy! There was a plastic tube at the bottom of the egg that you twist off and a little paper comes out, it said Hatchiboy! Super cute. I love how it hatches out.

All in all this was a super cute toy, but I personally think at $60 it’s a bit over priced. My boys have yet to play with it the day after he hatched out, but all kids are different. There are many ways to interact with the hatchibaby once they hatched, like singing and damcing, I don’t think the previous ones did much interacting. Ours came with a bottle, brush, rattle and a few other accessories.

I’m sure this will be a super hot toy for Christmas!

You can watch our video review here:


You can purchase these at Walmart, Target and other large retailers. Even on Amazon.

– A Hatchimommy 😉

PAWtastic Paw Patrol Pop Up Garage and Ultimate Fire Truck from Spin Master!

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol be there on the double!

This song rings through my head a lot, especially here lately! Spin Master, YES SPIN MASTER, sent us this awesome PAWtastic set up..and AHH.. just look …!


My son was SOO excited about it! LOOK at this firetruck and LOOK at the pop up garage! The garage is soo fun, not sure how long it will last being that it’s cardboard, but so far so good!

The Ultimate Fire Truck is super huge. It comes with Marshall and a smaller vehicle that he can sit in. The fire truck has a pull out grabber, pull out hose and even a small ladder. It also has stabilizers on each side that pull out, just like a real fire truck! Makes sounds and has lights and even shoots out water balls (plastic ones) on two sides and the ladder on the very top extends out pretty far! You can fit 6 pups on this awesome truck.

We found some smaller pups at the dollar tree to use as a game in our video, so keep in mind those do not come with the fire truck.

The ultimate garage is cool, not only can Baby A fit under and in it, but the huge fire truck can be stored in there as well.


Aww.. and our Skye! ( Yes, her real name is Skye!) She was part of this video as well. She did soo good! She saved the day in our video 😉


Just the scale of this truck is amazing.


My son really does love this truck. So does my 4 and 5 year old!


The Ultimate Fire Truck retails for about $60 at Amazon and other stores. As for the pop up garage, I am not sure if this is something that’s going to be available for purchase. I sure hope so! If you are interested in knowing, comment below and I will get in touch with Spin Master to find out.

Check out more about the Ultimate Fire Truck here.

To see our full video review you can watch it here:

You can purchase this awesome set here.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Spin Master! We sure love pups around here 😉

– A PAWtastic Mommy B