Totally Tiny! Mini Foods With Surprise Slime Toppings From Just Play

We found these at Walmart a few weeks ago and had to get one!

This is a small pack, they have larger packs too. Look at the mini foods! These are just to adorable! You can use these for Barbies, OMG LOL dolls and other dolls. Love the surprise slime topping, a super fun element.

These would make a great stocking stuffer this year! Prices range from $5-$10 depending on the pack.


Moosh-Moosh! New Halloween Characters And More!

These seriously are the softest plush ever and now there are some fun Halloween characters, flashlights, coin banks and more!


Moosh-Moosh Banks ($14.99), Moosh-Moosh Flashlights ($14.99) and Moosh-Moosh Plushy Skwishys ($5.99) – have arrived in neighborhood Staples, Walgreens and
CVS stores, to name-drop a few outlets for these irresistibly soft accessories. Joining the party are nine new. Halloween characters, ($14.99), sold exclusively at

With characters like Raley the Pug (Moosh-Moosh bank) and Trixie the Leopard (Plushy Skwishy) everything (or should we say everyone) in the 2019 Collection boasts the softest plushest fabric. Tots to teens can squish them, play with them, and cuddle with them from morning to night. The Moosh-Moosh creative team has seen them in the car, off to school and on vacation ‘cause a Moosh-Moosh is a kid’s cuddly squishy best friend.

New for fall 2019 are must-have accessories that have a helpful twist. Instead of awarding a child 50-cents for each A on the report card, give them a few coins to plunk into the Moosh-Moosh plush bank. These six characters (hello Freckles, Crush, Strawberry, Drac, Raley and Lucy!) have the touch-ability of a typical Moosh-Moosh but teach kids about the pleasures of saving their allowance. Plunk a coin and hear a Meow or Roar. The plush coin banks make a wise gift.

Who’s afraid of the dark? No one if they have a Moosh-Moosh flashlight to protect them from any monsters under the bed. Each of the six characters (including yellow Vee and brown & white striped Corey) have an on/off button on its front paw for easy access in the middle of the night. Imagine the giggles at slumber parties or an overnight at Grandma’s house.

Who says the best things come in small packages? Moosh-Moosh Plushy Skwishys, now at Staples, are a dozen characters to hold in the palm of your hand or tuck into a backpack. Kids love the tactile pleasure of squishing, squeezing then watching the plushy fabric slowly rise to its original shape. These 3” friends are so adorable and affordable that kids will want to collect them all.

Fall in love at first squeeze! Find the entire collection of Moosh-Moosh
online at or at a neighborhood shop.
New! Moosh-Moosh Banks • $14.99
More than your average piggy bank, these clever characters “talk” as
coins are dropped into the slot. Kids will never tire from plunking down
two quarters into the slot and hearing a Meow! Or Roar! Banks can hold
up to $100 in coins.
New! Moosh-Moosh Flashlights • $14.99
This has to be the cutest night-light that kids can cuddle! These plush,
huggable flashlights are ideal for sleepovers, story time and wonderfully
comforting for those afraid of the dark. Available in six soft fabric styles.
Just add AA batteries upon arrival at home! Now sold at Walgreens and CVS
New! Moosh-Moosh Plushy Skwishys Series 1 • $5.99
Designed with the softest fabric, these cuddle buddies fit in a child’s hand. The
2019 Series 1 collection is available in a dozen different characters. Skwishys
measure 3” x 3”. Give ‘em a pet and/or a squish! Now sold at Staples stores!
New! Moosh-Moosh Spooky
Characters for Halloween 

From Fang with his candy-corn horns to Fortune the black cat or Boo the friendly ghost, Moosh-Moosh has you covered for Halloween with nine fun characters. Look for them at



Mad Mattr by Relevant Play! New Jewel Tones!

Sensory alert! Mad Mattr has always been one of my favorite playing compounds! Now they have come out with more vibrant colors: Jewel Tones!

Shape it, build it and stretch it! It’s all about being creative while enjoying that sensory play! Kids love this stuff, I know mine sure do!!

You can purchase this online on Amazon and at other retailers. They come in large packs, small pods, sets and more!