Mega Bounce XL, Sky Spinner & Sonic Booma by Wicked Vision!

It’s Summer and my boys are now saying they are bored… well boredom be gone!

My boys will be getting a lot of their energy out this summer with these fun toys from Wicked Vision!


We did a small treasure hunt with the boys and they had a blast! These toys are seriously so much fun and the price points are fair! My personal favorite was the Sky Spinner, I love the fidgety types of toys.

Wicked Sky Spinner 


Giving new meaning to the phrase ‘it’s all in the spin,’  Wicked Sky Spinner is a ground  breaking, hand-propelled spinning disc. Simply spin your Sky Spinner to unleash an awesome array of tricks and stunts; throw it, crank it, spin it or slam it – use the central power crank to get your Sky Spinner spinning with the flick of a wrist.  With a perfectly balanced, weighted rim, Sky Spinner can reach an incredible 500 revs per minute. The fun doesn’t stop here – master a cool claw grind, an hilarious finger hop, a Wicked body roll and so many more.

  • Perform mind blowing tricks and stunts with a flick of the wrist
  • Reaches over 500 revs per minute
  • Perfectly balanced for a faster spin
  • Ridged power crank for maximum control
  • Available in red, blue and yellow


Wicked Sonic Booma


Wicked Sonic Booma, a whistling version of the world’s best returning boomerang, mesmerises passers-by as it whizzes through the air. Suitable for ages 8 and above, Wicked Sonic Booma offers an exciting multi-sensory experience and endless amusement for all the family!

  • Guaranteed return flight
  • Whistles loudly in flight
  • Easy to throw and catch
  • Full throwing instructions included
  • Made from ‘Memorang’ polymer
  • Can be ‘tuned’ for different flights
  • Fun for ages 8+
  • Flight range 15-20 metres
  • 3 vibrant colours available
  • YouTube tutorials teach you how to throw.
  • Proudly manufactured in the U.K.


Wicked Mega Bounce


Up the ante with the Wicked Mega Bounce XL – a super-sized sensation. With a whopping 2.51 METRE circumference, you’ll be AMAZED at its size. Mega Bounce boasts Wicked bouncability on almost any terrain – even grass and sand! Despite being larger than life, Mega Bounce XL is still incredibly easy to throw and catch thanks to its super grip graphics. This extremely durable MEGA ball is perfect for the beach, park or playground and comes with a handy foot pump.

  • MASSIVE 2.51 METRE circumference
  • The world’s bounciest inflatable ball
  • Bounces brilliantly on almost any terrain
  • Can be enjoyed both inside and out
  • Easy to throw and catch thanks to easy grip graphics
  • Extremely durable
  • Foot pump included

Check out more about Wicked Vision on their website!

These awesome toys can be found at Walmart and online at Prices range from $8-$15.


HUGE thank you to Wicked Vision for sending us these to review!

Creative Cafe Frappe Maker By Rose Art!

Need something entertaining for the kids.. that they can EAT too?? Check this out!

It’s a kids Frappe Maker by Rose Art! Super simple to use! Freeze the cup overnight/ for 12 hours, fill the cup with milk up to the fill line, add two scoops of one of the flavors and mix! You keep mixing and scraping the inside for about 5 mins and… TA DA! A frappe!

I was skeptical at first, but this thing REALLY works! It’s quite tasty too!


You can make quite a bit of these! Comes with three flavor packs, enough to make 2-3 frappes from each pack. You can combine/ layer the flavors too for a super magical frappe!

Dazzle your friends and family with delicious, colorful drinks you make all by yourself, with the Creative Cafe Frappe Maker! Simply choose a flavor, mix the powder with milk (or a milk substitute) in the frozen Frappe Maker, and serve in the included, authentic Frappe Cup! Choose from Apple, Mango, or Strawberry Cream flavors, layer to make a Frozen Rainbow Frappuccino, or mix the flavors to create your own, custom concoctions. Set includes the Frappe Maker Cup, a reusable Frappe Cup with lid, a reusable straw with removable spoon, three Food Packets, and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions with photos. For ages 6 and up.
Make a Rainbow Frozen Frappuccino in 3 easy steps!
Choose from apple, mango, or strawberry cream – or make a Frozen Rainbow Frappuccino!
Layer flavors for or make them individually!
Includes authentic, reusable frappe cup, lid, and spoon straw
For ages 6 and up.

This set can be purchase at Target or online at for right around $15.


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Slime and Splash Water Slide, not your ordinary summer water slide!

Slime.. it’s all the rage.. but mix slime with a summer favorite.. and you have an instant party!

Bestway is known for all of their fun summer products like, floats and water slides, but they sure took it a whole new level with this Slime and Splash Water Slide!

Super easy set up. Comes with 4 kid safe packets of slime. We used two at once for more slimier experience! The slide itself is 23ft! It’s a super long slide! Ages recommended for this side is 5-12. Watch out, you will zoom down this slide super fast after being in the slime! Ha! My 2 year old played in it just fine, just have to really watch them!


They just love playing in water.. but the slime added a lot more fun!


Such a fun product for summer. It’s super easy to put away as well. Super durable too!

This retails for around $20-$30. You can find it on Amazon.

You can view our video review here:

We were only able to use this once this year.. the boys keep asking to bring it out.. even though its 50 degrees out now! ha! Well .. something to look forward to next summer!

– A slimed Mommy B

Summer is nearing an end!

Ahh! I can’t believe it’s almost over! I took the boys to my parents house the other day and realized this just might be the last time we are over to swim before school starts!!

So, of course, I took some pictures 😉


Isn’t this cute!! We got this little float in our swag box from Sweet Suite! It would make a cute float for Barbie dolls! Ha.. if we had some that is… Bahaha


Zieke to small float ratio lol.. Don’t mind the boys in their underwear! We had just went swimming before that and then after they went inside to rest some they came out to “swing”.. yea… more like get wet all over again!


LOOK AT THIS FLOAT!! This also came in our swag box from Sweet Suite, it’s SO HUGE! It didn’t really fit in the pool that we have, but the boys had fun anyways!


Aww Skye.. She’s such a pretty dog!


Boys love her so much.. can’t wait until we buy our house.. We NEED a fenced in yard for her.


Can you believe she is ONLY 6 months old! She is very calm for a puppy though, well when the boys aren’t around that is!


Baby A LOVES water, not swimming so much but just playing in it.


This inflatable pool has been awesome this summer.. This thing blows up literally in mins and is super easy to take down and put back up.

We were actually in the process of taking it down, but it holds a lot of water and sprays out over the wading part and the slide.

We found a great deal on Kohl’s for it right before summer. I think we paid a little over $200 for it plus got $60 in Kohl’s cash back. It’s been the highlight of our Summer for sure. We would have used it more, but were we are at now it would be impossible to put up.


We just enjoyed some much needed water time!


Ah, this was my favorite part of course! My sister made me an iced coffee! YUM.. I live for coffee, I think most Moms do haha

It was a nice day, and just wanted to post it to remember..

– A Caffeinated Mommy B