Sweet Suite At Home

We got to experience this awesome fair via Zoom this year! It was a blast! Kinda like a video game! haha

We saw new toys from MGA, Basic Fun, Nintendo and more!

Fun from Spinmaster:

MGA Entertainment:


New Games from Goliath:



We are loving all of new Blume products!


The Junk Bots are a HIT with the boys! Love the surprises among all the “trash” haha


We LOVE the Kitten Catfe line and CGH line looks so fun!

Moose Toys:




There are so many more products, but wanted to show you some of our favs!

Fingerlings has done it again! All new Skeleton Bonehead Dinos and Breakout Playset, just in time for Halloween.

We first seen the Fingerlings Dinosaurs at Sweet Suite, then again at the TTPM Holiday Showcase.. well they now have not only dinos, but a crate playset were two dinos can sit in and you flip a lever and the dinos break out.. AND they have Skeleton ones! They call these boneheads! Soo cool, and they glow in the dark, super bright too!


They ALWAYS send awesome packages, one of my favorites to receive.

In this spooky box it had a black light flashlight, awesome that it did because it charged up the dinos so they glowed really bright in the dark! They are sent an FX sound affects machine.. so so cool.. as well as a little wooden coffin with candy bones!

The breakout set retails for around $25 at Walmart or on Amazon. The boneheads can also be found at Walmart or Amazon for about $15. Now the playset comes with a dinosaur, so for the price of $25, it’s a great deal. Definitely cheaper at Walmart right now.

Amazon also offers the breakout set with two dinos for $40. You can find that here.

  • UNTAMED Skeleton Dinos AKA Boneheads: Meet Doom and Gloom, fierce and unpredictable zombie skeletons who know friends vs. foes. In Untamed mode, they rattle, roar, hiss, and chomp! In Tamed mode, the nuzzle and purr in their jingle-jangle skeletal way. Players beware, they glow in the dark – so there’s nowhere to hide!
  • Jailbreak Playset featuring Infrared T-Rex: What happens when the UNTAMED get a little too… ferocious? You give them a time-out in the UNTAMED Jailbreak Playset! This cage comes with Infrared, an exclusive T-Rex with eyes that glow and a fierce desire to escape. Pull the lever if you dare!

Check out our fun video skit we did:


These are definitely some fun toys for any dinosaur fan!

– A Dino loving Mommy B



Big Box From Boxy Girls! New Limited Edition dolls Stevie & Everly.

Dolls.. I loved dolls as a girl.. mostly Barbies .. which was pretty much all we had way back when! Ha! Now there are so many options, and these Boxy Girls are by far my favorite.

We were lucky enough to see these Boxy Girls in New York at Sweet Suite. We have since posted 2 videos on them. We were recently contacted by Boxy Girls about reviewing some new products! Oh MY Gosh, I was so tickled and felt honored that they asked.. oh and of course I said yes!

They are releasing a Big Box with two new limited edition full sized dolls: Stevie & Everly. This HUGE big box also comes with 28 boxes to unbox, so roughly 33 surprises!


Here is Brooklyn! The first Boxy Girl that we received! They are just super cute. I love the shapes of their faces, the way you open and unbox each item.. ah its just so super cute.

You can check out more about Brooklyn & the other surprise box we received from Boxy Girls in our video reviews:



So we opened up Stevie in our most recent video on the Boxy Girls! We did just one! So you will have to wait to see what the other Boxy Girl Everly looks like 😉

Just LOOK at Stevie:


Look at those green eyes! Eek! OH and they came with a little towel/robe wrapped around them. I LOVE this because you can create their own style. Just LOVE that idea.


Isn’t she the cutest?! Ah! I am soo in love with these dolls.. and those SHOES! I need a pair like that haha.. I so wish I had these as a little girl growing up!

We got so many surprises with Stevie! Watch our full review here:


Also check out Boxy Girls on Youtube! Here is their video on the new Big Box:

You can purchase the original dolls at Walmart or Walmart.com for around $15, they each come with 4 surprise shipping boxes. You can also purchase a surprise pack for $10 that comes with 6 surprise shipping boxes.

Surprises include: clothes, shoes, hair accessories, pretend makeup, purses, jewelry and more! These sure are some awesome fashionistas!

This Big Box will be released on September 23rd, 2018, not sure what it will retail for, but will add that information as soon as I find out.


– Boxy Mommy B 😉

Pop-Oh-Ver Stove & Kitchen Sets! Awesome Portable Pretend Play Sets.

I seen patterns for these a few years back and I am so excited to see someone making and selling these!

First of all, these are on sale right now, and the play food and pans are on sale as well. Oh My Wow.. the quality of everything is out of this world.

Super easy to assemble and the play food is made out of nice materials AND the best part.. the food is squishy! They have some weight to them, which I love, it seems to make it easier for the kids to hold onto.

Each of the accessories sets come with 12 pieces. They have a few different food sets, pots and pans and a costume. Pst.. the pans are food grade too! Wow!


See! The pretend foods are soft and squishy! I just love the overall feel of them!


These pots, pans and utensils are so cute. They are stainless steel, which is just awesome in itself, and they are the perfect size for little hands.


The counter top set is so so cute! You can put pretend food in the blender and in the toaster and you can set items on the shelf towards the top.


Love the veggies! Love the soft colors too, kind of gives it an organic feel.


This set is the same! Soft and squishy!


The stove it totally my favorite. I did, however, have a little trouble getting the flat plastic piece to go into one of the sleeves, I think the size might have been off, but I did eventually get it to fit, with a little Mom power 😉

The oven and microwave both open and close with magnetic tabs and you can place the pretend food into the clear pockets.


And this! Ahh.. so sweet! It was a bit big for my almost 3 year old, but perfect for my almost 5 year old!


Love the details of the food..


Definitely my favorite play food that I have seen. Love the squishy feel and with squishes being so popular, it take it right to the playing field!


Pot and pants are super cute as well. One of the pans are plastic, the others are stainless steal. The over mitts are so cute, I just love anything smaller than normal! Ha!


One of the sets comes with a cookie sheet too! I think there are donuts, cookies and .. maybe a cheesecake? I love cheesecake, so we will call it that!


The finished set up stove/oven/microwave! The material is a heavy type of canvas I believe, with the finishes being a felt and other materials. Super durable and easy to clean.

Here is another write up:

“If you have little ones who love helping in the kitchen, the Pop-Oh-Ver  Kitchen Deluxe Set ($29.95) is a must-get imagination playset,” begins one of two glowing review by The National Parenting Center for the cleverest line of indoor play this year. The National Parenting Center joins six other toy industry influencers who were overjoyed with Pop-Oh-Ver’s endless possibilities for imaginative play that’s put away… until next time. Rare is a review that instructs parents of a “must-get” toy!

The centerpieces of Pop-Oh-Ver’s appeal are the now-you-see-it/now-you-don’t Stove and Kitchen Counter Sets ($39.95). The National Parenting Center called them ingenious! This is from a nationwide parent advocacy organization that has seen and tested every possible toy on the market, for decades! Pop-Oh-Ver has already won eight additional industry awards for its great design this year. 

“This 12-piece toy kitchen accessory set includes all the pots and pans your little cooks will need,” continues the rave review that won a Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2018 from The National Parenting Center, “to become fabulous pretend chefs. Most of the pieces are made of sturdy stainless steel so you can wash in the sink or stick them in the top rack of the dishwasher. The kick here is that you can use all the parts with real food. Yes, they are food grade!”

A second Seal of Approval Winner went to the Pop-Oh-Ver Stove & Kitchen Counter Set. The gushing review begins, “The Pop-Oh-Ver Stove & Kitchen Counter Sets are an ingenious idea for people who do not have space for a traditional kitchen set. The set consists of one thick canvas fabric piece that fits over a flat backed chair. It is basically a slipcover for an armless chair which allows a child to play in a kitchen setting for a time and then the whole thing can be taken off, folded up and put away. It inspires and encourages role play while keeping set up and mess to a minimum.”

Pop-Oh-Ver has also received these awards this year: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, Tillywig Best Creative Fun Toy Award, Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Family Review Center Gold Award, PAL Award, Hot Diggity Award, Creative Child Product of the Year Award and Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award.

Write up by Pop Oh Ver.


Needless to say, Aaron (from the Dream Team) loved this set!

Check out more about Pop Oh Vers here.

You can Pop On Oh Ver here (see what I did there!) to check out our fun video from our Thomas channel:

You can purchase here:

Pop Oh Ver: Plush Food Set

Pop Oh Ver Kitchen Stove Set

Kangaroo Pop Oh Vers: Pretend Play Kitchen Counter Top Set


– A Pop On Oh Ver here Mommy B 😉

Mad Mattr by Relevant Play! Fun Moldable Play Sand!

Mad Mattr! Eek! We seen this at Sweet Suite.. LOVE this stuff. My boys love it and I love it, we just can’t seem to be able to put it down!

It’s really like magic sand! Moldable, yet soft!


They have huge packs, brick makers, and even travel sized pods! We used cookie cutters and blunt knives for even more play fun (I used a sharp one, but not the boys!), we also found molds like a circle and a gummy bear.

This is something that is definitely great for sensory type play! All of my boys are hands on!


We were finished filming, but the boys just didn’t want to stop playing! I LOVE the pods though, you can throw it in a purse or backpack.

It is kinda messy, but does clean up really easily. So keep that in mind if you want to travel with it somewhere.


Ah.. the brick maker.. this was so fun and the bricks actually stack on each other! They are pretty simple to make, once we figured it out.. ha! The instructions are on the back of one of the pieces.

Looks like these vary in price, which ranges from around $10-$20. You can find these at most retailers.

Here’s a few:

Amazon – Pink Mad Mattr with Brick Maker

Michael’s – Large Purple Pack

Learning Express – Mad Mattr Pods (Relevant Play works We work with the entire company and their franchise stores)

More info:

S-t-r-e-t-c-h your creativity to the max with Mad Mattr – an amazing, super-soft modeling compound that molds and builds easily. Let your kid’s imagination run wild with this Mad Mattr modeling compound. It is stretchable and can be easily molded to create different shapes and structures. Kids will have hours of fun with this Doh-like compound that flows through your fingers.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • 10 oz. (283 g)
  • Reusable
  • Never dries out
  • For ages 3 and up

Watch our full review here, just in case you aren’t sold yet ;):



I love how bright the colors are too.. definitely something my boys love too!

– A very “Mad” Mommy B

PAWtastic Paw Patrol Pop Up Garage and Ultimate Fire Truck from Spin Master!

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol be there on the double!

This song rings through my head a lot, especially here lately! Spin Master, YES SPIN MASTER, sent us this awesome PAWtastic set up..and AHH.. just look …!


My son was SOO excited about it! LOOK at this firetruck and LOOK at the pop up garage! The garage is soo fun, not sure how long it will last being that it’s cardboard, but so far so good!

The Ultimate Fire Truck is super huge. It comes with Marshall and a smaller vehicle that he can sit in. The fire truck has a pull out grabber, pull out hose and even a small ladder. It also has stabilizers on each side that pull out, just like a real fire truck! Makes sounds and has lights and even shoots out water balls (plastic ones) on two sides and the ladder on the very top extends out pretty far! You can fit 6 pups on this awesome truck.

We found some smaller pups at the dollar tree to use as a game in our video, so keep in mind those do not come with the fire truck.

The ultimate garage is cool, not only can Baby A fit under and in it, but the huge fire truck can be stored in there as well.


Aww.. and our Skye! ( Yes, her real name is Skye!) She was part of this video as well. She did soo good! She saved the day in our video 😉


Just the scale of this truck is amazing.


My son really does love this truck. So does my 4 and 5 year old!


The Ultimate Fire Truck retails for about $60 at Amazon and other stores. As for the pop up garage, I am not sure if this is something that’s going to be available for purchase. I sure hope so! If you are interested in knowing, comment below and I will get in touch with Spin Master to find out.

Check out more about the Ultimate Fire Truck here.

To see our full video review you can watch it here:

You can purchase this awesome set here.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Spin Master! We sure love pups around here 😉

– A PAWtastic Mommy B

Happy National Slinky Day! Celebrating Slinky’s from Alex Toys at the Toy Carnival!

Did you know that the Slinky has been around for 75 years! It started out as metal, then plastic, now all kinds of colors and even light up ones!

We were so excited to be able to join in on the fun for Slinky Day..Thanks to Alex Toys!


Look how fun this package was! Check out Alex Toys here! They have SO many slinky’s, even HUGE ones! They also have tons of other toys too! I love their products, they have so many hands one creative things.


The boys had a lot of fun with these! Slinky’s are such a fun thing!


LJ was trying to stretch it out as far as he could! We only have a few steps on our porch, so we really couldn’t get the real feel for it! ha!

Alex Toys was SUPER nice and sent us some slinky’s when we first started YouTube (2 years ago!) and we added that footage in our new video! Check it out:

Slinky’s just seem to be the staple of toys! Or at least they seem to be the start of what toys were!

– Mommy B

My Fabulous Storyteller by Lunii!

So I have never been the best at reading to my boys.. I did when they were younger, but now since I work from home part time, YouTube, Blog and parenting 3 crazy boys.. it’s hard to find time..

I have been on the search for something that will assist with this.. so when we seen this at Sweet Suite.. the boys AND I were hooked!

The boys stood at this booth for a super long time. They listened to a whole story! It was about 7 mins long.


Ahh.. this is my favorite photo of them from Sweet Suite, not to mention the ladies that ran this booth/run Lunii were the most sweetest and friendliest group I have met!

They seen that the boys were really intrigued and gave us one to take home! It’s super awesome! Not only does it charge, but you can pick a character, theme and object. It’s screenless and the buttons are not overwhelming to figure out, the whole feel of the storyteller is really nice. Super simple for kids to use on their own.

There are 48 stories that come downloaded on the storyteller and you can even download more on their website! We JUST downloaded the bedtime stories and THAT is what the boys have been listening to at night! They have really enjoyed it.

I honestly can’t wait for more downloads to be available! 

There is also a head phone jack so you can use the Storyteller with or without head phones. This would also be great for car rides or waiting for a doctor appointment. The My Fabulous Storyteller retails on their site for around $70.00.

Check out Lunii here!

For our full review (and skit) check out our video:


The boy’s (and I) had fun filming this video. Their giggles towards the end of the skit were so perfect that I didn’t have to edit anything in! They were actually listening to the stories when I “looked inside the room”! We didn’t have to act any of that out!

– A story telling Mommy B (Ok, not really, My Fabulous Storyteller does that ;))


***** Don’t forget to check out our collab giveaway! Ends in September!*****


New Fingerlings’ HUGS! Super soft Interactive Plush Monkeys!

I am sure most people with kids have heard of Fingerlings. They are an interactive toy that cling to your finger! They are super cute! There are Monkeys, Unicorns, Dinosaurs and more!

Well now.. they have plush ones.. and now …. BIGGER plush ones! We were lucky enough to receive Boris! He is SUPER cute and blue and makes over 40 sounds!


Fingerlings really out did themselves with the packaging again! (We received a T-Rex Untamed Fingerling and the packaging was unreal! – Check that out here).

It came with confetti, jelly beans, banana candy and some fun pencils! It was definitely a party in a box!

Look at how colorful he is.. AND his eyes open and close just like the small ones. So far we have heard Boris, sing, fart, snore and giggle! He really is too cute! They also have the pink one, Bella! They have velcro on their hands so they can really give you a “hug”!

Check out more about them here.

You can also check out our full fun review:


These are avail at most retailers and are priced around $20-$30.

– A hugging Mommy B

Boxy Girls Minis! Unbox With New Small Boxy Girls! Fun Shipping Box Surprises

Yay! So we won a prize from Boxy Girls!

We received the same type of box when we first reviewed them, but it was a teaser box. THIS time is was the real thing and it’s sooo cute! Not sure if it’s been released yet, but here it is:


LOOK how cute she is! Love the clothes and shoes. They are super easy to dress, so that’s great for little hands.

This one looks like Brooklyn.. but I am not too sure.


Now these boxes are a lot small than the ones that come with the larger doll. They are JUST the right size for the smaller doll. I am assuming that these will retail for less, but it’s just a guess!

The little doll came in a longer box, and the smaller boxes were in some longer boxes as well and all of those came in the square box in the above picture.. so so cute!

You can check out our other post about the larger dolls here.


You can see the size comparison here. I LOVE the larger ones, but the smaller ones are super cute as well.

You can watch our crazy video here:


– Boxy Girl Mommy B