Mix & Mash Slime by Compound Kings!

I have been wanting this for some time now and finally decided to get it, and I’m so glad I did! This was so satisfying! Mix Fluffy Ocean 🌊 and Magic Sand for an unbelievable slime experience! Beach Mash!

It really was a lot of fun, Compound King’s sure has some seriously awesome compounds!

This retails for around $5. You can purchase it at Walmart or on Amazon!


Candylocks by Spinmaster! New Dolls!

Who’s in there with the cotton candy 🍭 hair? There are over 20 to collect and each come with 6 surprises! They smell sooo good and the hair is just awesome!

Style their hair in so many ways! Go to candylocksdolls.com for some awesome hairstyles!

You can purchase these at Walmart and on Amazon for right around $10.00.

Zax – The Soft Throwing Axe by Zing!

Bring the excitement of axe throwing home in a fun and safe way! With softek foam suction cups, the Zax can stick to almost any flat surface, indoor or out!

The boys had a BLAST with these, even after filming! Super soft, and doesn’t hurt if you end up in the line of fire! haha

These are available at Target, Walmart and on Amazon. They retail for right around $10 each.

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NEW Zax Axe by Zing! The Super Hero's are using it in their training session today! It's super soft and can be played with indoors! Bring the excitement of axe throwing home in a fun and safe way! With softek foam suction cups, the Zax can stick to almost any flat surface, indoor or out! These are available to purchase at Walmart and Target! HUGE Thank you to @zingtoys for sending us these for free to review! #zing #zax #zaxaxe #outdoors #kids #igtv #igtvchannel #igtvtoys #igtvskit #igtvkids #kidschannel #toychannel #unboxing #toyunboxing #freeproduct #dreamteamtoyadventures #youtube #toysofinstagram #toptoys #newtoys #christmas #kidsofigtv #toysofigtv #walmart #target #Targettoys #walmarttoys #unboxingvideo

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Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Series 2 by Zuru!

I loved the first series, but the 2nd series come with more surprises, which makes me love these even more!

There are 10 layers to hatch! There is unicorn poop, a surprise bracelet and more! We really want to get the Golden Flamingocorn!

You can purchase these on Amazon and at other larger retailers. They retail for around $20.

NEW Smashers by Zuru! Dino Series 3!

Let your kiddos have fun smashing something that is supposed to be smashed!

Check out these awesome Smashers by Zuru! Smash open collectible characters! There are over 100 characters to collect, including a dig and find dino surprise!

You can purchase these online on Amazon. They come in different packs and the retail price varies on which pack you purchase.

Goo Goo Galaxy By Moose Toys

We have been wanting to review one for some now! These are so super cute, I love how they come in a “space pod”!

HUGE Thank you to Moose Toys for sending her to us for free to review!


Squeeze Luna Laguna’s Squishy Belly and see her shimmery ocean of stars move about inside her! She’s filled with swirling starry speckles from Splashus, her home star. Make your very own, out of this world ‘Goo-to-Go’!

The Goo Drops have brought a Surprise Intergalactic Slime Activity with them from outer space – all you need to do is mix, make and display! Enjoy an out-of-this world unboxing experience! Open the Space Pod and discover what Luna Laguna has crash landed with!

There are 4 to collect and they are available on Amazon, Walmart and other retailers. They retail for around $15.




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From far away Goo Goo Galaxy come the Goo Drops. They have crash landed on Earth and are looking for a new home. The Goo Drops' squishy, jiggly bellies are filled with some of the galaxy that they have traveled from – just give them a squeeze to see their sparkling, glittery galaxy move about inside them! There are 4 super cute Goo Drops to discover, all with different glittery, squishy bellies and personalities – and a DIY galactic slime activity! Huge thank you to @moose_toys for sending us her for free to review! #googoogalaxy #moosetoys #slime #slimetoys #squishy #diyslime #asmr #igtv #igtvtoys #igtv #igtvchannel #igtvslime #cute #jiggly #googoobabies #kidschannel #toychannel #toysofinstagram #newtoys #toptoys #christmas #toptoysforchristmas #slimetoy #makingslime #slimetoys @googoogalaxy . . Video made with Splice

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Blinger Hair Styling Tool By Wicked Cool Toys!

I so wish we had this when I was a young girl! It reminds me of the bedazzler, BUT with this tool the gems are removable!

HUGE Thank you to Wicked Cool Toys for sending us this awesome package for free to review!

Blinger™ is the new glam styling tool that allows you to load, click, bling – hair, fashion ANYTHING! 
The Diamond Collection Blinger™ Assortment is a fashionistas dream – finally, a styling tool that allows you add all the BLING to your everyday life… and create your own striking looks!
 And it’s totally safe and easy to use.
Whether you’re blinging your hair, fashions or accessories, these gems stay on all day until you easily comb them out or peel them off! The adhesive works with all hair types and sticks to most materials.
With 75 gems included & multiple colors to choose from, Blinger™ makes it easy for you to glam it up, add sparkle & shine.   
Once the bling is in your hair or fashions, you will want to sparkle everything, everywhere! 

Retail for the Blinger is right around $20 and there are refill packs as well that vary in price. You can purchase these on Amazon, at Target or at Walmart.