KeiKi Ukulele! Give The Gift Of Music This Year!

Not sure what to buy your child this year for Christmas..? Give them the gift of music with this awesome ukulele! This is sure to keep them busy all winter long and for the price, you can’t go wrong!

This ukulele was so much fun to play. I am just in love with the bright colors!

Musicians and music teachers have noted that the learning curve for the ukulele is much easier than that of the guitar. Within a few days of practice, you can start making music and playing songs. The tension of the strings is lower on the ukulele, and there are fewer strings to manage, making it easier for beginners to play!

Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s beautiful version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow is one of the most popular ukulele songs of all time. The song is so beautifully played and sung that every ukulele player will make it a goal to master it!

Look for the KeiKi Music in four different color choices online and in stores this season as back-to-school and almost-holiday-shopping season coincide. Birthday presents don’t get any more of the wow factor than opening a ukulele in front of friends and family! Each KeiKi instrument comes with an electronic tuner, a carry case, a learn-to-play guidebook, one strap, 4 retro stickers, and 2 picks.

KeiKi Ukuleles • Ages 5+ • $29.95
The word “KeiKi” is Hawaiian for “little one” and KeiKi. Ukuleles are designed for your little ones to learn to pluck, strum, and play along to their favorite songs! Whether a beginner or a master musician, this small instrument is sure to rev up free time in a delightful way!

Comes with a digital tuner, carry case, strap, guidebook and even some fun retro stickers! Choose from four colors: Sandalwood, Sunset Red, Seafoam Green and Pacific Blue. Aloha!

Check them out:


Ztringz by Nowstalgic Toys

One of the hottest trending toys! This European craze is just starting to hit the US! I remember something like this when I was younger. So fun to see it again!

There are over 45 figures you can make! Make them solo or with a friend!

These retail for around $8 and can be purchased on Amazon. These would make the perfect stocking stuffers!


TreeMendous Ornament Decorator

This was so addicting! Aaron really enjoyed it and so did I! This decorator comes with 3 ornaments and there are additional ornaments that you can purchase as well. What a simple but fun Christmas craft!

Somewhere between the Thanksgiving turkey and the marathon of football games, parents start the countdown to Christmas by putting up the family tree. Mom or grandma pulls down boxes of ornaments and tinsel that has been safely tucked away since last year! Little children decorate the lower branches or sometimes get the honor of being lifted high to put a shiny star on the top branch. One toymaker suggests a new spin on Christmas 2019 with the TreeMendous Ornament Decorator ($19.99) (

Homemade ornaments, colored by wide-eyed children in anticipation of Santa, become treasures that capture a moment in time. TreeMendous uses a patent pending design to let children, within minutes, craft a beautiful ball with colorful spirals, stripes, and zigzags! Hang it on the tree or gift it as a sweet memento for someone else’s holiday décor.

Kids of all ages can craft perfect, hand-decorated tree ornaments by inserting one of the included, blank white ornaments into the TreeMendous holder. Flip the switch to get it spinning and then use the enclosed non-toxic markers to start coloring beautiful, vibrant lines. No matter how un-steady small hands are, the lines always turn out perfectly straight because the ornament is always spinning!

And the best part – there’s absolutely no mess. The marker colors dry almost instantly so grownups can simply remove the ornament from the spinner and immediately hang it up on the tree. TreeMendous makes a perfect present as it’s an ideal activity for kids and their grandparents, cousins and parents alike.

You can also purchase this set and additional ornaments on Amazon.

Frozen 2 Necklace Set

Such a cute set! Comes with 5 charms, 150 beads and 5 necklaces. You can create, wear and create again! You can store everything in this super cute storage container.

You can purchase this set for right around $10 at Walmart or on Amazon.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Toys By Wowwee

New Pinkfong toys from Wowwee!

Puppets, Fingerlings, bath toys and more!

Move the mouth of the puppet to start playing the entire hit baby shark song! (Full-length English version). Control the Tempo! Move the shark’s mouth faster or slower to change the speed of the song! Soft plush fabric (spot cleaning Only). ($15 on Amazon) There is Baby Shark, Mommy and Daddy.

Bath Toys: This 4-pack includes baby shark, mommy shark, Daddy shark, and William. ($10 on Amazon) These bath toys squirt water for the perfect bath time fun!

You can purchase these and more Baby Shark toys on Amazon.

Grimlings By Fingerlings

BEWARE! Turning off the lights will make your Grimlings go from grin to grim with just one spin. These creatures also have special paws that let them hang on in different ways. Scare or be scared with the Grimlings Gigi, Scaredy Cat, Junk Yard the Dog, and Hip Hop the bunny.

You can find these awesome guys on Amazon and at Walmart for around $15.

Coilz By Relevant Play

So many ways to play!

You can bounce, toss and more! There are super packs and cup packs. There are 50 different styles to collect and so many games! We had so much fun with this! These would make the perfect stocking stuffers!

  • Relevant Play is the global manufacturer of COILZ, a tactile collectible and game, all in one!
  • This set includes: 1 Coilz cup, 6 collectible Coilz, a bocce ball, a distance marker, two backboards, and a collector’s card, plus an additional 8pc collectible blind Super Pack
  • Play over 10 challenging Coilz games.
  • Bounce, roll, flick, and more! Collect all 50 in series 1!

You can purchase these on Amazon for around $18.

Totally Tiny! Mini Foods With Surprise Slime Toppings From Just Play

We found these at Walmart a few weeks ago and had to get one!

This is a small pack, they have larger packs too. Look at the mini foods! These are just to adorable! You can use these for Barbies, OMG LOL dolls and other dolls. Love the surprise slime topping, a super fun element.

These would make a great stocking stuffer this year! Prices range from $5-$10 depending on the pack.


Frozen 2 Color N’ Style Purse

More Frozen 2 merch! This is so cute.

You can color it and add gems! Must have for any Frozen fan!

This one was around $10 at Walmart. You can find these on Amazon as well and there are other styles as too!

Unicorn Slime Kit!

Unicorn + Slime = MAGIC!

Well, it wasn’t quite all that as I started making this slime.. BUT after discarding the instructions and just winging it, it actually turned out great! Haha!

This kit comes with so much stuff! You just need to add more than a few drops of activator (just keep adding a little at a time until it forms) and about half the bottle of coloring.. and then add in some of the marshmallow slime mix in that it comes with.. THEN it will all turn out! haha

This slime kit retails for around $20 on Amazon.

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