NYC Sweet Suite Toy Fair

Sweet SuiteAhhh! So we are gearing up for this fair! I am super nervous and excited at the same time!

Our channels are so small (hopefully not forever), so it’s very intimidating going into this huge event!

We are planning on driving there ( a 10.. hour.. drive.. eek!). We still have a dentist appointment to go to and we also have to drop off our puppy (Skye) at my sisters, as well as getting some items for our trip and we still have to pack!

This trip is going to be such an investment, but it sure is a dream come true! Boy’s will love it I’m sure, plus we will get some swag sent to us later on!

Well soo that’s day 1.. not to much excitement going on.. yet!

A very stressed Mommy B

🚂 Let’s Go Thomas | Thomas The Train | The Dream Team Toy Review

Hey Dreamers! I bought this Thomas the train used and I am so in like with this one! He is super cool! Sings, dances, follows you around and talks! Watch as we play and dance with him!

Watch it here!

I haven’t been able to find this in store, as I think it’s quite old(er). This is so my fav! He does twirls, spins and sounds!

This was def an awesome find for $10! (I bought him used with several other Thomas items, so really I paid $1 for him!)

Do any of you have this Thomas? If so please let me know! How do you like him?

Mommy B

🎈Zieke’s 4th Birthday Party | Giant Thomas The Train Surprise Egg | Thomas Train Cake

Good Morning Dreamers!!

Well, My Baby is 4! He has been waiting for this giant Thomas the Train surprise egg for a LONG time! We stuffed it with some Thomas toys as well as a Thomas bike! My Mom actually found the bike at a Once Upon A Child and i was so excited! I wanted to get him this exact bike for Christmas but just couldn’t. So this was just super awesome and maybe just even meant to be!

Watch this awesome party video here!

The cake was made by Scratch Patisseries, (Founded and owned by my Sister) and she totally out did her self!

Check out Scratch Patisseries here!

Let me know how you like the video!

See you all tomorrow!

Mommy B

Thomas and Friends Take N Play Jungle Quest Toy Trains for Kids With The Dream Team

Good Saturday Dreamers!

Zieke just turned 4! Gee… time flies! He received some money from his Pappaw and chose this set! He has had his eye on this set for a while now!

You can purchase this awesome set:

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Take-n-Play Jungle Quest

Watch our review here!

Zieke loves this set! I would give it a 8 out of 10 though, just my opinion! The tracks are really close together, making it hard sometimes to get your hand in there. Also the side lifters come off fairly easy if played with to hard.

Putting it together was super simple though! I think I had it all assembled in about 10 mins.

It comes with Thomas and his load of gems.It works with the other take n plays as well, I love how they all can connect to each other. This set even has a handle and a place for thomas and his load of gems to snap into so you don’t loose them on the go! I LOVE love love that feature. I don’t think the other sets have that feature.

That’s all for today! Let me know what you think of the review!

Thanks Dreamers!

Mommy B

🛏Thomas Minis Nursery Rhymes | Silly Songs

Hello Dreamers!

We are doing another silly song video!

Thomas Minis Nursery Rhymes | Silly Songs. Thomas And Friends Minis jumping on the bed song & more. Join us as we sing some nursery rhyme songs!

I have actually really enjoyed these lol, LJ LOVES the Monkey song, so we had to do it with Minis!

Watch it here!

We may have to do another battle here soon too and maybe a skit 😉

Thanks Dreamers,

Mommy B

Thomas and Friends Wooden Play Table | Motorized Thomas Train | Fun Toy Trains for Kids and Family

Good Morning Dreamers!

Thomas and Friends Wooden Play Table | Motorized Thomas Train | Fun Toy Trains for Kids and Family. Toy trains with the Dream Team! Join us as we play with the new Motorized Thomas The Train!

So we finally brought out our train table. We are still in the process of renovating but Zieke has been asking and asking for us to get this out, so we did! We were given this buy a dear friend so it means even that much more 🙂


Zieke bought his Motorized train from King Arthur’s Court Toys ( super cool store in Ohio check them out here)

Check out out fun video with the new motorized Thomas!

We need more wooden tracks, but we were able to build a small track! We had a little trouble with thomas moving around the curves. Maybe our track is a bit older and smaller? Anyways, we had fun taking him up and down the hills!

Zieke, first got just a wooden thomas, then a wooden talking thomas and now this motorized thomas!

So much fun. I can’t wait until our renovations are done and we can REALLY have some fun then!

Thanks Dreamers!

Mommy B


PLAY DOH THOMAS & FRIENDS GUESSING GAME! Guess The Engine Surprise Thomas The Engine Learning Game

Good Morning Dreamers!

Well, I must say, I am so excited! All of a sudden our views have doubled and I hope it keeps doubling! Even if it does, it was a pretty good feeling! We at one point had 68 views at once! Maybe you tube was promoting us? I sure hope so lol I know that doesnt seem like a lot lol, but for a VERY small channel like us it is! We have been averaging about 190-240 views over a 48 hour period, after yesterday its been 400-440! YAY!

Amyways, excited mom moment over lol..

Play doh Thomas & Friends Guess Who! Guess the Engine Thomas the Train that is covered in play doh in egg shapes. Learning game for kids while playing the Thomas and Friends the Tank Engine.  Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and COMMENT! =) THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is THOMAS MINI EDITION!!!! Can you guess Thomas the train and his friends covered in play doh before it’s uncovered? How many Thomas & Friends trains can you guess right? Guess the Engine game with the Dream Team!

Ryan ToysReview did this so we had to try since we LOVE Thomas so much here at the Stearman household! I actually thought that Ryan did it with Trackmasters, so I thought we would do minis, but came to find out it was minis and not the trackmasters!


We were going to make our own play-doh, but thought we would keep that for another video!

Watch this fun video here!

See you all tomorrow! We are going to a pumpkin patch today, and yes, that video to come soon!

Keep on Dreamin’!

Mommy B


Thomas And Friends Minis Family Finger Song | Nursery Rhymes

Good Morning Dreamers!

Haha.. So my kids LOVE these types of song, but me and my sister.. not so much lol.. I thought it would be though to sing these since they do love them so much, and what better than to use THOMAS MINIS!

I love getting creative! I was unsure at first at how I would do a video everyday, now its super easy! I have like 5 already planned out, and they don’t include any expense!

Let me know how you like this video!


Comments please!!!

Til tomorrow Dreamers!

Mommy B is signing out..

🚂Thomas The Train Attacks Little Boy! Accidents Will Happen! Dream Team

Hello Dreamers!

This was so much fun! With the spider pranks being popular we thought we would try it with Thomas The Train instead!

Zieke LOVES Thomas more than anything so this was super fun to do. We may just do one with a spider 😉


Watch it here!

Zieke has,I think, like 3 large Thomas the Trains.. I think we might have used all three in this video lol

Let us know how you like this video!

Til next time Dreamers!

Mommy B