Whatsitsface – Plush Animal With Changable Expressions!

These awesome plushies were created to help children engage with the physical world and encourage creativity and interactive play! Oh, and to have fun too, of course!

These super cute plush animals have 6 different expressions and there are 3 animals to collect! The Dog, Bear and Cat! These would be perfect for a birthday day present or for Christmas! Give the gift of a toy with an added learning bonus!

These retail for $30 and can be purchased on their website: www.whatsitsface.com

People Toy Company – Baby Teethers + Toys!

We have reviewed some of their teethers and toys in the past and have come to LOVE their line!

Brain Builders People Times – Newspaper for Baby


Around 4 months of age, babies being grabbing and clutching objects.  Paper and tissues rank up there being the favorite of most.  As your little one’s curiosity grows, mom’s newspaper or dad’s magazine will grab their attention as they observe you staring at it in amusement. Once they get their hands on the paper, they can’t help but squeeze and tear the paper with excitement.  For those babies, we created the Brain Builders People TimesTM with the crinkle sound they love.  For mom and dad, you can have peace of mind knowing it’s safe to chew and easy to clean.

The Brain Builders People TimesTM  “newspaper for baby” has also been proven to have the ability to calm babies with its soothing crinkle sound.

First Words Baby Babble Training Trumpet


Help turn baby babbles into 1st words. The Baby Babble First Words Training Trumpet utilizes its two-way mouthpiece to help develop speech muscles through play to get baby ready for their first words.  It comes in the familiar shape of a sippy cup. This playful, two handle training trumpet encourages grasping skills while helping baby develop oral speech muscles as they make music by blowing in or out on the two-way mouthpiece. At first, babies can only control sucking in air. With curiosity and practice, they will be able to better control speech muscles and be one step closer to say mama and dada. Parents will love it for the easy cleaning ability as the top is removable to wash and sanitize before and after play.

  • Two-way whistle that plays music whether blowing out or sucking in
  • Stimulates developing oral motor skills to prepare baby for first words
  • Playful beads to stimulate baby and add sound depth while playing
  • Two handles for better grip and ability to attach to stroller (clip not included)
  • The Trumpet uses Nonspeech Oral Motor Exercises

Baby Clicker Remote Control Baby Teether


Does your baby love to chew on your phone and the remote control?  We have that problem too!  The Brain Builders Baby-Clicker Remote Control Baby Teether is straight forward and baby will love it more than the real thing.  Trade with them for the real thing and watch as they teeth away. Keep an extra in your bag and one right next to the remote control. Easy to clean and a sanitary alternative for baby.

  • Grey area is soft for tactile play and improving grip strength
  • Blue area is for teething.  Firm and ideal for sore gums


Check out more about them on their website!

Tiny Tukkins by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear

Cute!! Such an adorable toy for youngsters! We seen these at Sweet Suite and was lucky enough to get one in our swag box.

There are 12 to collect, either a boy or girl, and some fun surprises!

These are available at Walmart! There are larger sets as well.

Sesame Street Elmo & Friends Dough Activity Set By Green Toys!

This is a super fun set, comes with three colors, tools, a work mat and pop out eyes, mouths and more, so you can create Sesame Street characters!

Recommend for ages 2-8. Aaron is almost 3 and this was perfect for him! Super simple but yet super fun!


Product Description

Let’s make some friends! The Elmo & Friends Dough Activity Set comes with everything needed to create your favorite furry faces – out of dough! Use the tools to create the shapes and figures, then finish off your creation with the pop-out features. The safe, non-toxic dough is made in a food-safe facility from organic flour, and easily wipes off the activity card. This 12-piece set promotes sensory exploration, develops fine motor skills, and encourages creativity and imagination. Includes: 1 star extruder, 1 spaghetti extruder, 1 scraper, 1 knife, 1 roller, 1 rolling cutter, 1 scissors, 1 two-sided activity card, 1 pop-out features sheet, and 3 dough tubs.

Made in USA
100% Recycled Plastic Tools
Dough made with Organic Flour
Dishwasher Safe Tools
Packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks
No BPA, phthalates, or PVC


Simple instructions for kids to follow. Love all the visuals on the mat. Aaron punched out all the face pieces himself.




…Big Bird…


…Cookie Monster…


…making Grover…even though he is supposed to be blue, Aaron wanted him red.. so red he was!..


..and Oscar! I love Oscar.. he was probably my favorite! Aaron and I mixed a little blue and yellow to make green! He was pretty amazed.. ha!

I LOVE the dough, it’s made out of flour and the feel of it is so smooth! I love the smell too.. other dough’s have a strong odor, but this doesn’t! It’s all made in the USA and 100% recycled! We need more products like that!

For more information about Green Toys check them out on their web site. They have so many different fun products!

This retail for right around $25 and can be found on Amazon and on their website. We we sent this sent, but all opinions are my own!

– A Doughy, Mommy B