Top Toys For Christmas 2019

It’s that time again! CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.. and since we have reviewed SO many awesome toys, I thought that we would put together another list of our favorites!

I will keep this updated throughout the next few months up until Christmas, as we have a lot more toys and games that we haven’t reviewed yet! If you click on the item listed it will take you to our review on it. We also add our video reviews into our written blog reviews so you can see a live review as well. There are links within the written reviews that will take you to a place were you can purchase these products. Some links are affiliated.

Hope this helps, enjoy!


Stocking Stuffers

Blume Doll By Skyrocket

Unicorn Sparkle Mattr

New Polly Pocket Tiny Takeaway Blind Bags!

Mix & Mash Slime by Compound Kings!

Candylocks by Spinmaster! New Dolls!

Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Series 2 by Zuru!

Orbeez Wow World Sparkle Surprise Glowing Lantern!

Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House Play Sets by IMC Toys

Poopsie Slime Surprise Happy Meal Drop 3 from MGA Entertainment!

Pinkfong Baby Shark Fingerling by Wowwee!

5 Surprise Unicorn Squad by Zuru!

Neon Slime

The Freckle Ball & Freckle Band

Coilz By Relevant Play

Totally Tiny! Mini Foods With Surprise Slime Toppings From Just Play

Disney Frozen 2 Surprise Mini-Plush in Capsule By Just Play

Ztringz by Nowstalgic Toys

Foodie Surprise Candy Slime

Yolkies by Foodie Surprise – Candy Eggs!

Frozen 2 Lego Set



Top Toys

HyperStrike by Zing! New Bow And Arrows!

Boxy Babies Triplet Surprise

Bonaok Karaoke Microphone!

Orbeez Wow World Sparkle Surprise Glowing Lantern!

Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg Surprise!

Zax – The Soft Throwing Axe by Zing!

Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Star Command Center by Jakks Pacific!

Goo Goo Galaxy By Moose Toys

Blinger Hair Styling Tool By Wicked Cool Toys!

My Partner Pikachu by Wicked Cool Toys!

Rainbow Surprise Dolls by Poopsie! Slime Fashion Dolls! MGA Entertainment!

FGTeeV Toys by Bonkers Toys! Funnel Vision Family!

VanTop Junior K6 Kids Camera

LOL Surprise OMG Winter Disco Dolls

Pixie Belles By Wowwee

Calico Critter Red Roof Cozy Cottage

Fabulous Fashions #SNAPSTAR

Frozen 2 Color N’ Style Purse

Unicorn Slime Kit!

Moosh-Moosh! New Halloween Characters And More!

Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise by Zuru

KeiKi Ukulele! Give The Gift Of Music This Year!



Top Toys For Toddlers

Disney Jr.’s Gigantosaurus Toys By Jakks Pacific!

Kindi Kids by Moose Toys! Shoppies For Toddlers!


Top Games

Gridopolis! Super Fun Kids Strategy Game!

Antsy Pants Tic Tac Toe Travel Mat

King Of The Ring


Disney Jr.’s Gigantosaurus Toys By Jakks Pacific!

Disney Jr.’s Gigantosaurus Toys by Jakks Pacific! Got a Dino lover?? They HAVE to see this show and these toys!

Four curious young dinosaur friends explore the mystery of the largest, fiercest dinosaur of all!

You can purchase these online on Amazon!

Goo Goo Galaxy By Moose Toys

We have been wanting to review one for some now! These are so super cute, I love how they come in a “space pod”!

HUGE Thank you to Moose Toys for sending her to us for free to review!


Squeeze Luna Laguna’s Squishy Belly and see her shimmery ocean of stars move about inside her! She’s filled with swirling starry speckles from Splashus, her home star. Make your very own, out of this world ‘Goo-to-Go’!

The Goo Drops have brought a Surprise Intergalactic Slime Activity with them from outer space – all you need to do is mix, make and display! Enjoy an out-of-this world unboxing experience! Open the Space Pod and discover what Luna Laguna has crash landed with!

There are 4 to collect and they are available on Amazon, Walmart and other retailers. They retail for around $15.







Little Bits Electronic Music Inventor Kit, STEAM Set for kids!

The set isn’t just one set! It’s one that can be made into different things! Create this guitar, then move onto something more! Add more bits or add another kit! Invent a whole new something!


Creative kids build and customize a rockin’ synth guitar using littleBits electronic building blocks, then transform it into new electronic instruments of their own!

Learn while you play.
Kids are born playing, and we want to help them extend that to a lifetime of hands-on exploration, curiosity, and imagination. littleBits puts invention at the heart of learning through play. We want kids to walk away from playtime having discovered something they didn’t know before.

Play while you learn.
Rather than memorizing worksheets and science formulas, we need to make learning more fun, engaging, and relevant to today’s kids. The world is changing dramatically around us, but the way we teach our kids is generally the same. littleBits helps kids learn by doing, by trial and error, and not just by textbooks.


Look at all of the “bits”! The guitar frame pieces aren’t shown, but are made of some sturdy stuff! Once built, this guitar really holds up well! I was super surprised!

No glue or mess! The pieces fold, bend and the tabs stay right in place. The “bits” are also magnetic, so they just click in together! Soooo sooo cool! I am so in love with these!

They have smaller sets too, like a night light and a bubble blower, they can also be made into something else, 2 inventions in one kit! I’m going to get my boys those sets for Christmas since they are a bit younger.

123 Little Bits

I LOVE how you can create one thing, then create something else, THEN add even more “bits” or kits to create your own invention! It gets even cooler.. You can submit your invention on the Little Bit’s Invent App! HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I would have literally FREAKED out for these if they were around when I was a kid!


Drum 1

For more info about Little Bits and ALL of the kits they have to offer visit their site.

You can also find this and other sets on Amazon. This set normally retails for $100, but it is on SALE FOR $70! Better grab it now! Sale ends soon! Their other sets are on sale as well like the Avengers kit, retails for $150 on sale for $100!

This would be perfect for any kid really! Keeping in the mind the 8+. I just love STEM (STEAM) kits!

– A little Bits, bit by bit, Mommy B


Holiday Guide! Dream Team’s Toys Review Top Toys for Christmas!

It’s that time again! CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.. and since we have reviewed SO many awesome toys, I thought that we would put together a list of our favorites!

I will keep this updated throughout the next few weeks up until Christmas, as we have a lot more toys and games that we haven’t reviewed yet! If you click on the item listed it will take you to our review on it. We also add our video reviews into our written blog reviews so you can see a live review as well. There are links within the written reviews that will take you to a place were you can purchase these products. Some links are affiliated.

Hope this helps, enjoy!


Stocking Stuffers

Mini Boxy Girls


Ryan’s World Putty (We have opened several off these, but haven’t posted a review yet)

Treasure X

Meteor Monsters

Roblox Blind Boxes

Banana Collectibles Toys

Smashy Mashy


Lil Fairy Land Cuties

Wreck It Ralph Breaks The Internet Figurines

The Original Super Cool Slime

Zuru Toys, Smashers, 5 Surprises & Tangles


Top Toys

Boxy Girls


Ryan’s World Giant Golden Mystery Egg

Sgile Wall Climber

Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck

My Fabulous Storyteller

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

Fingerlings HUGS

Fingerlings Dinosaurs Break Out Set

LOL Bigger Surprise

Zoomer Playful Pup

Cry Babies

Max Flex RC

Rainbowcorn (No written review yet! Video is on our Toy Crazy Show Channel on YouTube)

Robo Alive T-Rex

Ready Setz

Pokemon Toys

Robo Wunderkind

Sabre Tooth Tiger Fingerling

Creative Cafe Barista Bar

Halftoys Dinosaurs Toys

Ancestral Teepee Play Set

Cozy Wings

Moosh-Moosh (We haven’t reviewed these yet, but had to mention, they are so cute!

Wave 2 Poopsie Unicorn Surprise

Scruff A Luvs by Moose Toys

Flip Bot by GeoSmart

Max Build More Zuru Blocks

Cabbage Patch Dolls & Adoptimals

Orbeez Spin & Soothe Hand Spa

New Gross Series 2 Smashers & Bus

Hexbug robotic soccer set



Not Parent Approved

Yeti, Set, Go!

Osmo Super Studios

Osmo Hot Wheels Mindracers

Digging Dino Bones


Toys for younger kids

Oddbods Buddies


Luke’s Toy Factory Trucks (We did a video review a few years ago).

Green Toys Elmo & Friends Dough Activity Set

Teddy Ruxbin & Grubby Plush Hug N Sing Talking Toys

Clicformers Speed Wheel Set



People Toy Company (We have reviewed several of their products, you can find all of the video reviews on our YouTube channel.


STEM/Creative Kits

SmART Sketcher

Magic School Bus Rides Again Science Kits

Pl-ug Build A Fort Kit

Magic Pad

Professor Maxwell’s 4D Chef Set

Little Bits Electronic Music Inventor Kit

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Promo From Spin Master! New Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Toys & Movie!

Spin Master has been so good to us! I love getting things that you don’t expect. Especially something this special! It’s like a dream come true!

The all new Paw Patrol Mighty Pups movie is out along with a new line of awesome toys! The pups gain new powers to make them mighty!

We received a HUGE box with a screen at the bottom that plays the trailer to the new movie! OH EM GEE! Beyond cool!


There were all kinds of goodies inside! The new movie was inside, there was also Paw Patrol Popcorn, Paw Patrol fruit snacks, cups and capes and even some of the new toys!

We really enjoyed this box! We had a movie night and ate the popcorn and fruit snacks!

Our Skye loved this box too, she even became a mighty pup and wore a cape.. for like two seconds.. ha!


See! It’s jammed with goodies!


He LOVES dogs.. he is definitely getting into Paw Patrol since we have been getting more of it to review. He’s favorite is Rubble!


Aaron was showing our Skye the Paw Patrol Skye on the fruit snack box.. aww..

The new line of toys are really cool. They are super colorful too. We got a Rubble figurine and he glows, just like in the movie. There was also a cute Marshall plush! We also got the new Chase and his flying vehicle. It came with shooting discs and had other lunching features. From land to sky.. these pups are going to fly!!

You can find these new toys at Walmart, along with the new movie as well! Toys vary in price depending on which ones you want, the movie however, is about $15.

The movie kept my boys’ attention the whole time.. which is very rare for my boys! Ha!

– A Mighty Mommy B

Oddbods Buddies, Big Interactive Plush Toys!

These guys are so cute! Have you seen the show? So fun, love that each have a different bright color and attitude to match!

These are SOO huge! Just look at them!


We got Pogo, the blue one, and Fuse, the red one! Love those names! They totally match their personality.

When two meet… they interact with each other! How FUN! They each make their own iconic sounds as well. Throw them, huge them, squeeze them and they make all kinds of noises!

Baby A really loved wrestling with them, he would hardly let me play with them! Ha! They really are super soft. Once the other two boys got home from school they all were laying all over them and just chillin! Ha! (This was after they fought over them and wrestled once more! Boys!)

Oddbods have a super fun website and a YouTube channel, plus all kids of other toys! Check out Oddbods’ website!

These are super hard to find right now! Amazon has some but for an outrageous price! I see Pogo and Bubbles right now available on Target for $40 plus free shipping! GO.. RUN… GET THEM!


We had so much fun doing this video! BIG thanks to Oddbods for sending us these guys! I foresee many other videos with them! We just now need to get our hands on a few more!

– Mommy B


Cry Babies! Baby dolls that cry real tears!

Every girl loves baby dolls, right?! Actually, my boys love baby dolls!

I have heard that when kids play will baby dolls,  it helps them develop the nurturing factor which will help them in the future if/when they become a parent. I love seeing my boys rock and talk to a baby doll.

With these dolls, kids can learn to love and take care of a baby. The idea is really genius! Maybe they should take it up a notch and have the baby cry until you can figure it out what it needs, like a bottle or a diaper change..! Ha!

We were sent Bonnie! She is so cute with her big eyes, tiny hands and feet and her bear outfit! You can slip her hood off to expose the cap. Unscrew and add water, trying not to fill it all the way to the top. Use bottled or distilled water, they way the inside of the doll won’t get all yucky. Then screw the cap back on and turn the switch to the “on” position, ( ( located on her back side, underneath her outfit). Make sure to keep her pacifier in her mouth or she will start crying tears right after you turn her on.

She will then giggle and coo with her pacifier in, take it out and the tears start a flowing! She has audible cries too! Soo sweet and sad! lol


Isn’t she sooo cute? They definitely have a sweet look to them.

Check out our full video review from our other toy channel and even a DIY seat (well not really a DIY, just a little paint added on ha!) made from the box that Bonnie came in:

More information:

  • Bonnie really cries when you remove her pacifier
  • She will shout and cry until you replace her packing or rock her to calm her down
  • Each doll comes with an attached pacifier and a removable animal print onesie
  • Just add water for real tears!

You can find Bonnie on Amazon for right around $30, check out Bonnie here. There are also other ones available as well, check those other dolls out here. The price is really reasonable in my opinion.

I LOVE the animal outfits that they wear, makes them even more cute! These will definitely be a hot toy for Christmas!

– A baby doll loving Mommy B