Rainbow Surprise Dolls by Poopsie! Slime Fashion Dolls! MGA Entertainment!

As soon as I seen these, I KNEW I had to at least get one!

MGA was so super awesome and sent us one to review. They are super cute dolls, 14″ tall, there are 4 to collect.

I LOVE the fact that you make the slime to put into their clothes. Such a fun and creative product.


They are such pretty dolls! They come with over 20 surprises.


All fashioned with Slime! You can make about 4 things of slime. They all seem to be different colors.


Isn’t she beautiful!?


You can put the slime in her skirt, jacket..


..and shoes!

I just love everything about these dolls! They are avail now at larger retailers and on Amazon.com. You can expect to pay around $50.

I can’t wait to collect the rest!

Wrapples! The wearable best friend by Moose Toys!

Slap bracelets… remember those?

Well Moose Toys has brought those back.. but 10X better! The Wrapples not only slap on your wrist, but they sing, laugh, sleep and more! They are super duper cute!


This one is Una.. isn’t she so fluffy and cute?! I love how their mouths move. Their eyes change to different colors depending on their mood:

Yellow = Calm

Green = Happy

Orange = Anxious

Red = Grumpy/Lonely

You can turn them upside down and they make a sleeping sound. They also interact with each other Wrapples! I want to see this! Shake them to see how they react! Ha!

You can get Una right now on Amazon for $12! Super good deal, as these are around $15-$20 in most stores.

Check out our full video review on our Toy Crazy Show channel:

  • A Wrappling, Mommy B


Hexbug robotic soccer set!

My boys and I love the Hexbug Bugs! You turn them on and they scatter everywhere! I remember Ryan ToysReview doing a video on those bugs! They had like a thousand! Ha! So cool to watch.. and now Hexbug’s has expanded their line to a whole lot more!

Like…. this awesome robotic soccer set!


Boys really loved it! Comes with two rc cars, 2 soccer balls and stickers so you can customized it too! The controls are small, but super easy to use. It also says that batteries are included.. but ours didn’t come with any..  The cars take 3 AAA batteries each and the remotes take two small circle batteries per controller.


The HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena features a realistic fold-out game board, two authentic goal posts, as well as snap-together walls to help in keeping your game contained. Also included are two individual remote controlled HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Singles with assorted decals, so you can customize your player! Shoot, score, and the crowd goes wild! All the fun of soccer is now miniaturized, and in your hands!

You’re about to enter an epic soccer venue, with a twist! You control the robotic athletes! Modeled after a real-life soccer stadium comes the HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena.

  • Includes 2 remote controlled Robotic Soccer Singles
  • Includes 6 different interchangeable tops
  • Includes 3 sticker sheets
  • Includes 2 soccer balls
  • Fold-out game board
  • Ages 8 years and up

Check out more about this set on their website.

You can get this set for about $70 on Amazon.

We plan to take this over to our family Christmas party for some fun game time! I’m super excited to see what others think of it! So glad Hexbug sent this to us to review! I hope we get to review some more products come next year!

– A scoring, Mommy B