Hatchimals Secret Surprise – Series 1 by Spinmaster

We just spotted these at Walmart and had to get one!

There are 6 to collect in series one, and they retail for around $13 each.

Such a cute little playset!



Hexbug Nano Box Sumo Wrestler Toys!

Hexbug Nano’s just got an upgrade! We seen these at Toy Fair back in February and KNEW they would be a hit with my boys!

There are over 60 skins to collect and you can use just one Nano for all of them, if you want to battle though, you will need at least two.

Step into the ring with HEXBUG’s latest addition to its toy line up: HEXBUG Box Sumo. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone! Settle sibling rivalry with the ease and fun of Box Sumo and duke it out with your neighbors, friends and foes – the fun never stops!

With a variety of zany characters that come alive with the power of vibration technology, there’s 60 characters to collect and you can even create your own so you can keep mixing and matching your Box Sumo battles. The ring even doubles as a carrying case for your characters and nano, so you can pack them up and battle anywhere you want.

They have single packs and a pack with a carrying case/ring. These retail from $7-$15. Check out more about these fun toys online on the Hexbug website.

You can also purchase them online on Amazon.


Aaron doing his YouTube Thumbnail face haha..


This was one of the coolest packages/product presentations we have seen!


There was even furniture!


LOVE the battle ring/arena as it doubles as a carrying case. It holds two nanos and two stands along with several skins.


The characters crack me up! The names are too funny.. Check out our video below too see all of the characters that you can collect.

HUGE thank you to Hexbug + Super Awesome for sending us these to check out!





Bullsitoy – LOL Scrunchies, Radz Paw Patrol & Cutie Cuffs!

We seen these at Sweet Suite and was sent some to review! LOVE the LOL Scrunchies and the Cutie Cuffs, and of course the Paw Patrol Radz were a hit with the boys!

Radz containers contain: Candy, stickers, magnets and a poster. The tin doubles as a coin bank too! So super adorbs.

Cutie Cuffs: Add a little rainbow magic to your wrist with Unicorn Cutie Cuffs. Take these enchanted creatures with you wherever you go! With 8 huggable friends to collect, you’re going to want to collect them all!

LOL Scunchies: You get 2 surprise scrunchies inside. 1 for you and 1 for your BFF.

These all would make great stocking stuffers or if you do some sort of rewards chart with your kiddos, these would be perfect! They get the characters they love, and you get the price point you love! Ha! Win win!

Retail for each is around $5! You can find these at Walmart and other retailers.




World’s Smallest by Super Impulse! Arcade Games And More!

We seen these at Sweet Suite and the boys were so taken! We were lucky enough to receive some to review!

Super Impulse has a HUGE line of these! Watch our IGTV til the end to see just how many they have!

These are available at most retailers and online on Amazon.

Check out more about Super Impulse on their website.



My 3 year old HAD to open the super soaker as soon as we got it, he LOVES water guns and thought this was the most amazing thing he has ever seen! Haha It really works too!

LOVE these! We are definitely going to have to get more. The boys are so into these!


Pop Pop Hair Surprise by MGA Entertainment!

These are brand new! We received one in our Sweet Suite swag box!

3 in 1 Pop Pets! 25+ to collect! Wear and share! There are 8+ ways to play! Spray, Pop, unroll, brush, style, wear, share, pencil topper and more!

We got Funky Pop Brush, Wavy Wanda Roller and Rare Pop Hair Pet Twins: Hairy Kate and Brushy!! So much fun! These will be available for purchase this month!

I believe the price will be closer to the $10 range.


Rainbow Surprise Dolls by Poopsie! Slime Fashion Dolls! MGA Entertainment!

As soon as I seen these, I KNEW I had to at least get one!

MGA was so super awesome and sent us one to review. They are super cute dolls, 14″ tall, there are 4 to collect.

I LOVE the fact that you make the slime to put into their clothes. Such a fun and creative product.


They are such pretty dolls! They come with over 20 surprises.


All fashioned with Slime! You can make about 4 things of slime. They all seem to be different colors.


Isn’t she beautiful!?


You can put the slime in her skirt, jacket..


..and shoes!

I just love everything about these dolls! They are avail now at larger retailers and on Amazon.com. You can expect to pay around $50.

I can’t wait to collect the rest!

LOL Surprise Furniture Packs!

MGA just keeps whipping out all of these new toys! I can’t keep up!

MGA just released furniture packs for the oh so loved LOL Surprise Dolls! You can use the furniture in the LOL Surprise Doll House or you can just use the box, it becomes a playset! So so cute.

There are 4 to collect:

Queen Bee Set

Diva Set

Swag Set

Bedroom Set (Not sure which doll comes with this one, can’t even locate it on Amazon, I think it’s the Neon doll, as these seem to be following suit to the LOL OMG Dolls!)

You can find these on Amazon, but they are currently unavailable due to high demands.. I know.. surprise surprise.. right? Ha

They each run about $15 and come with 10+ surprises plus a doll. Great price! A doll alone normally costs $10-$15.


So cute right??


Check out our full video review on the Beauty Salon With Diva!