Wrapples! The wearable best friend by Moose Toys!

Slap bracelets… remember those?

Well Moose Toys has brought those back.. but 10X better! The Wrapples not only slap on your wrist, but they sing, laugh, sleep and more! They are super duper cute!


This one is Una.. isn’t she so fluffy and cute?! I love how their mouths move. Their eyes change to different colors depending on their mood:

Yellow = Calm

Green = Happy

Orange = Anxious

Red = Grumpy/Lonely

You can turn them upside down and they make a sleeping sound. They also interact with each other Wrapples! I want to see this! Shake them to see how they react! Ha!

You can get Una right now on Amazon for $12! Super good deal, as these are around $15-$20 in most stores.

Check out our full video review on our Toy Crazy Show channel:

  • A Wrappling, Mommy B