HyperStrike by Zing! New Bow And Arrows!

Oh my goodness! We seen these at Sweet Suite and my boys feel hard for these! These are so much fun! The package Zing sent us was amazing! The boys played all weekend with these!

HyperStrike is a breakthrough in backyard battle. Gear up, head outside, and compete with friends. This bow has patented loop-and-launch technology to launch arrows over 250 ft.!

HyperStrike is a brand of high-performance bow-and-arrow toys designed for foam warfare and represents Zing’s entrance into the 14+ blaster market. The product appeals to this demographic by placing a product-design focus on foam warfare, and a visual style that mimics that of a compound bow. Safety is incredibly important to Zing, so we have and awesome mask to encourage safe HyperStrike battles!


The bow retails for around $30 and can found at Target, Walmart, Amazon and the Zing Store. The face masks, however, are available only on the Zing Store. The bows come with 4 arrows. They have some arrows that are flat and some that whistle! So super cool!

I was pretty shocked at how durable these are. My Mother In Law even mentioned how well made they are!

This would made a great gift for a birthday or for Christmas! The boys had so much fun, that they are planning new battles for this weekend! haha


Zax – The Soft Throwing Axe by Zing!

Bring the excitement of axe throwing home in a fun and safe way! With softek foam suction cups, the Zax can stick to almost any flat surface, indoor or out!

The boys had a BLAST with these, even after filming! Super soft, and doesn’t hurt if you end up in the line of fire! haha

These are available at Target, Walmart and on Amazon. They retail for right around $10 each.