🎣LET’S GO FISHING GAME Family Fun Activity For Kids Learn Colors

Morning Dreamers!

LET’S GO FISHING GAME Family Fun Activity for Kids learn colors. We found this game at King Arthurs Court Toy Store in Ohio. Check out this video too: King Arthur’s Court Toy Store Toy Hunt – #ToyHunt This game was so much fun. Super simple and easy for kids to play. You can learn your colors too!

This game was super fun! Super simple and only took one “C” battery. Some other YouTube channels have been doing this game so Zieke wanted to do the same.

You can purchase this awesome game here!

And watch us play this awesome game here!

This game teaching motor skills and colors. Zieke played this game at least 5 times that day, LJ just took out the fish and played with them lol (He even slept with them that night). This game is totally worth the $16.00.

Heading out for coffee.

Until tomorrow Dreamers!

Mommy B



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