Tiny Toes by Playmates! A teenie tiny moving and talking doll!

So tiny! These little dolls are sure to make any child smile! We first seen these at the TTPM Holiday Showcase and was able to take one home to review.

There are 3 different dolls, we got laughing Luna and she has a unicorn hat on, eek! They talk, toot, play peek-a-boo, laugh, blow kisses, burp, sleep and move! Gesh, that’s a mouth full! Ha!


Isn’t she cute? I just love how tiny they are!


Tiny Toes are teenie, tiny interactive dolls that come to life in the palm of your hand!

Each Tiny Toes doll has seven highly responsive sensors that react to touch, motion or light. These adorable dolls come to life by opening and closing their eyes, moving their heads and arms, and reacting to your every touch.

Packed with endearing interactive play, each doll laughs, blows kisses, plays peek-a-boo, burps, and has even more unexpected surprises—all while sitting in the palm of your hand!

So cute…so tiny….Tiny Toes! 

The other two are Giggling Gabby & Ticklish Tess! Those names are so cute..

You can find them at Walmart for around $15. Would make a super cute gift for a super cool price!

Check out more about these dolls on their website.


– A Moving Mommy B



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